Soul Mates: Alignment in the heart….now what?

It’s been ages since I’ve really wanted to share my writings and have been keeping fairly quiet this year. It wasn’t planned and I haven’t also had a huge amount to say about these wee maddies, but I have to say something: tapestry of life, soul mates of the non-romantic type, and soul mates of the heart based connection type (not the usual boy meets girl, girl meets girl, or boy meets boy kind). I also know it’s not a new thing, it’s just that it seems I need to share a bit more of what I know to be true. I wouldn’t be doing my service work if I were not to share, so here goes………partners………

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Person meets Person

In our thoughts of relationships or romance, we often think of someone who sparks our heart, someone who really grabs our attention – because they ‘look’ good to us, and we are attracted at some level. The question is though, where do you feel that attraction? And by where, yes – I mean on a physical level.

As we shift our awareness levels (as spiritual beings of light attainment/harmony and expansiveness) we understand that as we open up to more experience, we are able to do just that: to experience more.

Oh so much more than we ever realised, or were conditioned into believing was so. On our planet, it seems like we have been locked down into our current reality and programming to believe we have set lifepaths, such as meeting another and spending our whole lives with that one person. We are programmed to understand that we need to get to know another person for a while, before perhaps continuing a friendship or a relationship in the loving sense with someone. The thing is though, our souls are not fully bound by the linear time construct, and as things move on: we realise it’s all happening more quickly than before. Our senses have shifted up a notch. We know more in our inner worlds than before, and we are appreciating it.

Generally speaking for these connections with another, we (if at all) felt that connection in our root chakra – the hard drive of the body. The place where all memories and physical roots are held. The place where initial connections might be felt.

“Heck! My accelerometer is functioning at high speed. Must protect the root drive.”

As we move on into raising more vibration in ourselves (via meditation, request, prayer, receiving activations from other energies, by choosing to intend to do so, or just by natural progression and so on….) more and more of us are holding frequency as open hearts. In doing so, it changes our lives on such a profound depth, that finding the correct words to describe this adequately to those who have not yet experienced it (but they will….) almost fall on ears that are not attuned to hear. But, alas, as always my words hold a frequency in which I am speaking to you on all levels – whereby – any of your receiving filaments of energy will capture what is meant for you at this time, and the rest will fall off your shoulders with ease.

It has been my observation that as I have passed through my own life, it has taken me longer in linear time to achieve certain aspects of my life that I’d really no idea I was aiming for. However, much younger generations than I are coming in with more chakras open, more light filaments checked for ‘on’, and much more capacity to host the full exact changes we wish to be on this planet, and in their lifetimes I am sure they will grasp those higher frequency dimensions from their physical bodies much much earlier than I have.

Ooops. I digress, but it’s all relevant. Here goes…..

Our younger generations will most probably experience relationships and friendships on a different level than we might have before.

I’ve spoken before about the whole soul mates meet eyes in a crowded room and their hearts go boom, but they aren’t even knowing of why where or when they already KNOW each other. It’s like an instantaneous knowing, and there is no logical path to enable a description of how the feelings just come flooding over your body like a giant wave of amazingness.

     “ah! I just mistakenly linked eyes with the guy at the checkout….OMG, my heart has just had a total buzz flood.”

It’s like being in love NOW, and not knowing the person on this physical plane, but just being so deeply and awestruck in the feelings that there’s no way to deny that, yes, this person must be part of my soul family. You know what I mean? I write about this, and you take your own meaning from soul mates, it’s not really the romantic soul mate I discuss, as really: everyone is a soul.

         “Yep, the room just stopped. It was that slow vibration of time having stopped and me being transported into a completely different reality. Like Dr Sam Beckitt. Only, her name wasn’t Sam.”

Some soul mates, you feel the connection in the root chakra. The buzzy buzziness of root. This might be from the energetic hooks that are smooshing into your energy from this connection. This might be an indication of their physical attraction toward you. This is also traditional templating, and we are moving into even further templates (aka programs of progression…) a la the heart…

Flames on in the heart

Some soul mates, you feel the connection in your heart. When that happens, it’s more like your whole body is about to take off. Yes. You know what I mean. If you don’t: there are much more of us who have and will be having this experience, quite possibly more than once in this lifetime. There’s no escaping the connections that our souls planned before we came down. There’s also no escaping the lack of logic in choice for these connections!! Yeah, I know, I have to say this. It could be happening for any one or more of you out there, and if this is the case – sit tight, and enjoy the ride. Even when you think you are losing your mind. Which, you might actually think you are.

