Holographic Truths: Lightbody Building

As an individual person, perhaps on the spiritual path or the ascension path, or knowing your starseed roots; reclaiming your energy and building your spiritual house back to a balanced state is part of the plan. It takes real dedication to your own source power to assist you in building that spiritual house back to build your lightbody into all the other dimensions of which you exist. It doesn’t happen in a linear fashion, because we are spherical like the planet earth. Therefore, even when we think about a linear 1 to  to 3 etc, when we awaken our request to know our souls or creator even more than we do: we awaken parts of us in the other dimensions where the other parts of our architecture reside, just waiting to be called up and reclaimed into the pure light of our souls through all dimensions, and residing anchored here in the physical.
For many starseeds on earth, there is a deep pain in our hearts and minds and bodies and souls, when we feel utterly disconnected and completely misunderstood here. It’s like being dropped into disconnection. The way I have seen it is that we have chosen to come back to earth to re-connect earth to the higher spiritual bodies that reside as higher structures in the higher frequencies all the way back to the one source of creation the Trinity God Head. As we each build our own lightbodies, we also build Earth’s lightbodies, because we are like cells on the earth body. Anchor points on the grid. We don’t have trinity wave here on earth, it has to be reached and anchored back here in our physical/etheric bodies. We are the channels. We are the anchors. We are conduits.
The pain is of course realising in wakening up to what our true mission actually is. Of course, our missions can be upgraded and moved as the larger celestial energies shift along the course of our path, but the building the connection is key to understanding the larger truth of what we are doing here.
Over the years of my writing I have kept some knowledge to myself, as in many cases having higher spiritual knowledge often leads to attack and opposing force attack can really challenge us, and can put us off our mission. I’ve been in dark force training for a few years now and have seen and experienced things that were deeply painful for me to witness. Part of the dark arts training came when my lightbody really connected up into the higher realms, and my lightforce/lifeforce was a source of powerful energy. I am sure many of you can understand and equate to this. The question for me, then was: if I had never been exposed to the dark before – then why now? And I had to undertake more alone time to really contemplate what was occurring for me, and how the impact of my energy and knowledge could be used. When my lightbody connected into higher realms I also knew on a deeper level just how important this was, and I set my mind to understand why and how I could cope with this knowledge without fragmenting myself into smaller chunks. I also instinctively knew that this was part of my true divine mission, my soul plan. Then it becomes a case of shifting all of your life to protect that, in any way necessary.
All of us who have this as our journey or part of our plan will be tested to the max in order that we may come to full and complete transparency about who we are and what we are actually doing here. Sure, you have your hoovering,  gaming and socialising to do, but there is so much more than that. Also, what I understood and witnessed is that many new age teachings were limited teachings, and that in fact, so many of us were being led up the garden path into a path with only love, light and false white light bliss. One of the moments in my life where I realised I had more power than ascended masters that we read about have, was a key turning point for me. This is where I was coming to realise that ascended masters had only built their lightbodies to a certain level, and this is why they were ‘ascended’ but since those days, and due to all the continued work of every lightworker starseed soul who has come to earth, can we reach higher dimensions and platforms that those ascended masters could. The work has to be done when you are in your physical body, as this is your spaceship for this current moment of self. The human body is one of the most amazing manifestations ever, and the alchemical magic that can and does occur is beyond imagination. When I published that article I could feel the reactions of those who read it, thinking I must have lost my mind to say out loud that we have more power now that ascended masters have now. However, it was what I was experiencing. I wasn’t born to sit atop a hill and contemplate, but I contemplate and integrate the spiritual work from my meditative state to travel to many hill tops from the comfort of my own body.
