Holographic Truths: Manage thy thoughts, save the planet

Imagine if you realised that the fears you hold active, or that are triggered in your energy field: feed into a giant ‘fear’ energy field that feeds the planet’s fears, and in perpetual motion and fluidity of creational energy keeps fear alive in the hearts and minds of others, and actually binds them? Putting them into fearful states, and keeping them locked down and out of the love field? (by the way, this is where choice and discernment come on line – for everyone. Energetic responsibility that you were not taught in high school, or primary school. We have the choice)

Bet you didn’t realise just how powerful you are, did you?

Surfing the planet’s grids, fear is a real energy. Surfing the energy of people’s lightbodies, fear is a real energy. It’s fairly undesirable when you see the results of it, when it keeps on keeping on – because we do.

Take back your power! See what is *truthfully* going on.

You have the power to change this planet. Are you going to just sit back, and let it happen?

Send your love out, and keep it straight and steady. Amplify your love field, and don’t let anyone get in your way. Treat others as you would be treated, and above all: empty your mind from all that chitter chatter that keeps you locked down, because – you generate energy in those thoughts that can be picked up by others, and if they allow it to – that affects them. You have an affect on others, don’t ya know?

Bet you didn’t realise, just how powerful you are, did you? Och well, time to forgive yourself again. You can do it.


Keep on groovin on, groovy sparklefriends. Wade through the water. Wade through your own red sea root chakra and walk the emotions through from the start to the end of their packet transmission. Observer style. Allow, flow and grow. Observe and know, and grow.

Then, take control of what you will allow and what you won’t allow in your own thoughts. You are equally affected as the other person’s thoughts are flowing, therefore it’s your responsibility to shield your lightbody. You won’t get another one, it’s yours forever and ever. Shieldy shielding, like energetic harmony and self-empowered love flow. Oh, ho!


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