Holographic Truths: Integrating the particles of your soul – Yeeehah!

Discoballs in sparkly action. 

If you knew that your eternal soul was inhabiting several dimensions simultaneously and not *actually* in your body, You should make intention to catch it, right? You know you have to make the first move, don’t you?  ‪#‎ascensionclassmystyle‬

Dear Soul: I really feel you. I made a space for you. Please get your groovy beams down into my density, (I know you’re there! Peekaboo) and while you’re at it: I love you soul. I know when you start to filter in that my head might hurt at times, my heart will definitely be tested beyond all capable measure. But soul, you are so worth it. As I am going to bring you here. You are part of me. All of me. The real me.

Dear Soul: I know when I start recognising others as soul-dudes then I have it going on. I have some real vibrational essence of funkalicious going on. I know it will hurt on many levels, but at other times strange circumstances will present themselves and I will have no doubt. Then, my heart will pop open and I will see a whole existence that I forgot was even possible to feel.

The thing is though, when you are sitting watching soap operas and getting caught in day to day drama of the strange kind; it’s distraction personified enough to shift your focus away from anything to do with your own being. Your own divine right and beingness. Your own power source and contact with the creator of the……..everything. 
As humans we often indulge ourselves deeply in objects of our ‘desire’ changing from one thing to the other, or to find either the most money making objective, perhaps adoration or fame, maybe something like being loved for just being you floats all your reasoning out into happy land. Maybe you get your kicks in other ways. 

There is an energetic sludge that covers your chakras’ in and out energy transference with the earth when we over-do any form of indulgence of the externally achieved gratifying kind. Also, with that you might experience some addictive tendencies, without realising that someone uploaded your mainframe with an interference byte, that really keeps you locked into what has become known as 3rd density, or 3D. 

3D, yes, we know the scientific explanation of this. However, I will refer to this as chakras 1-3, root to sacral to solar plexus. These are the denser energy spectrums (much required, loved and needed) but still denser than the ones above. Also the hardest vibrational content to bust through. Energies will flow through many of your chakras, but each chakra does so at at different vibrational pattern, and some light fibres in the octave of resonance will be fully on, and some won’t be. To increase your soul energy simply welcome it into your being. No incense or ritual required!

Do you recognise any of these life altering moments?

1. What the actual freak am I doing here? Why have I let myself become (x,y,z fill in the variable) trapped, caught, stupidly led, listened to other people, trapped, abused, hurt, heart broken etc etc
2. God. Look God – if you are real can you PLEASE just show your damn face around here. 
3. Dear God. There HAS to be something much more than this. PLEASE GOD! I know there is something else here to experience, but I just can’t believe how EMPTY I feel. 
4. I know I have a purpose, it’s just not ‘this’……ponder ponder ponder for a long time…..
5. Why? 
6. There’s no way I am just going to live eat sleep and have kids then die. For Freak’s sake!!!!
7. I cannot believe the horror of acts I have witnessed/experienced in my life and still it continues! WHY? If there is a GOD, why the freak would he let this happen on earth. Why?
8. Who trapped me? Why would I stay trapped.
9. I even doubt my own mind at times
10. I think it’s time to check out of this place. No one will miss me. 
11. I don’t even know if I believe in any of this spiritual shit about souls….
12. I think I am losing the plot, did you just say we have a soul, Science might say we have it…..but I don’t thinkso
13. But, my soul is the animator force of my body – what are you talking about call it on in? It’s here already..my soul is inside me already. 

Ok, I know. Some of it might apply and there is a lot more I could give as examples, but I am sure you get the picture. Moments of enquiry to self, god, something else that’s not ourselves. These are the moments that can allow you to expand, and these are the moments that you will also make connections with the intention to bring your soul down from the higher frequencies 4-5-6D and bringing more into your physical 1-2-3D physical body land.

This could hurt though! This might take a long time or a short time to occur. This could give you headaches for months on end, or painful heart wrenching decisions and opportunity to face up to yourself in a way you’ve never quite encountered in your life yet. OR, it could be re-runs of old ‘stuff’ coming up in patterns to allow you to transparently see the stealth mode of the universe in action, just like a little test to see if you are ready to embody your own higher frequency down here. (By the way, you are ready…get on it #mission.control.said.get.on.it.starbeams) 
Your soul needs looking after you see. Then you both work together to look after each other in a harmonious blend of harmonics. 

