Holographic Truths: Ascension Partners I

Hey everyone,

How’s the energetic weather where you are? I’ve been slightly absent online this year, pretty much like last year. So please forgive me while I send out the words here as best I can. I held a few ‘ascension’ classes from my perspective, here in my locality; in an attempt to convey in real life terms exactly what the path of ascension for us humans *might* encompass. #ascensionclassmystyle
The situations and encounters we find ourselves in are far reaching and changeable, if only we would learn to navigate these stormy, sometimes beautiful waters with grace and breath. It’s not all sweetness and light, but the effort you make to dedicating yourself to your highest soul expression sure does assist. You can be sure your soul and the creator have a wild ride for you, even when you are on the brink of your own limits, your expansion shows up and guides you gently into the way. When you least expect it.

I feel like I have to write about this in order to allow others to perhaps find a little bit of context around the sometimes crazy-beautiful-painful path that when we are ascending, can bring. That’s the only way I can put it, because there is a lot to be said, but yet a lot that cannot be comprehended just by reading words. Having experiences individually, personally, the best learning teacher ever to exist.

Something that’s been ongoing for a while now on the planet is the whole ‘sacred union templating’ and there are many of us who are prototypes for embodying different energy templates, and many people find themselves attracted to others on a whole new level. An unexplainable level. In the past I’ve spoken of this in terms of ‘soul mates’ and also ‘twin flames’ using these terms as perhaps interchangeable labels (depends what way my lens is receiving at any point in the day!) and will enter the links for your consideration at the end.

As humans we tend to be very analytical and over think every situation, often in an attempt to rationalise our experiences. When, in truth, many experiences are beyond words, and cannot be verbalised in any manner. That’s why experience is such a great and personal teacher: it’s a personal experience.

Let me take you back to a few articles I penned on soul mates. I called them ‘date knights of destiny’ and other such humorous titles. I really have to appreciate the humour involved in being an energy being in a physical body, and on many an occasion out with my control, I’ve surrendered it all to the great giant trinity form in the centre of the universe. Only to find myself coming through something I would otherwise have avoided.

We have such limits here, when we look at some of the laws and expectations of society. So, when we find ourselves on a mad and crazy route of beginning to become aware of our own energy, and that of others: it can knock us off our feet. All the way to the sun and back. Things start to shift, and in reality as our chakras (all of them, each in their own time of absorbing incoming energies) start to recode themselves with higher and higher frequencies, we feel on another level. 

“All of a sudden I was in love with every person I met…at the same time! What did I do to deserve such undeniable connectedness to every other consciousness on the planet? Did I mention trees were talking to me…yes again…I think I have to give up Coffee…It’s affected me. But those trees sure know the way….”

Perhaps we start to become aware of strangers or people in our close circles that hold parts of our life plan. We might be highly attracted or repelled by someone. As attraction goes, here on earth, so much is about the physical sexual energy (aka lifeforce energy), yet…as we transpose ourselves into being heart centred, it’s the heart that does the feeling, and the sacral chakra, root chakra sexual energies become..changed. Very much changed. It’s no longer a *physical* attraction, (if we ever found ourselves working from a physical level) for example the physical density chakras on 1-2-3Dimensions, it’s more higher and more refined, in a feeling sense. It’s a love force recognition. We can instantly know and feel the others who are operating on this level too. It *feels* different. In many cases we start to gravitate towards each other either prior to a giant chakra shift, or as it’s coming into play.

Once we are operating more from that heart centred area, it shifts how others perceive us too. It can sometimes be confusing because we now vibrate at a different, more refined ‘base’ level. You may equate this to understanding other people becoming more ‘drawn’ to you, and it can be confusing because you are not emitting any kind of (intended) sexual attraction energy towards anyone…but others may feel it that way if they are not operating on the same vibration as you. There is nothing wrong with this! It’s just worth keeping in mind in case it resonates. You can’t change this, it’s an energy frequency thing. This is not a superiority issue or anything of the sort, this is just how changes flow, on an etheric energetic level and into personal relationships level. You have shifted your vibration, and as a morphogenetic field (oh yes you are!), it starts to become a harmonising holding space in your aura as you change the vibrational space where you reside. This can also kick up a lot of backlash from those who perceive changes, (or not) and can be repelled by your very presence. Things don’t always feel good, when you are unable to sense how ‘good’ does feel. If that makes sense. For example, you might be holding some real nice balanced energy in your body, and when you encounter someone who isn’t-you’re energetic chain reaction can kick off some pretty weird reactions. Agitation,  anger, or jealousy to name a few.

