Holographic Truths: The digital numbers 11:11 12:12 13:13 14:44 333 444 555 666 etc

I’ve noticed that my old posting here was receiving some recent reads and I realised something: The numbers mean something, much much different to me now than they did waayyyyy back then. Way back then when time was speeding up no end, and my life was a vast series of huge synchronicities in a hugely undeniable fashion.

So, let’s let a little light in then, shall we? I am long overdue keeping up with my writings in a timely fashion. 

I’ll let you into a little secret. Depending on who your support team are, is dependant on what the numbers might mean for you. At this current moment in your existence. Depending on who you are communicating with or what your wake up codes are, is what you might notice from the numbers.

For me, there was a no denying time period in 2007-2008 whereby every single thing I did I was seeing 333 everywhere. When I say everywhere – it was like reading some mathematical quiz in the fabric of the coded matrix, but someone forgot to give me a public/private key to read it…..So, I merely observed. And, I observed with keen fervour and wondered just what was taking place in my reality that would allow me to see something I’d never noticed before? the numbers…..I can laugh now, since I am pretty sure the invisible support teams would be like – yeah just please, come onnnnn, look over here! We lined up all the cars with treble number sequences just so you will wake the darn up!!!! Come on….Wake Up! We are waiting on you! Catch the freakin signs mannnn! [“jeeez, this being a guide for humans is SOOOO overrated! they can’t even notice the basics sometimes….”]

And, so I did. I paid attention. Hard not to when every file you save has 333kbs, and your mailbox has 333 unread items, and the phone number of your best friend’s landline contains 888, and every car you seem to be behind or tracking…..just happens to have a treble number code on it. 

One journey I recall was paying my respects to my Dad via a nice wee drive to one of his favourite places. During that journey, I was being shown that everyone on the road that day (on my road journey) and not just there, but back also – yes, everyone in south lanarkshire that could own a car (bus….taxi…etc) with a treble number in the license plate was out that day also. They even brought themselves out with their private car plates to show my initials and combinations of my surname in many cars that day. The truman show, anyone? Honestly. I couldn’t make this stuff up, even if I tried. 

No one was ever going to call into question my observation skills. Ohhhh nooo. My observations were amazing. Or, perhaps I was drowning in the millions of signs via numbers during every waking moment. 

So, I did what any diligent newbie awakener would do- I found the angel numbers book, and I read. Every time I read a number, I was gratified in the knowledge that I had now found an answer to what angels had been trying to tell me all this time. That 444 meant that they were all around me. 

But. What. If, I just thought it was angels, cos everyone else on the planet was speaking about them – and I just decided that yes, mine must be from angels too, right? Huh? Yes, because of course, I was conversing with them every day and all of that jazz. 

Moving on. 

So, as I moved along my path I began to become more, shall we say ‘discerning’ with my communications and ask for specifics and not just run to the angel number book. I realised that these numbers might actually be something else, and with my waning communications with angels (my choice, but more on that for another day and it’s nothing sinister) I wanted to understand with more clarity just what I was meant to know from these numerical signs. 

As a child I went through a period of counting everything in sight. I’d count things, count them backwards, make sure I’d counted every floor tile at the dentist. Note the patterns in objects and count them. Note people in a room and count them too. Count my teeth, check out some algebra and count that too. I realise now also, that the number patterns are everywhere, within everything and people also. Then reading music. I actually hated to count the beat value of the notes I was seeing in front of me. I never did it. I just sight read the music, and it came out. I astounded one piano teacher when I was in my 20’s who came to the house and asked me to sight read a piece. I just did it, no counting, no foot tapping, just did it. He was impressed. I didn’t really know what he was going on about, it was just something I could do. Nothing fancy. Might not be able to do that still, however…..

So, anyways. As I have moved along my journey and as I understood some 12 parts of my soul being present with me (some on that here)  as in a multi-dimensional existence, but in the right here and NOW space where I was more than aware of this: I understood the numbers to begin to mean something else. 

It was easy for me to accept all those years ago that I was speaking with angels, and thus they must also use the Doreen Angel Numbers guide to allow me to interpret what they were telling me. 

