Seasons Greetings! 2014 You have been……..

Dear readers (sparklefriends),

When I started my site I had no idea. I had no idea what was in store for me on my path, but I jumped on it anyway. I decided to share from my heart in the thought that; perhaps one other person out there might just think – you know what? Yeah. I get it too. So with wild abandon, I still feel like writing, even though my words are sometimes made up and don’t translate purely to the other languages. I know, you will feel it in your giant heart radar with your divine sparkleness.

So, anyways. It’s not just at this time of year that we might feel happy or sad, but in a time of family focus, it can also serve as such a reflective time upon what the last year and moments of the fleeting kind can really and truly mean to us. In each moment you are always accessing your own universe, if it is your intention to do so. (did you switch your TV off yet? home and away will still be there!)

In many cases I attempt to add some humour into my writings, but it’s not so much to ensure that there is some: it’s that I see the humour in many situations and attempt to convey this crazy and somewhat daunting path as a human on an ascending planet at this time. We can really go to some depths of sadness, but equally so in some cases we can achieve the depths of happiness; and often either of these spectrum pieces appear in ways contrary to how we may accept or would like them to appear or feature in our lives.

I have done so much introspection this year, and I am sure that you have too. My best hermit impression yet. Whilst speaking with a dear soul mate it was exchanged that a lot of ‘letting go’ has occurred in many ways, and from my perspective it’s letting go that is the hardest thing of all to do. Especially when things just don’t seem to work out they way we want, and we want so much for it to all just get better. If we could only hold on a bit longer to ensure a change is made. When we put our trust in our higher power, all is taken care of in ways we haven’t even considered possible. And, again, letting go has the power to allow that space to usher in and support us.

Then, there’s the soul mate maddies who turn up when you least expect it, and all you can do is stare in awe (yeah, ok, sorry that’s the starey eyed look I get when I am processing that it’s REAL) that someone else speaks your light codes!!!! Oh god! Thank you for sending support teams invisible and visible to surround us. Thank god. Honestly, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again and I say thank you so much for incarnating on the planet with me at this time. If there was anything to be truly grateful for: its knowing there is SO MUCH MORE! than is portrayed in the matrix. SO MUCH MORE! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In my life this year I’ve been keeping extra quiet (well….in some ways!) and have done a lot of self observation. In my videos I took a leap to just attempt to convey some of my direct experiences via the youtube medium instead of my writing. I had to face up to what I thought about seeing myself conveying some kind of me-speak – but in the end, I got over my fears and thought- what the freak am I here for then, if I can’t share openly and honestly?

The grateful part of me, I am so honoured to be here and to be being myself. My real self, for those who will honour that in all others that they meet. I’ve been blessed to witness those who do not peer through ego-tinted lenses and project their ‘stuff’ onto others. Those who know their own inner presence, and nothing diminishes it; only enhances it for all the world to see and know, and to hold the love vibration in their every word, look and exchange.

For those who will show their vulnerabilities without the fear of rejection. Those who live in their love. No matter what.

I am grateful to all those who make up the tiny jigsaw pieces of my life, and those who hold the keys without really knowing that they do. #divinetiming

More gratitude for those who support me in my every moment of life, and those who share my life with me. My partner, my parents, my friends, my soul mate family, my bio family, my invisible cosmic family, my workmates and my most incredible achievement yet… son. My beautiful glowing radiant SUN. Who has shown me what no other could.

There have been many layered themes of acceptance and growth. There have also been the hard parts of realising deeper meaning behind and within and without, even when I haven’t wanted to understand at levels that I wasn’t sure were even real. With all this on board and truly integrated now (again as there seem to be infinite threads of layers), I can be more at peace within myself, and allow for flow to occur on new levels. New friends have entered my life in divine appointment style. Folks I had only dreamt of are coming in! Friends have left my space, and I have left theirs. Sometimes, we need to relinquish control to view from another knowing space. Space can offer so much, and yet, bring it all home to us at the same time.

So, with this, I offer you peace in your own heart and a way to find it: accept the dark and the light in your own self. Judge not another, nor yourself. First Love Yourself. The way you are right now. 

And, in another area of the creation field, my great and crazy rocket of a soul mate Gaar and I, create from our hearts. From our hearts to your hearts:

Youtube link Sphooki:


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