Qigong on my path…..dragon style

You might recall I mentioned I was undertaking some Qigong training a while back, and it was very synchronicity led indeed. I won’t go into too much personal detail here, but suffice to say – the universe flows where you really don’t know, and sometimes you have to surrender because the surprises are worth it. And on they continue. A year prior to me hearing about Sifu Andy Cusick, I’d had a very detailed dream in which he starred. I don’t normally ‘out’ my dreamtime space starring cast, but in this case I will. I had never heard of him before, let alone know what Qigong was. There you have it.

Journal your dreams!!!!! Amazing insights…….

At this very point in time of May 2014, I’ve realised that I have let my practise slip. It’s not everyday anymore, but more like when I remember I should be honouring myself that space…which, sometimes is not as often as it could be.

As previously intimated I was led to Qigong very much by some universe leading. I am glad. Very glad. At the time I started the classes, I was still experiencing some remnant rogue weaknesses in my body, which I hadn’t even considered might be shifted by this ancient energy art. I embarked on what is termed the level 1 syllabus, which is an introduction to the art itself, leading into learning different series of movements, Qi flow then standing Zen meditation. Looking back, this was a pivotal part of my path on many levels.

Given that I was already able to ‘see’ energy as form, light, sparkles, texture etc, I realised that I’d never dealt with myself as an energy being in this context. What happened in my Qigong time served my deeper inner knowings to a level of surprise, excitement and intrigue. As I stood in class and joined in the movements the high buzziness of the air was tremendous. Let me just say that this is *not* what it’s all about. It’s not about the seeing energies or anything like that. I had to learn not to analyse too much (curtailing the desire to analyse…….arrrggghh!!) and just allow and enjoy in that moment. The power of the internal breath and the experience itself appear with much more joy than I can describe.

During the period of my class syllabus of level 1, which saw me attend one class per week – I managed to experience a severe case of tonsillitis. I couldn’t actually stand up out of bed. My body was pretty much in phased out healing. And, by that I mean: I was transmuting a huge amount of energy and my body was taking the hit for it. After a few days when I could find my balance and really stand, I began to work my Qigong. The movements named turning head, and carrying the moon. Can I just say thanks to Sifu for spreading the word? Despite all I knew of previous energy work and other methods that I employed during this period of body time: Qigong saved my day. I managed to shorten the healing period by about 2 weeks. The summer of the same year, I’d been off for 4 weeks with the same ailment.

Also, to give thanks to such movements in horse stance, whereby I would feel the Qi flowing down my legs into the ground, giving me more strength. This was a pleasant, pleasant and exciting surprise.

In my daily life as an energy lightworker, I realised I was using my own energy in my healing sessions. Something which I didn’t really appreciate the power of prior to meeting Sifu. As I embarked on my lessons I was able to observe more of myself from a different vantage point than before. I also called to mind those past memories with my Dad when watching martial arts movies was a regular Sunday afternoon pastime. I send waves of love to my Dad for giving me a tiny nudge from above.

I realised that during all and any lightbody changes and physical body changes due to increased energy consumption (be it, through cosmic rays, self generated rays or general ascension-descension-harmonisation work) that I neglected my body on a deeper level. Qigong is a very supportive art to allow you to engage on deeper levels of self, on ALL levels: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and intuitively, physically and in daily life support for inner knowings.

I recommend you try it, and if you are in the Glasgow area, I definitely recommend you attend Sifu Andy’s classes: http://www.qigongparadigm.com/  FB  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Qigong-Paradigm/498560830233122?hc_location=timeline

Here is my tiny testimonial, it only scratches the surface of the actual benefits. Shaolin salute, thanks to Sifu 🙂

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