These heart based connections are intense. More intense than you may have ever felt. Ever.

“Karina could feel the thoughts and spaces in Peter’s mind. She felt him, and replied adequately via thought. Which, let’s face it she said: is instant and is much cheaper than texting, in any time zone.”

You are not, I repeat, not; losing your mind. You are gaining a catalystic experience of resonant energy, which will enrich your life in ways you haven’t even imagined yet. Even if the connection with another person is an odd coupling. Even if this person is 10 or so years your junior/senior. It doesn’t always make sense, but what it does make is perfect divine sense: to open up your heart and blow out all those previous cobwebbed corridors. It means a pure connection with soul to soul: which, does not always transpire into some kind of physical relationship. It doesn’t have to.

Soul connections know no time. They know no age. There is no age for souls, really. Soul connections will blast out anything which is required, and whatever is not required to obtain furthering on for the bigger plan.

“There I was, just trying to buy a cappuccino and my whole life came into focus. I glanced over and the most intimate recognition took place, in one heartbeat. Shazaam. I swooned in my vibration.”

Many of our younger generations are having these experiences, some older generations are too. Regardless of current relationship or marital status, these will still be happening.

When this happens, try to realise that there is a greater power at work than just your personality here. You probably didn’t even ask consciously for this to occur. You probably will be shocked out of your current awareness, and catapulted into a completely different vibe. You may even start to feel the same sense of immediate all encompassing love for every single person that you meet, and that, will blow your mind too. Keep it together, if it does happen. You can do this. You can learn from this connection (connections) and allow yourself to just experience. The energy flow in your body will also highlight more to you in greater detail, perhaps even kundalini risings. Try to remember at all times, that perhaps this was already in your plans from before you landed in. At least one of you might remember.

“I heard a voice telling me that he was my ‘soulmate’, and I chose to ignore it. What like in the movies, soulmate??
 I mean, him? No way. But, the voice was right, since I never knew people could fall in love in a nanosecond. Like, the universe just answered something. I am, freaking out. Big time. But, like, in a good way….this is completely different.”

The highlights of these connections

1. Super Love beams coming at your whole being: Wowsers, yes. If you are not used to feeling energies as such, you might think your body is having an electromagnetic bath. Erm, yep. Like maybe someone was sending a lightning bolt from inside your brain. Else, you might just feel like bliss itself has taken over in an ecstatic wave of superness.
2. Inner depths of knowing: Just that. Real insights to realising what this actually *is*, and why.
3. The ONE has arrived! Whoop whoop! If you get this, you might just feel like the person you’ve been waiting for your whole life has just landed in to collect you. Oh. My. It feels just so amazingly wonderful, you can’t believe your luck. That’s just it though: you cannot believe it’s real. It is, so surreal, you just can’t imagine. It might not just be the ‘one’ though, there may be many.
4. Happiness and Joy are REAL! These types of soul connections are highlighting something to you. Something you may not have felt for a long time: happiness, and joy. These are real frequencies and they feel very good. Heart based connections highlight this to you, so that you know. You know.
5. Life will never be the same again. Neither will your energy body. You will have opened up filaments of light in your body, and you will just have to accept that. Extreme amazingness incoming, and you knows it. You have to enjoy it. It’s enjoyable.
6. Having your eyes and heart and mind opened. No. Really. Forget what you thought you knew, as always with me I think I know something, and then it’s all revealed on yet another layer. Heart connections are also like this. Everything begins to fall into place, even from childhood memories, and immense ‘wholeness’ can be felt, on a real and true level. Unlike ever before.
7. Trust. Pure and Simple.