Others might react differently towards you and only you perceive this, but they have no context as to know why. That’s OK though, you are following your own plan here, and you have to hold YOUR VIBRATION, not anyone else’s. Observation is helpful in traversing the path. It’s a feedback loop to let you experience more levels. You are, also accessing higher dimensions of your own soul, which vibrate faster: this has to be integrated into balance in your physical being, and time speeds up as you access these levels. Really,  since you are accessing future (higher) dimensions of your existence and attempting to integrate it into your current local self. The one reading this page.

Our souls are gigantic masses of powerful energy, far too powerful for our human bodies to hold the fullness of them (and also because we reside in physical land on the lower frequency end of the spectrum) and as such, those of us on an ascension path plan; accrete and embody our own soul in harmonics or frequencies in the time that our physical body can hold and integrate those frequencies is what will be happening, in our own time. At our own pace. Cells can’t just change or die off all at the same time – your body would fry! It’s a gradual thing.

As we walk through the spiritual initiations required to absorb more of our own soul frequencies, from the soul planes of 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions we may encounter many difficult trials to face up to and to purify our human body vessels, creating space by neutralising any lower formed thought forms we still hold inside, to allow the vibration of higher frequencies to make home in our physical bodies. At this stage of soul embodiment, I understand that we start to recognise more fully those who we might label as ‘soul mates’. I’ve said these encounters are here for our learning ground, or to amplify the highs and lows of life here on earth. These aren’t just romantic partners. I call non romantic partners soul mates too. We have important shifts to create in each other. Nice shifts and the not so nice shifts. Another chance to change your reaction? Another chance to apply forgiveness, or to see and feel unconditional love? Another chance to change your life, again? Perhaps. If it is your will to do so? If it is in alignment with service to others, and your own source energy? You have the choice, all you need to do is to speak to your soul. Who knows what amazing experiences and perception shifts await you? 

Then shazaam! You meet a perfect stranger who literally vibrates at the same rate you do. When I say vibrate, I mean literally. It’s right there in your whole body. You are being faced with the exact match of your own vibration. There’s no escaping or denying this, because you are on ascension plan and you couldn’t carry ALL of your own soul codes at birth, so another being opted to be your partner. Your ascension partner. Perhaps your ascension partner for a particular time of your ascension plan. Perhaps you only required one partner, and they present at the perfect time. Perhaps they have also been doing some ascension work and you were in close reach, so they activated some of incoming frequencies to carry codes right to your very being when you least expect it. 

“I will carry some of your soul vibration to earth for you. When we are in proximity you will start to vibrate within your whole energy and you will feel the most immense love from creator god source force that you have ever, ever, ever felt in your body on earth, because you ain’t gonna get those codes on this density unless I bring them to you. I will help you with your own personal plan . How does that sound? Now, don’t go all googley eyed when we meet, OK?  This isn’t romance of the century….is all I’m saying. You got it? Just receive the codes, and keep going with your plan. You with me?” 
You will also most likely know every thought that that person is having, and (even though you didn’t know this existed or even asked for it!!!!) have telepathy that is undeniable. You will know that you are feeling the ‘actual’ force of LOVE, for you have thought in previous moments in your earthly relationships that love was the best thing ever. Which of course, it is. Until, that is, you actually connect very unwittingly with another equal vibration of yourself, in another body. Because that tones at a different rate. But, it expands you in your capacity to hold and create that truthful love vibrational tone. Frequency match.

Many times you will be drawn towards certain areas of land, or workplaces, or similar, only to find out later that a particular ‘ascension’ partner had been residing there and you didn’t actually know that.

“So, I just fell in love with myself…Yeh I really did. How much do I love thee? Oh, I could get lost in your eyes all day long because my whole body is vibrating in truth. No where to hide…what a freaky freaky ride. Actually, I think I am losing the plot here. Something crazy is happening and I have no words..”

