Dear Angels: Why I stopped using you

When we are sampling the experience spectrum-delicacies of life, wouldn’t it be boring if we just stuck to the same old stuff all the time? A bit like never growing beyond your current perspective, or not believing that you are a pure consciousness that spans the galaxy wide when you aren’t in your earth body.

Everything on my website is truth from my own perspective, through direct experiences that I have had. Many of these led me to a greater and a deeper understanding, and one which cannot be conveyed in words to others on the path, we have to feel and experience for ourselves.

I have not been writing on here as often as I once did. Many reasons for that, but least of all is that I have been undergoing some expansion, growth, training and inner healing work. On a large scale. So, I apologise if you were becoming a regular reader and where did I drop off to, exactly?

What I will write today may have the power to ask you to question yourself. You will probably also question me, or my motives or why I am stating this stuff online.

If that happens, well, take what’s in your resonance (as always!) and leave all the rest. In fact, just go into your heart space, get your shields of discernment and honesty on and see what happens. 
Retaining your own inner boundary to the external certainly serves as a powerful way to navigate the waters of our life paths, in a more stable and balanced manner.

When this site was in its early conception, it was called ‘coming out of the spiritual closet,’ in essence, this is what I was doing. And who knows why exactly? Back then it seemed like a huge deal (and in some ways it still can be) to expose my inner most stuff and call it *my* spiritual path, and then blurt it all out on here. The next renaming ceremony was to be ‘mhairi potter & the angels’ and that lasted quite a long time. You see, during those years I was making connections with ‘angels’ and I was building a relationship with them. I even had Archangel Michael on speed dial, and felt his presence and saw his sparkly sparkly lights before me several times on any given day. I had began a reputation of speaking with angels, passing on messages from and they (with my Dad) even saved my life when I called upon them a few years back. In fact, I didn’t just have Michael on speed dial, I had the whole range of Archangels and then some! Different colours of sparkly lights and vibrations.

Angels guided me to find the outfits I asked them to. Yip, Dear angels, I need a size blah and these shoes to go with. Angels! Can you hear me? I need you to show me a different perspective on someones attitude, can you do that for me please, because I am trying to better myself and I want to be clearer. Thank you angels.

Angels, can you just give me a sign? PLEASE! Cue hundreds of feathers (not all at once!) but over the course of all of these years some have fallen from the sky in front of my face. Some have been on my path in the middle of a river. Some have been right where I’ve asked for a specific parking place. Some have been on top of my first set of angel cards when I brought them home from the Doreen Virtue Seminar. I will never forget.

You might be asking yourself exactly why am I writing this post today? Why am I calling it, ‘why I stopped speaking to angels,’ Even a few friends and clients have named me lovingly as ‘Angel Mhairi’ but, yet, I’ve never seen myself that way. You might recall a blog posting I had written and I will link it at the end of this one, but in essence it was when I realised that WE hold the power in ourselves. It was taking a brave action to post that information and face up to the fact that many people would judge me and potentially say I was having an ego moment of sharing this information. The truth about that is though: none of this site is coming from my ego. I have never wanted to be known publically, or be famous. I have never really wanted to be in some kind of spotlight – but I do know what I am here for. It’s for sharing, in a way that is authentic as I can be whilst maintaining a sense of humour with this spiritually mature content. This site is coming through my heart. Through vibrational tones and qualities from my lens of perception.

SO…Where was I? Oh yes, back to the plan. I don’t think I made a conscious decision to stop speaking to my ‘angels’ but, when I realised that I was literally using them as a crutch, as a supporting lead in my life, I asked myself a few questions: In fact, no, that’s incorrect. I think I really did make a semi-conscious decision not to ask them for help or spill out my mind contents to them at many points during my day.

1. Where is this angelic relationship going?

2. Am I missing the point of being empowered if I always look to invisible angelic beings to do xy, and z for me?

3. IS there a fair and equal energy exchange between me and these angels? What am I doing for them? Why would they ‘serve’ me?

4. Is my relationship with angels distracting me from what I really should be doing?

It’s not like we had a bad relationship, but I realised I wasn’t growing any if I were using them. And, if I am honest about this – that’s what I was doing, using them.

