Holographic Truths: Supporting sensitive children

Dear family,
I’ve gone a bit wild on youtube and started to ramble out my usual typings, into vocal sound. As you know, I love sound. Being a musician, it’s music to my ears. So to speak. Don’t worry, my bad grammar and made up verbs are still detectable on there too – but I see that as I embrace more of my feeling and intuitive soul mission, my intellectual scholarly side fades back. It forgets to discern between the american and english spelling of some of my most favourite words! I want you to know that the old me might have freaked out at such disdain! The new me, however, is embracing each moment with as much non-judgement of my own self as I can muster. even if you didn’t read my words, your energy body would do a great job in decoding in a nanosecond, that which resonates with you and that which does not. In doing so, please join me in remembering our dear sweet innocent ones to embrace their own inner selves. Yes, they may be younger than we are; but some of them are just so wise, it put’s well functioning adults to shame. You see, it’s a great perspective when you are a child. You just see everything as it really and truly is; and not what someone told you it is.

We don’t all see the same things that others do. I find it important to allow our children to experience what *they* have to, and be supported in the process. Does your child have invisible friends? Telling them that there’s no one there if that’s *your* assessment is potentially damaging. Obviously, use your own discernment on the vibe of what is going on. You may choose to seek assistance from the medical community, but seeking assistance from the spiritual community is also extremely supportive, and valuable.

It’s OK to tell them that what they perceive is perhaps not the norm for everyone, and it’s OK to share whatever they feel/see/know without feeling that they will not be believed, or that ‘adults’ will shut them down for vocalising or acting out their emotions and feelings – which are completely valid at all times. If we consistently tell them NOT TO FEEL, or attempt to override their own inner radars: we are programming them to become robots who CANNOT DISCERN FOR THEMSELVES. Remembering that you too, were once and maybe still are (in some respects) a sensitive child šŸ™‚

Children have the purest souls and have not yet been moulded into society expected roles. Let’s support them with our highest expressions, for their highest expressions :lovehearts:

Link to youtube video for supporting sensitive children


With much Love, Mhairi Mhairi šŸ˜‰ xxx


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