Insular Polarities: What if I feel drained during reiki or other energy healing?

Hi team! Long time no speak šŸ˜‰

I’ve been hiding in my own spiritual closet, integrating more and more and more, and traversing more layers of what’s out there in deepest space and all along, bumping up neutrons with my fellow counterparts on this mission strand. Interesting, and trust testing indeed…….

I felt like I should share some of my own perspective on the topic that is this “Oh, you shouldn’t really feel exhausted or drained during healing sessions. If you do, then that’s not right.” Followed by a deep breath and strange look from someone who has never felt tired giving Reiki in their whole life. Kind of sets you up for a mission failure badge to add to your collection then, huh? Just what every aspiring lightworker on the path really needs. Negative-ego-undermining implants.Ā 

Fear not! I mean it. It’s an urban myth. Allow me to explain why I say this.

Reiki/energy healing is a broad band term for ‘universal energies’ so it must be from this universe, right? (not always, but we can get to that another day…)

I will attempt to explain this as best as I am able, and in a way that will offend the least. In fact, if you do become offended, then please know this: that’s not my intention, it’s my observations on this path, and that is all. You are on your path. I can’t tell you what to think or feel or see…but you will be doing all of that from your own perspective anyway. And, that’s a good thing, let me tell you. OK…..

again, Reiki is a broad band term for ‘universal energies’ and as energy beings in physical bodies, we each have integrated along our paths several different energies from several different sources. Conscisely put: we have different concoctions of energies running through us, based upon many different factors. I am not a chemist by any means, I did like biology but I flunked it, which I find amazing since I felt so good at it – which is ironic given that I can now see into physical biology. So, if you had encountered, say, some of everyday earth energies that are AB&C, and then you had some K, P & M energies too (maybe from your reiki??, maybe you can catch star frequencies…) but someone else had also received or lived in AB&C energies, K, P & Q energies – then their make up is slightly different to you. Or, you could say their code in that moment was of a different vibrational makeup to yours. You see? Different, but quite similar.

Add to this, that perhaps you had 5 chakras that had their full flow taps on; and were working at a nicely optimum level, and the others were on a mediocre work rate, allowing for what you could receive from each of the corresponding dimensions, only what your body could handle. And, the other person may have had 8 fully functioning full flow tap of their chakras on, 24/7. You see what I mean here? Different components of the lightbody, different frequencies make for…yes, you got it! Different experiences. Not better, not higher in value or worse in value: different.

So, let us now add another atom to the mix. The level of frequency or the code of frequency that can be interpreted by each person’s physical body. You see, I equate the human body to a radar, as it picks up energy signatures and can beam some code back out to say ‘I am here!’ and as it does so, exchange takes place. Imagine that right at this very moment your physical body, emotional body, mental body and all the layers of your lightbody were in full work task allowing a new heightened frequency to come into your body from one of the harmonic layers of the 7th dimension? In that same moment you were asked to carry out a reiki or energy session on a person. No problem, right? That’s right, no problem. You commence your session work.

In the session when you connect to wherever your session work energy comes from (reiki, different reiki, universal labelled energy, whatever this is called now energy…etc) it might be of a lower frequency vibration of that energy that your body is currently trying to process and integrate from the 7th dimension. Or, it may be higher. Did you ask your highest power where the energy comes from? Also, the client whom you are working on today has energies running only from the AB&C levels and some from Y. The client needs your help because they are experiencing deep states of emotional blackness and unexplainable dreams and general yuckiness. In the middle of your session you feel like someone drugged you and you didn’t even see it happen. You feel..well, woozy and incapable of carrying on with the session. You even feel lightheaded and your upper back hurts, behind your heart. Gasp……..You’re not one of those practitioners who they say can’t do reiki/healing properly because you feel drained and tired are you????? Cue horror show sound effect music and feigned fainting from innocent bystanders.

Now, you’d be right to feel that I am illustrating this in such a way as if I were making a tiny joke about this, but in real life it’s quite serious. If you have ever felt this way during your session work, I want to re-assure you: you are not alone! There are many reasons for you feeling this way, and I couldn’t cover them all in today’s update post, but I will cover a few to give you the general idea.

1. You were not properly ‘grounded’ and thus, you brought this on yourself, sunshine.
This is completely untrue, and a little bit true at the same time. You see, the scenario I outlined above, was to let you see that the physical you has a plan. Your plan is to provide energy healing. However, aha! Gotcha….your soul plan is to upgrade your biological home, and do it when it can do it. So…whilst you were busy receiving in those energies from the 7th dimension (and you didn’t even know it!) you were not in a fully balanced integrated state of your own energy. You weren’t truly and utterly ‘grounded’ as they say. Not your fault!

