Copyright or ownership of spiritual knowledge……..

Copyright or ownership of spiritual knowledge….splitter divisions including superior or inferior thoughts.

For your consideration if it resonates ūüôā

I was speaking with someone a few weeks who said they didn’t feel right sharing some of the things I’d ‘taught’ them, because it was ‘my’ teaching. So I had to say there’s no ‘owner’ of spiritual knowledge, but only the lenses of perception in which we currently find ourselves. Can any of us really own anything? Can we own ‘knowledge’ that comes from the great giant one in the sky, directly to our own person? So, there is nothing that I would share or teach that hasn’t come from my direct experience, from my perceptions, else, I’d be an imposter. That’s not my vibe. Also noting, that if what I had passed on in my ‘teaching’ had assisted someone out there – then come on sister! Share it, share it for all! We are done with the whole with holding of information and copyrighting of energies that cannot actually be ‘copyrighted!’.

Does the sunshine have a copyright on it, for right use?

I have witnessed many become side tracked by information that would set them apart from the flock, when really this is a time of coming together in complete honesty and transparency, without our ego minds kicking into ‘superior’ or negative judgement splitter mode. We just don’t need that. It’s a beautiful space we create when we see all others as equally entitled, or equally equal on our individual own journeys. Weaving patterns of code into giant tapestry of amazingness, setting the space and frequency for those who are coming after we leave.

A very long time ago I upset someone when I stated that I couldn’t ‘teach’ them Galactic Heart healing. That was the truth. I feel that the person felt I was withholding my knowledge, and that I should be ‘sharing it’. The truth was though, that I was in the process of embodying it. I was still on my own learning journey with whatever this was, and it would have been irresponsible of me to attempt to pass on something that I actually hadn’t fully implemented and put to the test in my own parameters. I had attained a connection with cosmic fields via my own lightbody and soul embodiment process – how could I ‘teach’ many years of my own path of soul embodiment and lightbody growth to another being? So it clearly became a space for others to feel the rays that I could connect with, stepped down into this density through my energy field, like a bridge if you will; cosmic rays in case it might assist them. Anchoring of a vortex into this space and time. Allowing others to invite their own souls into their own human body space, and to also teach the 12D platinum shield, as taught by Lisa Renee. This was my attempt at empowering individuals into their own energy. Not to ‘do’ anything to them with the energy, but to give it up to God force. Obviously the god force granted me access to something of use, it was up to god force to show me how to do it. It was up to me to discern what this was, and if it was OK to be shared in the way I felt it was. When we look into our inner knowing and tiny jigsaw pieces strewn through out our lives, these are clues on our paths. ¬†I cannot ‘attune’ anyone, as I feel we all have to attune ourselves to the god force, directly. How else can it be? I use the cosmic rays which my lightbody receives as part of my healing sessions, and as my lightbody shifts, the rays and the frequencies that I can access change, as I go along my own path. As I work on myself, to clarify and purify my own vessel. It seems that this is the way it is for all of us, in the time that our physical bodies can handle.

Embodiment of our own soul is the fastest route to truth and understanding, in the time that is correct for each of us on a personal level. I recommend sharing of your own truth or understandings when you know it’s true for you, in direct experience. Then that’s the truth of your own experience, even if at times its conflicting with what others have experienced. It brings me to what a friend once told me and that was ‘don’t dis-count what you have experienced it was meant for you and you alone.’ It also gives us context along the paths of our own lives.

If we find ourselves feeling superior in our own spiritual path; we have fallen from grace. Right there, right then. If we find feelings of ‘you are already enlightened’ then this is in my opinion, a manipulation technique designed to stunt our growth into full truth.

There is no such thing as copyright in the spiritual energetic realms, ownership and the associated profit are man made concepts of attainment, and as we can often observe this is a method of division or implementing hierarchy with the underlying ability to split, or divide us as human beings.

Often resulting in our beliefs that others hold superiority over others. Or that we, are already so embodied/enlightened that there is no more work to do.

Now there’s a trap right there, if ever I saw one. Perhaps this is a very harsh example, but I only wish to get a few points across, Something for you to consider, and disregard, or ponder upon. Get inside your own connection directly to god force, directly to your own soul.

Imagine you thought you had already done as much ‘ascension’ or enlightenment as you possibly could? How disempowered are you going to be when you discover, it’s not just as easy as 20 years active work on the planet? When you face yourself on the other side, once you’ve let your body go and you review just what was going on this time around?

Won’t you be slightly disappointed that you listened and followed that little voice inside that said ‘ocht! You are already enlightened! You need not do what others are doing. For you…are already there! All you need to do is nothing, and just ‘be’. Yes, because that’s what enlightened people do. So, no more inner work, you’ve done it all! Wasn’t that bad, was it? ¬†Well done, Just sit on your butt now for the rest of your life, you deserve a break. Even better if you get a mountaintop to rest your body on…..’ ¬†¬†


Or your inner voice might be saying ‘You hold these super special codes that no one else on the planet holds, and you are doing a great job keeping it all to yourself. Creating a lot of mystic interest in the people. Now you just have to encode everyone else with that very same code. Also, you are going to be sooo rich doing this! Yes, this is what manifesting is all about!’