This is turn shifts your lightbody, causes your body to excrete hormones from the pineal gland etc, and you may often have some literal or visual experience, or perhaps kundulini rising experience. This is wow factor, but also forces you to exist in a new vibrational space. If you can hold it, that is.

“Psssssst. Something really incredible happened to me. I don’t think I can tell anyone! But I know this: I am a photon of light, oh wait! I am millions of them, all vibrating in all dimensions of existence. I think I am god. I’ve seen me as a piece of everything. Yeh thanks!  I know I can’t really describe it. NO, I didn’t eat cheese before bed, it wasn’t a dream. Right, my tea’s out, Gotta go…”

You might be in awe, but you have to get on with it. You are on a mission! Remember? 

So this is my paraphrase of what’s being termed in the new age circles as ‘twin flame’. There is a special way of explaining this, but perhaps my flavour will interest you, or not so much. It’s not really that important though. One thing is for sure: your world will be rocked. The thing is though, this doesn’t always equal a relationship on the physical earth plane. Sometimes, it does. Sometimes it does not. Only you will know in your heart the right, and by right I mean correct, divine right timing and divine right order for yourself.

So, is this a case of you embodying that part of your ‘soul’ via the other person who is like a delivery person? Airmail! Soul codes incoming!

Perhaps it’s a one way street, and only one of you shifts in energy? 

Perhaps you both do, and you integrate your lightbodies into a whole merged template. The feminine and masculine channels in your body integrate, with the other. Creating an androgynous soul embodied into two people? It may be depending on what your individual path is at any given time. It may be a temporary meet up to allow each of you to shift and hold space for the other, to allow you both to carry out the larger mission at hand.

“Oh, by the way. See on Friday Night, I am gonna merge my lightbody with that dude I keep seeing on the train. Aye. I really am.”

This is not a plan on a human conscious level. Your human person did not *think* this up in this lifetime. Your soul agreed to come in, and do the work. 

It’s your soul, bayybeee. It’s your soul. 

Not your relationship motivator complex from within the brain. 

Not your physical attraction levels in the body. 

Not someone you just decided you would crush upon. 

It’s your soul, your heart. Your frequency shifts. How else is it gonna shift you? 

In fact, let me just say that if this *could* be willed upon by us humans, then everyone would be attempting to do it;  possibly given the amount of fairytale like stories that are out there. This is not my mocking! It’s not such a quiet ride, it’s a bumpy uncertain one, but when we are going into the soul space, surrendering all to the God force, then we know it’s for a reason. Also, I’ve witnessed those who are just hanging around waiting for this amazing twin flame (insert labels here) disney save me prince/princess charming relationship to land on their doorstep. So I say: Whoa! Come on now. This is the time for self responsibility. Creating your own best self, Not waiting around for the other part of your soul to complete you! You are already completed, and if you don’t know that already, say it with me, “You, are already complete.” There.
 If these ascension partners are gonna pop in, they will pop in when the time is right, and not before. There is much at stake here when we try to go too fast too soon. We don’t want to overload these bodies we are living in. Frequencies are gradually accrued, not just shazzammed into the mitochondria. We cannot afford to have some kind of ambition to be something ‘twinflameish’ because that would be missing the point. If you could manifest this type of ascension partner for yourself, I bet you would easily change your mind once you were in the situation. Anyway, you won’t get anything in your plan that’s not able to be coped with…I think…but perhaps it will push you to the very edge of your current limits. For a reason.

Then, you may meet others who you recognise on another different level, and know that they also carry codes for you or you for them. Code bearers. Encrypted keys that only particular individuals can secure socket layer and unlock to embody/exchange the required part of the consciousness at that moment. And you don’t even have to see each other on the physical plane. Nope. 

For reasons we are not always able to comprehend. This is perhaps the hardest part to understand and accept.

The thing with souls is, that they transcend all human relationship concepts, and blow your mind right out of the water. With grace, with surprise and with complete deep deep cellular knowing. Will we surrender to that knowing? 