However, you might actually be in the process of all of this and either be consciously participating with it, or have no clue it’s really happening to you. Both camps are equally challenging, no doubts about that!

So, I just thought to share this as I know there are many of us who haven’t even realised this is a truth for us. Remembering that truths occur at all different stages, and playing of the ‘game’. When the time is right for your mental bodies and mind to understand, you won’t even have language to explain. Something you can’t explain, but you will feel, You will really feel. 

When your soul is integrating more into your cellular makeup, it can really make you feel pretty tired. More tired than you ever knew you could feel, without a proper ’cause.’ It’s not all bliss and love and light, there are hard challenges in the depths of your psyche that can be addressed, and without fear. I mean, try to have no fear. You may even have to look at some stuff from a whole new angle, and not want to know what you are looking it. The key here is in the witnessing, and non-judgement part. Not judging or blaming yourself. Difficult at times, huh? And then there is the whole not judging another. Nope, not even commenting about how someone chose not to speak to you even though you were staring right at them. That also means not creating fake scenarios and reasoning in your mind about others and making up stories about why they have chosen to do something, or not do something, or whatever it might be. This can really boost you into grabbing your soul power down to integrate, and when this occurs you will be changed forever. 
And ever. And ever. and ever. and ever……

How will I know it’s happening?
Well, I can say this: it hurts, and it doesn’t hurt. It makes you look at your discoball reflections with greater capacity to accept. Acceptance of your own self, and of others. 

Am I doing it right? 
Yes, of course you are. Will you stop doubting and looking everywhere (including to others) for the answers. You know the answers, you just forgot you did. Nothing would be more amazing than if you just put that book away and closed your eyes and said ‘I know you’re there, and I want you to come in now, yes it’s you my soul.’ Then intend for this to become embodied with you: remember, this is a part of you that’s not quite fully here yet. It can be here with you, you don’t need any of the following: other people to tell you how to do it, or how it must be achieved. With 100% light intent in your heart, and just intend for it, that is all. 

But, how will I really know it’s happening, and why would I want to do this anyway?
I love questions like this. 
You will know when you really start to pay attention to the ‘stuff’ that is right in front of your face, and perhaps you meet some strangers that you feel like you just ‘know,’ gosh, you might even feel instantaneous recognition and you start to vibrate in your body. Don’t worry, whatever way this comes about for you is just perfect. You might even LOVE strangers. Yeah, like really. And you know it’s love. It’s a force, not an emotion!

You’d want to do this if you feel like there is something you are missing here on earth. By missing, I mean the deep ache in your heart that nothing (even though you’ve tried chocolate, drugs, sex, relationships, food, extremes of addictions, shopping, self pity and depression..etc etc) could even closely fill that dark hole gap in you. You can really do this, and you don’t need special tools, you just need the intent to do it. This is also known as raising your vibration. You are actively integrating finer frequencies into your own lightspectrum lightbody, and in doing so many shifts can and will occur. In the time it takes that is right for your own physical body to adapt to the changes. There is no race, there is no competition. Each of us, does it in our own time, if this is what we want to achieve. Your dreams may change. Your cognition will most probably change. Your knowingness will shift. Your eyes will see on more levels internally and externally physical and non-physical than previous. You will *know* more stuff without knowing how you know. It’s worth the work. 

You know the answers. 

You know you can do this. 

It makes the universe look like a completely different feeling. Take the time to FEEL your way into this, into the emotional aspects of whatever is going on for you. Face up to the hardest emotional parts of your life, without fear. Without fear of anything. 

By the way. One more thing. 

No one can do this for you. You have to do it for yourself. 

Love imbued into my words as always, keep up the great work as your planet needs you xxx Mhairi 

UPdated to include video links: 
Hey team sparklefriends:
You know I penned this article (as above) and forgot to publish the youtube links? Yeah, I know. Untidy webmistressing…..Just in case you feel vibed here you go. Prepare with shields up and listening in your heartspace. Don’t take on board anything that I say or do that doesn’t resonate. I won’t be upset in the least. Just sharing from my experiences, whatever that means…#ascensionclassmystyle

Integrating Particles of your soul I vid

Integrating Particles of your soul II vid

more on soul-connections n stuff:

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