Holographic Truths: Aligning with inner (body) resonance

There are many facets of inner resonance. For now, I am focusing on the feelings of the body. The physical sensations that we perceive on or around our physical body, and our emotional states of being in conjunction with those. 

Each of has the responsibility for our own ‘energy’ in our bodies, and our thoughts.

I recently read about someone who had been told that if they were to receive an energy attunement for a healing modality that it would ‘wipe’ the ability to do ‘reiki’. I found this very interesting, as I too had been advised in 2007 that when I became ‘attuned’ to frequencies of reconnective healing, that I would have to ‘give up’ the reiki, and that  I would no longer be able to  practise this as a healing modality. As I know, that statement didn’t hold true, as I did decide to continue using the ‘reiki’ energy. 

If we could see with our inner vision ‘what’ was being changed in our lightbody, and ‘by whom’ then this might give us an understanding of what exactly was changing, and does change, and always changes as part of the ascension participation. Then we might discern for ourselves on another level. It has nothing to do with someone earning money by passing on this ‘spiritual attunement,’ or by un-attuning you to something;  it goes much further and deeper than that. This is an actual change to our energy – our SOUL channels our secure light fibre blend into our physical bodies, our fibres of light and how they operate. That is why discernment is extremely important. 

Money can’t buy your lightbody. You are not going to get another one. It’s yours to keep forever and ever, and as you move along your own path, this realisation may hit you squarely between the eyes. (go with what your heart feels) 

So, as you know, and over several blog postings on here, I knew I was being ‘recalibrated’, for a purpose. At the duration of these physical symptoms I ultimately knew something was occurring, but on my path (and yours too probably) you know there’s a jigsaw, but you just can’t see all the parts when you wish to. And, then, you realise this jigsaw is actually the most gigantic puzzle you’ve ever found yourself in, and relax back into the knowing that all will be revealed to you when the time is right. 

So, the question here is, who sets when the time is right? What if you are unable to perceive just whatever shifts or calibration are taking place, not only in your 3D life, but your energy bodies?

When I was attuned to Reiki, I really didn’t have ANY perception or concept of what was actually changing in my body (particle and non-particle, physical and non-physical). Reiki was described as ‘raising your vibration’ but the mechanics of how and why that actually happened were never enough for me. However, I accepted this and continued on my path. 

More recently when sharing with a friend on perceiving energy flow, I was lovingly advised of not to analyse, and just to allow. 

Of course, of course. If it feels good and there are results, then just allow it. I get it. However, what I didn’t ‘get’ at that juncture, was just how important it actually is for me to analyse. Perceive, accept, analyse and then allow if it feels in alignment with my own inner resonance. I had learnings to gain from analysis, learnings which are part of the massive learning curve undertaken and agreed upon.

For many months now, I have taken a step back from receiving any energy work. Now as I type this up, I realise: I haven’t been active myself for many months in very much of any energy work, but I have been in alignment with my own inner resonance. I’ve been asked by many to look into their auras and energy, and I know that they have felt let down when I haven’t responded. 

The reason is that so much has been aligning on another level for me. Look at my site: I haven’t written for months! I have been aligning more with my own inner resonance. 

I know if you are working with your own model of inner resonance that you will already know that nothing is personal, and all is honouring one’s inner radar. As it should be. 

To discern, or not to discern?, that is the question.

The answer, for me, and for many I am sure is an unequivocal YES. Discernment for ourselves is one of the most important qualities I have ever learned, and at all times, it’s about going with what my inner self *feels* and this is why all those years ago I would write about the body being your radar, and why the body never lies.

Being given such experiences throughout my life of some (what I would have then labelled and perceived as my body letting me down, when in fact, it was to draw something about my environment to my attention) challenging health occurrences, and opportunities for deeper learning.

To analyse, or not to analyse?, that is the question.

In part, if I think of what analysis is, and what it allows us to experience, is the seeming logical summation of our thoughts on a particular subject, based upon our prior experiences and the ability to piece together in a way that allows us to expand our view.

Determining your own Energy

When we think of ‘energy’ we may think of how tired we feel on a day to day basis, and equate our sleep quotient to how much or little energy we have. Do you honour your body when it feels tired? Or push through any perceived boundaries to keep on keeping on? Or, do you know your body so well that you can speak with each other and decide on conserving some of that energy for other tasks?

If you are an energyworker, as I am: do you know what the source of these energies you work from are? Are you aware of what you are carrying in your own energy?

