Dear sensitive starseeds

Don’t listen to anything else; only what you feel in resonance with in your heart. 

Do you recall the times where you knew something wasn’t right, but you did it anyway? How much learning did you obtain from that?

Have you done this many times? 
Isn’t it time to just go with that first inner feeling of knowingness, and give up trying to ‘know better’ than your heart?

You need not explain yourself to anyone; You create your own path.

Discernment for yourself is one of the most powerful gifts you can cultivate within yourself, and guess what? Only YOU can do it for you.

The sense of loss of connection you feel, is merely a temporary state of experience, one which you can utilise to finding your way back to complete connectedness. Everything is temporary, everything is always changing.

Do not give up.

If you resonate with starseed, then you know you have a mission and you know you are not alone.

Embrace and explore the darkness in your heart, allowing you to draw true strength from knowing that you are all that you are, it’s just that some seeds in your heart have yet to germinate, and they will: when the time is right.

Seeds require the darkness and stillness to open them up to face the light and become nourished, to grow, and such is life as a starseed here on earth. Face your own perceived darkness. Open yourself up.

Exact the power and strength to find your own inner sustained light, and commit to strengthen it every day.

You might be here to change the world. Again.

Are you?


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