Insular Polarities: Twin Flame Union (seeking)

SO many people (I’ve witnessed) seem to be caught in a perpetual time wait for their ‘twin flame’, so much so that this is serving as a distraction from their path. Here I speak from my heart on why you shouldn’t make this your all or nothing, meanwhile life passes you by! IN the future, once more anchoring has been completed many people will naturally merge with their monadic twin soul extension/aspect, but for now it seems there is much to be done here on earth to keep these frequencies flowing, and, if you have already merged and have no clue what it’s all about – here is a tiny snippet of my heart to yours……

So much exists online and otherwise to do with finding your twin flame union, or, your twin flame is going to sweep in like a Disney character and ‘save’ you….but if you are already empowered in your own right, then you don’t require anyone to ‘save’ you – you are your already whole, complete and powerful regardless of having a twin flame sacred union experience. Or waiting for it to occur.
With love in my heart because, when you are actively ‘chasing’ or in an attempt to control something – the energy in this instance is not of divine flow or manifestation from the heart, it’s of manipulation.

Please do not give up your own power and always listen to the beat of your own inner groovy vibe. At all times. Do not be distracted from your true path………..


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