5. Am I handing over all the power in my life to these invisible beings? 
‘Och, it’s COOL. The angels will sort it!’ 
6. Angels, you have never done me wrong, but I still feel like something is changing within me in a huge way.
7. If I was *using* and relying upon angels, were they also *using* me? and if so, what for?

“Angels! bend time for me so I am not late for Qigong!, Angels…..please please please please can you help me give up chocolate?”

I didn’t mean to *use* them, but it seemed like I was being stuck because of it. 

Some folks will perhaps not get this, and that is perfectly fine. Remember, I am sharing my journey – not telling you what you should do on yours.

So, I actually realised (and hear me, so clearly: no ego in this one either) that our own lightbodies at certain attained levels hold more energy than we know. This, in turn makes us powerful beings indeed. Except, we are not in full awareness of that. When I came into embodied awareness of this concept, my angels stepped back from my field and backed off big time. Angels can’t *really* do the work for us, because we are here to do our own work. Don’t let that be hidden from you, realise this and know that instead of relying upon another being or entity to do some work on our behalfs, that we are here to do the work while we are here. With assistance in very many circumstances, but always choosing your own declaration to be in alignment with your highest expression of consciousness.

As humans, we have very limited perspective. Perspective that can shift and change as we do. I am not here writing and saying OHhhh angels are not to be friended! OR that Angels don’t help you to grow. But, what I am saying is this: angels are different from us. Archangels are even more different. All that matters is that you follow what’s in alignment with your learning plan, and your experience intention for now. So, if you intend to make contact with angelic beings, then make your intention to connect with those who support your highest expression, and no other.

Like many life experiences once we surrender the attachment to them, stuff can shift. We actually want it to shift, as energy flows it can expand freely.

Very recently a friend had shared an angelic message that was for me. My friend said ‘I see a few angels with you, but I also see Michael and Raphael standing back from you with folded arms. I asked them if they were coming forward, and they just stood there.’ My friend was conveying precisely what the situation was, and I confirmed and shared a small offering on the reason why. I didn’t fall out with anyone, they didn’t fall out with me. If I choose to make the daily basis connection again, then I shall. For now, I am exploring a long period of life without direct angelic contact, and it’s been that way now for quite some time.

And that’s it really. No biggie. Just another choosing of experience and to allow for deeper understanding of this universe, and what it offers us, and what we offer it. There’s a lot to be learnt when we have to stand on our own, and sometimes, standing on our own (even when we don’t want to!): apart from the crowd, teaches us the best lessons for moving forward. 

I explained to my angelic team, that I wasn’t ‘abandoning’ them, but even though they had already stepped back from my field all that while ago – they were respecting my decision. If there was some kind of fair energy exchange occurring, then I wasn’t aware of it. They assisted me, and what exactly was I providing them with in return? And that was enough for me. I would not use them as my life guides or higher power again, since I really knew that the way to my higher power wasn’t through angels. I know that they are still there if I require to be an equal exchanger of information, or assistance. There’s so much to grow in this lifetime, without the reliance upon what we think. It has to be shifted into what we feel. 
So, that’s my update for now. It’s been a very very long time coming, and I don’t wish anyone to feel weird or upset about this. I can recall that time when I just didn’t have a clue what angels were, then the next thing I am literally sharing ALL of my personal experiences with them, and showing others how things can change in your life when you do. That will always stand to be my experience, but for now and in the last while things have shifted a great deal on my path: because they have had to. 
I will always be grateful for the assistance and learning that angels provided me with, and yes, they do exist. They don’t have bodies as we do, and many are actually mass consciousnesses that are not a singular being. However, sometimes what we perceive as angels are actually guides (does it matter what we call them?) and no one in the invisible realms that holds our highest expression in alignment with the spiritual laws of one wants to be worshipped, or relied upon. I’ll repeat that for clarity; No being in the invisible spectrum of dimensions that support self-sovereignty want to be relied upon or worshipped. They want us to empower ourselves, and in many cases that means breaking out of the programmed mould we have been poured into. They would much rather work hand in hand with us, and for us to know: on earth, we have the power. We just have to know and learn the qualities we require to hold that here. That’s where the spirit of courage comes in!

Here’s to your sovereign exploration in divine right order, and divine right timing 🙂

From my cosmic heart, to yours.

With love, 

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