I’ve spoken about this on previous blogs, and I will speak of this again. I know that I transmute energies consciously and unconsciously, and the reason for this is because I know this is part of my job on the planet, while I am in a physical body and hold the power to do so. I did wonder about why my writings were not all about the deep inner bliss experienced as part of the spiritual path: just look around you. How many on this planet are actually living a bliss like existence?

It’s not all about fluffy angels and white light bliss body sensations. It’s actually quite painful. It can be blissful at other times. To clear pain, we have to feel it. Our bodies have the power to transmute the pain off the planet, and out of the consciousness of the grids and the lifeforce here: whilst we are here. We have to work to do this job WHILE WE ARE IN PHYSICAL BODIES. I know, I didn’t shout that, it was just for emphasis. I want you to hear in your heart the magnetic resonance carried via my energy signature so you can feel my words wherever is best for you to get whatever it is you are here to participate with.

Some of us (and myself included to a point) are not aware of this energy transmutation role consciously. Do you have any of the following symptoms:

1. When visiting a place or mass of land you cannot wait to get out and feel a sense of dread or emotional overwhelmingness?
2. Strange body aches and pains, with no real medical explanation
3. Mood changes or swings for no real ‘reason’ or identifiable cause
4. Waking up feeling completely drained
5. So totally fed up with life, bordering on many times into deep depression about the ‘state’ of the planet. In your localised area, the people in your life, those you encounter, or just in general.
6. Hot or cold flashes
7. Mental images of seeming random content
8. Repetitive thoughts
9. Heaviness in the body, thoughts and just general malaise
10. Recurring health complaint
11. Trauma surfacing from your own past in this current life
12. Flashes of memories and recognition of knowing about others
13. Constriction or tenseness in the body
14. A feeling of being trapped
15. Fill in the blanks, because there are many………

So I know this list is not exhaustive or complete by any means, but it gives an idea for you to build upon. When we are able to see what is going on, in our bodies, and externally reflected to us in the mirrorballs of others in our lives, we can label, analyse, then release and let go.

In my energywork practise, I have observed clients energy flow, and the blockages within their systems. I’ve been able to advise others when I see it in them: they must shield their energies to become aware of their energies.

We almost always ‘know’ when something is not right, and in some cases we are able to take evasive action to avoid a symptom flowering into a full blown illness or disease. However, when emotions are overwhelming the body (and not just stemming from your own emotional and mental bodies) how to become aware that other people’s energies are attracting to you to become ‘transmuted?’. Just look at that list above again, and you get the picture.

You are a human acupuncture point on the planet. You are located where you feel resonate with to do this work and allow it to happen. Taking control of your on energy and bodily gift is key to understanding how you can support yourself and others on the path.

I pretty much always spoke to my body as a separate entity to my soul. I understand this. My body is my inner child. I believe the reason so many of us feel sad upon realisation of ageing, is that our bodies are changing so much, but we, our inner soul essence remains intact.

In conclusion to this piece, I offer you the analogy of Galactic Heart Healing, from my experience. Ultimately I knew that my body was a conduit for Christ Consciousness. Just take a look at the description I give for it. My rational logical mind took a period of time to understand this more fully. Analysing. Yup, it kind of held me back (only slightly!) My cellular memories, (body) on the other hand, knew instinctively exactly what I had to do, and what my mission was.

There are always mission shifts and upgrades. Your body is key to understanding a lot of what those are for you. Ask your body directly what you can do to assist with the list of symptoms as above. Ask you ascension team to come in an guide you. Use your platinum light shielding to surround your body and command your own personal space. White light hasn’t done it for me for a very long time. I share this in case it is of your own resonance. Platinum, as I understand it is the consciousness of Christ energy frequency.

Do not doubt your body.
Do not doubt those inner feelings, work to explore in what circumstances you feel certain feelings, and what this might mean for you.
The body never lies.
The body cannot lie.
Your body holds cellular memories that you are here to clear, not only for yourself but your ancestors before you. As you work on yourself to release, you can intend to clear this from your ancestral line.
Declare your intention to align with your own inner body resonance, and don’t feel bad when others don’t understand your decision. Those who respect your own right to determine, will honour this in you.
Shield your energy and create your intention not to be manipulated or shadowed or

PS, Look after yourself. I need you! Your planet needs you. We need each other. We are humans, together.

Always, always, go with what your HEART feels. It feels on a completely different frequency once it gets going, and you can always trust your heart. Even if once you felt it was breaking. It may just have been breaking open to allow you to expand into its vastness of incomprehension on 3D levels 😀

More on this later. But, for now, I offer you something from my youtube channel:
Link Awakenings Ascension



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