Discernment with spiritual guidance…intuition shifts

Hi how are you doing today?

Here’s something for you to ponder. If you are embodying your own intuition and are always being asked to assist others in this capacity: maybe you are enabling them not to contact their own inner guidance systems? Perhaps you need to focus your attention strongly on your own path? For your own guidance?

In the following video, I discuss my journey on how intuition perception changes, can be manipulated and why we are all on different strands of the path and why what YOU think or resonate with in any spiritual guidance is always paramount.

One thing I missed from my off the cuff blethers in this video, is that when I visited a reader once upon a time, I was being given specific guidance from spirit through this reader. However, when I offered up what that guidance meant for me in my heart: the reader said ‘no – that’s not what it means for me, so always take my meaning for it’. I left slightly disappointed, but then realised: we can each only interpret at whatever levels or meanings we have – and if I am able to jigsaw puzzle what the true meaning for me was (and how I had actually interpreted the meanings) then I was better off having two people (the reader and I) give it their best shot. But, again, realising: I am my own best source for guidance, even when I require others to give me some messages. As will most likely be the same for you.

Don’t get hung up on what you’ve been told. I have known people to let life pass them by, just because a ‘fortune teller’ told them that the man of their dreams had dark hair. mmhhhm. Or, that they had to be fearful if they ever saw the colour silver in a person.

So…..with that aside……
Shields up! Opinions for your consideration *slightly muffled sound for the first part*
1. Constantly providing your intuition for others enables them to not use their own. You are enabling them to rely on you, instead of finding their own soul and own heart
2. Intuitive senses can be manipulated
3. Don’t get hung up on spiritual guidance, energies ALWAYS change
4. Your intuition will change, finding your own truth vibe
5. Dreams are Sooooooo important

link to youtube video discernment with spiritual guidance

With much love,
keep up the great work on your own inner path……the path to your own truth xxx



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