The lowlights

1. Your rational logical mind starts to analyse why this might be happening. You go over in your mind a million times, why? And yet, you can’t stop thinking about this person. They might even be driving you crazy, since you can’t actually rationalise how you might even contemplate having a relationship or friendship. But, you want to, in some way. You just can’t figure it out.
2. You might start to question your sanity. You immediately feel the deepest, most intimate love connection with someone you just don’t know (not on physical land anyways…) and you just can’t figure out why. You need to program override. You need to do something different: you need to surrender to your heart and let it flow into and over you. Don’t fight it, allow it. After all, denial is not control, and you can’t control *this* ride baby!
3. You are already in a love relationship with someone. In these cases, it’s pretty certain that you will be harbouring feelings of complete uncertainty, crazy thoughts about being ‘guilty’ (but, for what? something you really didn’t ask for, or didn’t have a clue about??) Having a soul mate heart based connection does not mean that you no longer love your partner. In fact, it goes a ways to showing you just how deeply you can love, and not just one person: many. Don’t get me wrong, physical 123 chakras perceptions of what a love relationship actually is, is quite different from what 1234/5 chakras love force actually is.
4. Fear. Fear of what the actual freak is this? Fear about what others might perceive is ‘going on,’ and, how sometimes you are still trying to figure it all out in your head, and you just don’t need the extra hassle. That is, if you actually get around to even trying to explain what has happened for you. It’s extremely hard to explain, and is also different from the usual connections that take place between people.
5. I think I am losing my mind. No. You are not. You are gaining a fuller perspective, and your rose tinted views are being dissolved. To allow you to see clearly. Much, much much more clearly than before. Did you realise your soul made this quest to experience such an amazing energetic awareness while here this time? Did you?
6. Despair If you are able to keep your head on straight when this experience happens (and, that might be challenging) you might start to over analyse a little too much, and this might send you into a state of despair. You might retreat from the other person and attempt to rationalise whatever occured between you into a state of nothingness. You might be denying what happened, and rational logical mind talks you into believing that whatever happened, wasn’t real. Meanwhile, your heart, body and soul are being wrenched and moulded into a new shape, and your body doesn’t tell lies, so you know something is happening.
7. Trust. Pure and simple.

I see you

Guys, all I can say is this: More and more of us are shifting in the heart space, and it is the most AMAZING thing ever (thus far…….) and part of my mission as a lightworker on this planet, and galaxy, and part of my galactic heart work, is to activate these connections in others by opening up their heart spaces into themselves. Each of us has infinite power and capabilities, if we could only remember one thing: only love is real. Love is not defined by a time in your life, or defined by a person in your life. Love is not your perception of ‘how’ a relationship/friendship should be, as perhaps defined and conditioned by society: love is YOU. Everyone is Love. Love is an actual energetic frequency that when felt on an energetic physical vibration, is the single most immense feeling you could ever feel whilst here in your physical body. Love is a forcefield. Extremely magnetic, in all dimensions and directions.

“I clearly said out loud to myself in my mind I didn’t want anyone falling in love with me, but hey: I’d already fallen. Who am I kidding? This never happened before…..go figure.”

Having these heart centred connections are activations and awakenings. Awakening each of us to our own power, and also others to theirs. When hearts start to peak at on, it means more and more and more, we can hold more frequency, we can hold more of our own soul energy in our physical bodies. We can access different levels of reality and frequency of dimensions than we could before, and we can also start to impact emotional and mental and physical energies in ourselves, and those around us.

These heart based connections feel like the greatest love that ever could be, and they also mean another level in growth. Perhaps not easy expansion and growth. In some cases.

Please, always be true to yourself. Allow yourself to experience what it is you can, and disregard the rest. If someone beamed down in front of you now and tried to tell you not to cheat yourself out of this experience, you might not listen until you’d cheated yourself by tying yourself up in knots about analysis and wonderings, but please: get into your own heart if this happens to you.

“even though I think I get it, I have too much washing to do to go and absorb this stuff…I mean, I haven’t hoovered in like, weeks..”

As electro magnetic beings that we are, once our hearts are open we can start spinning out some of the emotional and mental stuff we have been carrying forever. We do it for those around us, and we do it for our future selves. We do it for our children. And, once that’s dealt with; we can get on with the plan. Which, is a really really really really good one. It really is.

With all my love,
Mhairi x

One thought on “Soul Mates: Alignment in the heart….now what?

  1. love your words sweet sister…we really need to chat…..its not often i encounter souls on pretty much exactly the same page as me… cosmicgypsie33 on skype….find me….lets connect sis…its time xxx ps this says from fin but itd from me jen mccarty your face book friend

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