Imagine meeting a divine counterpart/alchemical union/sacred marriage partner and we are already spoken for? Yes, this happens a lot. But, once we work through whatever is being shown to us via our own souls, then we will embody and embrace the template upgrade at that time. This need not be something that breaks up relationships as they currently are. If we are being responsible for our own energy, don’t we owe it to follow what our hearts actually say? We may have contracts in place at a soul level, we may not wish to follow into some kind of sunset run with another. We may have an inner knowing that tells time when time is right, or not, and we heed that over all other senses.

As we move forward into embodying more of our monadic plane frequencies, 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions then more ascension partner(s) perhaps become available. Perhaps in sleep state you are aware of ‘working’ on energetic levels with another? Perhaps you are consciously aware and given indication from your soul matrix/monadic matrix of who is who in your current life path?

“In my dream last night, Andrè was actively removing some old junk from my yard, then we were having dinner at his place…..but it felt like I was living in an Egyptian cave hundreds of years ago. Felt so real, so it did…I know this place…kindof like my old flat in Byres Road, mixed in with a spaceship or something…”

One thing is for sure: the soul ascension plan is forever being shifted and upgraded, we must let go of our old paradigms, we must also honour our OWN hearts, at this current present moment no matter what.

So that’s it for this part, more another day. I just want to let you know: try to stay detached to outcomes but aware of your own intentions: no one should intentionally get hurt during these phases, and quite often the mirror ball of the reflected light from the other person is one that will open you up to seeing yourself in another body. There is a level of perception that can be accessed from these ‘relationships’. There are perhaps a number of relationships on this soul level that you will encounter, to allow you both to shift into new spaces. Ascension is a ride complete with supporting roles and multi level relationships to shimmy us upon the path. To know our truth slightly more deeply this time. 

There are probably more stages and levels that you could ever imagine, but you just thought you met your twin flame to run off into the (painfully beautiful) sunset with?  Yeh, well that’s a possibility too I guess. But perhaps there are more levels and stages that you could ever imagine. Ascension partners that resonate at different frequencies when they ‘match’ at that particular juncture. Then, if the resonance isn’t there or has been absorbed, embodied, shifted or whatever has to happen via code exchange, then another partner (male, female, best friend, stranger, internet stranger, invisible etheric planes buddy, current lifepartner, current husband, current wife..etc .etc) will start to embody some of the code that your soul requires you to receive via another being?

It’s all about the TRUST> no trouble! But it can really set you up to look like a girlfriend stealer, or boyfriend stealer, when that my friends, couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not all about the physical relationships here on earth, particularly when we are accessing all those other dimensions of our souls that do not reside here inside the physical body. It’s part of the soul embodiment process for many people (it’s an experience), and each of us have different roles, and parts to play. Closer to God Source, Source Code, closer to our-infinite-selves. There is no easy way to word this. It’s an experience.

Deep meditation and inner self knowing should be accessed frequently if in times of uncertainty about any life altering situation. Attempting to relax into the experience, to allow you to journal and witness can also be great tools. Remember, just because you are experiencing something on a soul level and a reality shifting energetic perception level – doesn’t mean your buddy also is. Just for your consideration. However, in other news, sometimes they are too. Between you, you may have complimentary intuitions that can assist each other once verbalised.

Accessing and updating, upgrading our own energy templates into the physical. In an experimental type of way.

One more thing. I may be outspoken, but it’s with the best of intentions. Connecting with your own individual highest soul expression is very empowering, this has to be done directly in your own mind, with your own intention. It’s worth giving it a shot. And oh, by the way one more thing:

If we limit the great divine plan by thinking we know all the answers already, we are choosing not to trust the great divine plan. Which, is always being shifted and upgraded depending on where you are, and what’s going on for you. Did I mention trust? #missioncontrolsaidyoucanreallydothis even though you don’t have a clue what’s gonna happen next. Talk about being in the NOW…space…

annnnnnd trust. Release all attachment to outcome, as that may stop you in your tracks, and keep you stuck in mindlooping that isn’t healthy for anyone. You may also be kept in a prison of your own making trying to fathom out something that is literally unfathomable, and therefore you should just trust, observe, allow and witness.

Remember you are cultivating your own energy right here, right now. Energy should move, and be free. That’s a natural state of being.



More on Ascension Partners and other chat…….


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