So I began to understand that at a certain level of building the spiritual houses of our lightbody that we are targeted to keep us down. To keep our heads in a spin, and to keep us off our true plan. And, that in many cases due to so many of us feeling the pain of the collective energies and the personal and ancestral pain energies as soul pain wounds, no wonder so many of us turn to something to numb that pain. Afterall, many of us think God is something to be feared, and in the 3D shackled chakra land, so many people on earth do not get to truly feel what the pure God Source is actually. Therefore, so many of us starseeds have sunk into our own lower densities and ego shackled parts of our mental and emotional energetic bodies, and in a way to try and keep our heads above water, carrying out our daily life tasks: we numb ourselves up so that we may continue the day to day runnings of the life in 3d. We feel the hurt so deeply in our hearts that sometimes it overwhelms us deeply. Some get embroiled in many stressful relationships that don’t meet our needs, we start drinking and drug taking or any other addictive route as anything feels better that the pain, or have sex too many times in order to find what ‘love’ should feel like, and then realise that all of this is designed to fragment our energies and life force is stolen when the aura is weakened by any number of these substances. We cannot hold our vibration if we are fragmenting into numbness, but in fact also many of us have to endure these situations in order that we bust ourselves out of being the lowest we can get to. We don’t remember that we came here to build ourselves up, and building up requires a great deal of strength, and daily committed practise. It can be done, you just have to believe in yourself, your worth and never ever compare yourself to anyone else. You have come here with your own lineage mission, your own DNA codes, your own transmutational powers and your support team of many hundreds of on planet humans, and off planet family just waiting to connect more deeply with you as we team work through the dimensions in our building process.
I was both targeted to keep me down, and was sent particularly difficult people to cross my path and keep me in a heightened state of anxiety. Panic attacks were becoming the norm for my overwhelmed physical body to process the energy attacks coming towards me. There I was integrating higher frequencies which put me off balance, and having invisible beings attack me and then sending humans to keep me busy too. Sometimes, in disguise I may add. Imagine then, that while you are having a great time with someone and really enjoying their company: opening up your heart in a true manner, that all the while that person is actually manipulating you in many levels to achieve their own agenda, and also, to keep you off your path of finding integral balance within your own body and soul. Yes, that’s right. Perhaps the person doesn’t know what’s going on: they just want YOU. Every part of you. Because the profess undying love to you, but on another level that person is not in control of their own energy, and due to this, they allow a controlling energetic mechanism to work through them, in order to take you down. Ahhh. That’s right, when you are down you cannot function as your higher self would have you be. Yet, on the other hand: this is part of your warrior training. You have to feel things to know they are true. This also assists you when you are feeling every thought or every underlying energy signature regardless of how a person presents themselves. Shazaaam! This is a good way to find a deeper part of yourself, and in other ways learning just how energy is exchanged. Sometimes you have to put a stop to it, for self preservation and to stop leakages in your own life force. Sometimes that other person just doesn’t see or even know what’s going on as they are drunk out on your life force bliss.
Bill just didn’t see he was being used by forces unknown to himself to intentionally wreck Harriets lightbody, he loved her so much he wanted to keep (lock) her in a box all to himself. Harriet, couldn’t understand why something just so GOOD, felt SO damn bad. Her higher heart took over into self protection and she cut Bill from her life, even though she didn’t want to, but she just had to. She finally took control of her own energy to self-preserve the most important thing in the universe: her life force energy. No more life force siphoning disguised as good time bad time, she could patiently and lovingly observe to see if Bill could ever change this time round. Would Bill finally take control of his own energy and face up to his own inner fears? Would Bill understand the damage he was projecting? Tune in next lifetime for the next episode.
They don’t have a clue whats going on, and that’s where your own knowledge and heart based knowing have to step up. Being in control of your own energy is of vital importance, as if you are not, then something or someone else will be.  There is no excuse, but we are not taught this. We are only taught everything spiritual is supportive. It must be, it’s ‘spirit.’ There is a plan here, and the forces of the world just have to flow. Each of us comes to a knowing of which energies we want to have flowing through us. It is our choice, if we can see clearly enough to make it. If we choose to follow what we think is ‘right’ for us, then we choose to follow that. There are many different shades in the spectrum of what we choose as our own moral and spiritual path, based upon perhaps what we need to know at that nanosecond in the construct of time.