If you have these thoughts, in any capacity then it’s a potential indication of more inner work that has yet to be resolved. But, your heart will lead the way. It’s not too late. The work is not ending on earth any time soon, this particular wave of ascending is just interlinking into the fabric of previously woven fibres, and we are laying and clearing the way for our children and their children. You might have activated your heart chakra, and can feel and see the love in everyone, but that’s not the end. Not by a long and winding road.

Now I am sorry to sound all sarcastic examples and providing ironic and sarcastic examples, but I am here to share my messages, and this site is about me sharing my truths from the great truth experiment, and it would be great if we were all on board with our own self-sovereign awakening, growing, shifting and changing. That means paying attention to your thoughts at all times, and understanding, there’s probably even more levels you haven’t yet even considered. So I only offer these tiny examples as a ways to convey something else to think about? There are more egos floating around the universe than there are people who actually are on board with other’s growth, and supportive loving aspects towards a shared goal. The one where love is the predominant forcefield surrounding us all, and being amplified in true, genuine, energetic responsibility.

Great big cosmic Momma has got your back, but you have to attune yourself to the great one in the sky and not get sidetracked through any methods that would have you think that you came for an easy ride this time. You get me? If we are gonna shift this planet back into balance, then we have to come into our own balance. Material provisions, superior thinking or any such diversion technique should be witnessed with loving caution. Within ourselves.

There are also the nudges that might have you feel all inferior, and these can be equally as damning and persuasive, to not have you use your own power for the universe.

“Shhhh. Don’t speak about God. People won’t like it. Religion does that best. Also – saying you can anchor energies, can you actually hear how crazy you sound? Best to get back to your day job and don’t come out til you remember what IS real” whispered the inner voice of awakening ones the world over. Just loudly enough for it to be believed.

This is where mind training, observation and sorting out in your head just where your thoughts are actually sourcing from. So you are able to easily identify that you don’t think this about yourself, and as you become clearer of the mind, you are able to maintain your own, perfected, inner clarity. Just for you.

All that has been hidden shall be revealed in the full and transparent light when we integrate and face our own shadow (insular polarities tagged on my website), for then we cannot allow the shadow to coerce us into the space of weak division. And so, we integrate all that we are as trinity wave holders who share our truths from our hearts.

Of course, we embody here with our own particular codes that can assist others on their path. But that’s exactly what it is: their path. Keyholders along the way, but not to be imposing restrictive non-truths at any level, Each of us can only ever know the truth via our own hearts. We can guide. It can be very costly to think we have all the answers for everyone, when we only have the answers for ourselves. If we would only trust! To each their own discernment!

We can hold space, but we cannot ‘do’ the path for another. We can assist, but from a place that might say, “You know what: I know we are equals regardless of the outer ego shell, and with that observation I am gonna love you anyway. I see through the outer mental anguish, and I am gonna share with you what I know, in case, it feels right for you. Also, if I feel any kind of weird and horrible unwarranted thoughts toward you, or if I feel superior or inferior in any capacity, I will take residence completely into my own observation and trust with my soul to allow me to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ or witness that which is being brought to my attention through my thoughts or behaviour towards you. I am taking responsibility for my own energy, because it’s mine, I own it. I love it, and I will respect that. I have been gifted with the most amazing earthly body here to allow me to house my energy field that allows me to exist in the physical and simultaneously non-physical dimensions. I respect your right to choose what is right for you in any given moment, and I will not judge you or impose you with psychic attack via my thoughts, or create pain in your mental state by thinking that I somehow know better than you do.”¬†

Stand in your own genetic code, building your own light body while you are here in a physical body.

For the body is the key, as a frequency amplifier, activator and energy hub. And if you don’t know the way, enquire of your soul, and let the sparkly shifts begin.

Some questions you might find to assist on your own path:
What is the source of this energy/channelled message/feeling/thought?
Is this information to the alignment with my highest soul expression/divine god self?
Is this harming anyone?
Am I seeing the truth of this situation?
What is my part in this situation?
Should I respond?
Should I remain silent?

“After my cuppa Earl Grey, I’m gonna get off the couch and I think I will connect more with my own soul today, because I don’t actually have to do any form of ritual or repeated weirdness to do that. I wonder what kind of miracles I will encounter when my soul comes landing more, into my physical body? Cos that lassie on the internet said it was that easy……”

Asking upon your god force connection or your highest soul expression is powerful way for you to see and know your truth.

There is no competition, in the zero point god trinity wave crystalline matrix holding team here on earth. Or are we going back in the time loop of time again to repeat all of this work again?


If you carry ‘status’ in your ego, it’s a trick to keep you locked into mental space. Drop it! Hierarchy is a man made division.

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