2. Your method of ‘white light’ grounding is not sufficient anymore
The white light that many connect into and use as their grounding method is no longer sufficient and I will explain to you why. The 4th dimension of energy field is the astral plane. Most on earth prior to integrating at least part of their soul energies from 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions were taught to use ‘white light’ to ‘ground’ their energies. Whilst I used this light frequency as I was taught, I wasn’t sure of the source of it. What I did know is this: it’s not supportive of those of us on the ascension path. I found this out to my detriment and realised I couldn’t rely upon this method anymore. I stopped using white light around 2009, but I wasn’t really sure why. I have since found that the white light from the 4th dimension is like a false white light. A refraction of true source light, if you will. The white light from the 4th dimension has a drunken bliss like feeling. It’s heavy, woozy and just like being drunk.

Therefore, you must reach up higher to get to the ‘pure white light’. It resides higher still. If you feel so inclined to connect to the 12th dimension, then please do. In my experience this is a purer frequency of light and is completely more protective and nurturing and ‘grounding’ of your energy system. To note here, that the 12th dimension is a higher frequency than many of our bodies are used to: so your soul essence and highest soul expression and godsource energy will always be the filters of just how much you can integrate into your physical biology on the earth plane. This is pure and true organic light. All you have to do is intend to make the connection if it feels right for you.

Side note: This method may not also stop you from feeling tired in your session work. But, it will assist you to become more integrated in your physical body: which is what you want. Periods of stability during your ascension.

3. You are of a higher frequency now than you were before, and the client holds very low vibrationĀ 
Just as it sounds, and it’s not that anyone is a hierarchical master and the other is not. It’s just different, is all. Even if you are holding a higher frequency than your client: which is usually why people are drawn to you: as you can assist them at that moment, it doesn’t mean you are stable at that moment. Only you know how you feel. If you are not stable in your energy, then it’s likely that you are unable to hold a stable field in which to carry out the energy work.

4. It depends on what is actually happening in the energy session anyway
We all have different functions here on earth. It’s just the way it is. So, in the beginning it’s like we are somehow flowing energy into our clients. Is it flowing through our body to them? Do they get a piece of our ‘unresolved stuff’ while they innocently lie there and receive? Do we even know how to control that if we think it’s possible?
Then perhaps, we are removing energies from our clients? Where does that go then? does it get stuck to our auras and pull us down? Do we know how to fully let it flow out into another area? How do we know?
So I’d say that in the beginning stages, it does just seem like we are flowing whatever energy we have called upon to enter into our lightbody, physical body and flow down through from the crown of the head into the hands and into the client, holding only the highest and best wish for the client.
Then perhaps we are guided to do other things in the session. Then it becomes like what someone just gifted me with the expression of when they visited me for assistance ‘like visiting a spiritual A&E’ and before you know it you are reading energetic signatures and seeing that black cloud dust that came out of John Coffee in the Green Mile. My point is this. Energy is in many forms and signatures. It is substance, even when invisible to the naked eye. In a multi dimensional sense, you may not just be entering into the clients physical body close proximity fields; you may also be working with the multi-dimensions of that clients soul, those pieces in the universal time matrix. And that, can also make you yawnnnnnn big time. But, you are doing a great job.

5. Every time you work on a client you get upper back pain, behind the heart. Like the back of the heart chakra, or so it seems.Ā 
So, I may have said up there, that we allow energies to flow through as human beings and conduits of divine source light essence, or I may have forgotten to mention that. I may have also insinuated that we don’t actually really and truly understand where this ‘energy’ whatever we are calling on is coming from. We believe what we have been taught, as this is what has been taught for centuries through lineages.
Also, at certain stages on our pathways through all these energies; different parts of our lightbody come on line, and into play or for our awareness (from perhaps being slightly dormant in our physical conscious awareness) and the energy that comes through you comes into the place at your back…or this is what it feels like. After my lightbody had grown big enough, I felt an influx of instruction sets and energies at my back. It felt like an expansion throughout my chest area and into my back. This made me feel quite heavy, and I wasn’t always sure what was going on. I believe it also controls etheric messages into the central nervous system of our bodies, so incoming frequencies through this area do and can feel ‘big’.
This area is part of our lightbody that can be hijacked by forces anti-loveandlight as it’s receiving from the 4th dimension (heart chakra energies/astral plane). Now, no freaking out here. It’s just it is what it is. You play for love and organic light force energies and they don’t. Ā This is the reason I use this 12D platinum Shield. It assists you in strengthening your aura, so that you can feel what’s not right. Generally if you have been hijacked, you don’t always know. More on this in another blog. As I said, no fear here dear. It is what it is. Anyway, you won’t probably see anything of this nature until you are going through your dark arts training part of your soul mission. So don’t freak out, ok?