So, it’s not all doom and gloom, but it’s a tough ride. It is also a beautiful, supportive beyond words and ultimately amazing time. Along the way I have been afforded such a deep learning that required periods of alone time to really and truly accept and integrate my new ‘reality’. I confided once in a friend and advised that I was transiting demons on many nights, but that friend thought it was just a metaphor for something else and continued on in their agenda that they had with me. Not everyone shares their truth at face value, and when we open up into our hearts and are connected in with the higher dimensions we see and live this as a reality for ourselves, but not everyone is connected in with those higher dimensions, and we see as the earth and universe holographic reality: our lightbodies connect in with different and varied densities of spectrums of frequencies. Some frequencies hold dark density, and as we build our lightbodies our realities literally shift into seeing and feeling new things. Our chakras change the colour of frequency that we hold, and we are no longer controlled by Moon Cycles, it is the Sun. The Sun. The Solar Soul. We are building ourselves from our soul levels of existence the 4-5-6 Dimensions, and integrating the soul body into our physical body. From there we can then anchor in our monadic body as it anchors into our physical body, the 7-8-9 dimensions and in those fields of energy can be more interesting and steep learning curves as we truly integrate and reclaim larger parts of our soul aspects in the simultaneous existence that we are. Quantum leaping takes on a whole new meaning.
So you ask yourself, the 5D shift. For me, the 5D shift was a wholly personal one quite a number of years ago, and my reality and my perception of the life on earth I was living really took a different feeling to it. I questioned myself on the hologram and was I now hooked into the holographic earth that is a reality on the 5th dimension – the parallel earth residing on the 5th dimensional frequency? OR, was it that my own 5th dimensional frequencies from my own individual soul plane had finally integrated the 12 part octave of that chakra and lightbody access point into my physical body? I could see and feel a deeper more purer sense of heightened love that I had never ever felt before, but no one else seemed to act as if they could. That’s because from my experience, it was personal. Not everyone had built their own energy into the 5D fields. As the new age speaks about the 5D ascension, I always felt that wasn’t the plan I was working on. I had no one to tell me why though. As I understand it, the 5th dimensional frequencies are available to more people now on the earth plane, and this is why more of the collective humanity have shifted into 5D. 5D has always existed, it’s just that we hadn’t built our own energies to feel or reside there yet. There are more dimensions to be connected with, so please continue on to explore your own soul plan as your life force energy connects more deeply with itself, all the way back to the creator.
On earth, our human bodies and existence is from how I understand it in a binary wave flow. Think computer code. Think perhaps Matrix. I’ve seen this in meditation spaces, and when I look at the invisible architecture and constructs of the land, the planet and humans. However, the pure God Head essence exists in trinity wave architecture, and the feeling of rejuvenation when we can actually flow the trinity wave current of liquid plasma light our physical bodies is one of complete and true knowing of the actual loving unity consciousness of why we were created, and what we were created from: pure love as an energy. As I understand it, in part of my experience in anchoring my own lightbody functions and spiritual bodies through the monadic planes, the cosmic energies entered my body through the base of my skull. Sometimes known I believe as the Jade Pillow? Which has a tiny irony for me, but one which I might share at a future time.
When I activated myself into the 9th dimensional currents, I felt such an immense energetic power of love, that I can actually not verbalise the most profound beauty and love that I’d ever felt. I was allowed to relish the flow of these currents and I could literally see and feel my higher spiritual powers on multiple levels. There was a feeling of being connected to absolutely every level of creation that had ever been. That I was not separate, and I was at one. I had felt this feeling before, but this was on a different level. Not long after this, I could feel energetic ‘implants’ being placed in my body as I slept. I was being seen from different dimensions now, were those beings who are opposed to my mission were able to see me, and plug my energy. So. I wonder why? I was being cut off from my own spiritual light essence, and I didn’t like it.
The thing is that no one ever talks about this in the new age community. No one ever says Oh yeh, I got to a certain level of spiritual house building and then it all stopped. It’s usual that people feel so blissed out in the blissful drunken state that they think that it’s enlightnment. No one says they are seeing etherically different parts of energy that are quite obviously designed to stop the flow of the true organic energy that each of us own. I had been doing etheric surgery for a while before I truly knew what it was. I had been removing implanted energies and dead light energies from peoples bodies before I truly understood what they were. I also understood that at a certain part of my journey I was being met with beings who were trying to sway me into doing particular things with my energy. They were quite flattering in fact.