(That beloved book is on a bookshelf somewhere, where I no longer feel the need to check it out to get the answers, but it did support me for a long time) 

This is where I want to say that it’s up to you to decide the language in which you will speak or sign with your support teams.  

When you understand that there are vast amounts of beings in the other vibrational levels then you will know that all your communications may not be coming from just one source. Even when you think it is. For example, there was that time that my Dad was sending me signs and messages and I was noticing them, and being grateful for them – but I was attributing these specific signs from angels. My poor Dad, standing in another vibration and probably shaking his head saying something along the lines of ‘For Goodness’ sake Mhairi! It’s MEEEEEE. Not the angels!!!!’ and then, when it dawned on me – I said apologies for misinterpreting and thanks for making my day once more with the special signs that only a Dad can send his daughter. 

If you are only beginning to see the numbers or notice them, I’d like to validate that you are not going crazy. No one has hacked the coding of your matrix point to drive you off course. I urge you to pay attention, and then get inside your heart space during meditation. 

1. Get inside your heart during meditation, and ask sincerely what a particular sign/number means.
2. Set your energy space during sleep time to shield and learn what the codes are telling you
3. Ask your ascension support teams to guide you to other sources in your awareness until you realise what the number code or sign means for you
4. Ask if you need to know on a conscious level what the numbers are meaning
5. Relax
6. Breathe
7. Figure out what’s happening in your life when you start to notice codes: have you been seeing the sequences during changes or shifts in your own life? How would you perceive the shift? correlating to what numbers you are currently witnessing? 
8. On your ascension/spiritual path, are you working through something that you are consciously aware of? 
9. Observe, observe, observe. When you need to know, you will.
10. Keep an open mind. One person’s light codes with interpretations are not the same as anothers.

Work out your own signs, and numbers if you feel called to do so. 

Let me tell you a little story about my observations on my path, and it’s not so much to do with the numbers…but it should still serve a purpose…….
Once upon a time I realised via my energy work I could see inside people like a microscope. I wasn’t always sure of what I was seeing, but on some levels I was. I would know medical terms and I would see like a lens inside and I would also perhaps see energy moving and what this looked like. I am laughing now, since a jovial taunt from one of my ‘friends’ was that I thought of myself as some kind of Doctor. It was one of those cheeky observations by friends, who don’t really have any meaning behind their words. Fast forward to me realising this skillset, and it makes sense. So, on my journey and observations with clients I would begin to understand what I was seeing and know what it was. Some things would be validated later on by those clients seeing doctors, and sometimes a while later they would actually be diagnosed via a series of tests or scans that would prove what I’d seen/felt had been accurate. Sometimes these clients wouldn’t get scans or validation via the medical teams until many months later. 

I just allowed myself to continue on with my own patterning, and my own understanding of what I was sensing/seeing or feeling inside the client’s body. 

One day, I decided to read another medical intuitive’s book who said that every time you see an organ with i.e ‘brown’ in it, it meant they had a specific issue with that organ. But, my lesson here is that – that’s not the colour or code that I was using with my own intuitions, it was a different ‘map key’. So, my guide team thought since I took an interest in this other person’s work that they would show me in those terms also. This is where confusion set in just a little. I decided to go with MY OWN original keys or maps or signs, as these had served me well up until that time. Sure, I could incorporate some unknown items into my appendix, but, first and foremost the way I was seeing things first was right for me. 

You might check in and see pink and you know what that means to you – but I may see the same issue/condition as a different colour, and thus – we would both be right, but with different codes/signs/keys to the map. 

The point I attempt to convey is this: your codes are for you. Your numbers are for you. You probably hold different codes and energies from your friends, but it doesn’t mean you will receive the answers from how *they* interpret their own guidance. Your signs via the numbers could change and different points in your life, depending on where your knowledge or attention is at any given moment. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: go inside. Books can help give a frame of reference, people can assist also but the best case studies you can experience are your own. Check out your own internal radar first. Ask yourself first. You have all the tools within you. 

With love, and 12:12, 
Mhairi x


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