6. Lightworkers need downtime too, you know
Although we treat energy healings and reiki as means to relax, there is actually shifting occurring. When you sleep your soul does not sleep, and you may have been soul working all night long, and guess what? It’s always attached to you, so your physical body can take the hit (or hug) depending on what’s been going on in dreamsville. It’s taken me most of my life to realise I have been transiting souls out of this galaxy for most of my life, and since it was the higher aspects of my soul that did that work whilst my human body slept, I didn’t actually know what was going on. The soul is a structure, an architecture, a bridge almost. When I came into awareness of this in my human form as Mhairi, I could consciously carry out the soul transit work as the human me, and in dreamtime sleepstate my soul in higher aspects continues on with the plan.

7. Energies are different now, and humans on the ascension path have changed their energies too
Imagine you came to earth with those AB&C energies and your 5 chakras ON? As a child, you would not be allowed to embody larger parts of your energy field as it would risk blowing your circuitry. This is not a good thing, and can take a while to recover from. It’s like being radiation or sun stroke for a while. All these years, all the other lightworkers have been following their individual plans in the collective, doing their duty and following their heart space to just ‘do’ what they feel has been right. In doing so, many were able to bring higher frequencies here and hold them in their physical bodies until the energetic architecture in the invisible realms was stabilised to hold it here.

Children who are born now, into paths of holding energies, are coming in with their Diamond Sun bodies fully activated. This is the original divine blueprint of the human race. Many Indigos in previous generations had to build their energies into their diamond sun from birth. But the children being born now: they can retain more of the higher frequencies from birth, than you or I could have. However, the path has to be followed by each individual as there is life path wisdom and hair raising stories to get through first before the frequencies can be fully integrated into the physical biology. Else, you have a high frequency without any proper moral wisdom to know how to control or use their own ‘power’ for good, life force supporting energies.

So, that said: there is more of a mix of frequencies on earth and in humans now than ever, and that also means that you will come into contact with a much larger array of different energies than was probably ever possible on earth.

Since 2012, the planet has been in receipt of different energies and this has allowed more lightworkers to raise their vibration into higher and different fields of energy, and hold it here in their bodies, on earth. Not everyone accesses the same energies, as we all have different plans, missions, DNA codes and lightbody templates. However, mission earth now is to reclaim and rebuild and recalibrate into the Christ Consciousness which fully support life force energies on earth for all.

8. You might be a polarity integrator and you might have had a contract to fulfill, making you weak and weary many times
Insular Polarities/Polarity Integrator type contracts might have meant that during several periods of your own spiritual path, you might have had to merge dark and light into a somewhat neutral space, and love it all for what it is: a something. Doing this work, might have meant that you were unable to function for long periods because your contract had you enduring massive amounts of pain in your own body and you had to find courage to face up to that and master that part of your experience here, without judgement, and without breaking your own heart in the process. Or perhaps your heart is really broken, but you only know that you can heal it and it makes you stronger? This is tiring work. You might have felt tired in session work due to this very contract.

Sooooooooo. I may have gone a bit long on this, and if you are still awake I thank you for your presence, open heart and consideration. It might feel true for you, it might not. I could go on, but I will leave it at that for today. Please know that there will only be stages you can handle when you can handle them……even when you think you cannot. You can. If you are invited to work somewhere where it’s expected that you can do 50 reiki clients in one day, I’d do as much as you can without sacrificing your own energy field. To strengthen our fields and auras, we have to dedicate time to build our vertical energy connections which in turn strengthen our core. The 12D shield on my site, and linked in this article can assist you to do that if you feel guided to. It takes time. In my experience, it’s worth persevering with.

I recorded something earlier that actually doesn’t contain as much as I have written here, so if you are interested:

If you are getting drained in your session work, take to your own heart and ask why? What should you do? What is this signalling for you? What should you pay attention to, what do you have to know in this moment?

With Love,
Mhairi x


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