They were able to try in their attempts and persuade me, because I wasn’t able to see the fuller picture at that time. Sometimes we think we always see the fuller picture, but in truth, on my path, we can only see from the highest level our lightbody is built to, and that affords different information at different times, it also doesn’t mean anyone is better than anyone else in value terms, it means we can always only see from the point our soul and creator force will support for us, in a gentle organic manner. OR else we risk that we become overwhelmed and may spiral out of control, which means we won’t be able to potentially fulfill our soul contracts. So it’s a pace and patience and all out trust thing. They were able to appeal to me as a spiritual being but I was able to determine that something didn’t sit right. I cut off all communications with beings external to myself as something more powerful than I guided me to not listen to them, and with hindsight I feel grateful. Beings with a swaying agenda can come in the form of projected images ie angels, ascended masters, ET beings, wizards, spacemen, insects, orbs, gaslike textures etc, and can also come in the form of humans who cross your path and have a great idea for you. Beings who support you on your own agenda can also present as any one of these projections also. But you must listen to your own inner heart radar, for that is the source of your own truth. You must discern very wisely. Beings who want to siphon your light force energy without your knowledge, to use it for their own food and plan can be such tricksters when we don’t even know that they exist. They look like the good team, when really they just want to use you without you truly understanding what goes on in invisible realms. When it comes to protecting your own spiritual light and what YOU WILL ALLOW/CONSENT for it to be used for, then it’s up to you. That’s why the power of your thoughts is so important. That’s why taking control of your own energy is so important, and understanding that if you want to know the truth you have to ask for it and not be scared about what that means for you. All of us starseeds or spiritual path truth seekers go through some steep learning curves on the way. PAY ATTENTION. 
I have memories of living in Lemuria and Atlantis and I see the way that our spiritual light energies were tricked and usurped into being used for the opposing forces, even when we thought we were doing the right thing. It’s all too easy to fall into that trap again this time round. Really easy. I’ve analysed some relationship patterns in my own life, and some relationships where I just cannot take the power struggles any more: I have cut the energy out of my life. I would give everything I had to a person, my truth, my honesty and transparency; but it wasn’t being met on their side with that same level, (or if they thought it was, it didn’t have the same vibration as I was able to hold for myself) as they were controlling me and actually draining the life force energy from me. May I also say that this can be unintentional from that person. They don’t even know that this is what is happening on the energy level. So, on the outset it appears as something different. Apply forgiveness in all cases. So something had to give. I gave up the energy exchange. I had to. My life force energy has to be used to my own soul purpose, and not to be drained from me by people who think that the power is in the controlling factions. It’s not love. It’s false light. Its dead light. It’s anti-life force. However, the insight of the power struggle here was stemming from energy that was present with us when we were together in Atlantis, and was accessible again in this timeline lifetime to be identified, and released. It hurts. But, our life force energy is much more important than being given away freely or stolen from us when we don’t understand the energetic consequences of our reactions, interactions. Therefore we go into warrior mode to protect our mission, as there is much work to be done, and an untold amount of higher frequencies that we can build and retain in our physical bodies when we can stabilise them. So, break down your own ego and fears, understand the true contents of your thoughts, motivations and desires and what you allow to be truth in your life: because there is freedom to be had, and it’s real freedom indeed. Know thyself. Don’t be scared. Don’t shut down because you don’t want to look. Look, uncover the truth, accept, and heal. And Build.
There is so much we are taught that is disinformation, but due to us not really believing in ourselves, we just go along with it. Each of us comes to our own realisation about what that is for ourselves, and no one can really ‘tell’ you something without you actually experiencing it to truly understand it for yourself anyway. So if you truly listen to your heart, if you take time out each day to dedicate yourself to your higher purpose, to your own true source of life force, then the answers come to you. It’s up to you to listen. Make the connection every day. When it feels weak, when you feel weak, make the connection even more, and keep on keeping on. Higher frequency integration can really feel painful and bring stuff up for us, but as it clears our own vessels more beautiful radiance can really sustain in our own human bodies. Back to our natural design.
Many have come with templates to rebuild our diamond sun energy bodies. This is a 12 part template of vertical energy. Also referred to as vertical energy as a staff. As we concentrate into dedicating finding our inner truths for many of us we are following on our own journeys and life experiences and we will be led where we need to go and see, and experience, and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Each of us gets to these parts of our lives when the time is right for us. We can choose which qualities of energies we allow to run through our body. We can choose love, or we can choose control, or we can choose to steal others energy. We can choose to never impose our own will on another person, or think that we can save, rescue or fix another person. We cannot. We can only use our own will to do good, and hold the knowing that this is being in truthful service. We can choose to stand in our own energy, our own power and continually dedicate ourselves to the service to others and the life force. When we do this, we can become connected to the true God Source, not the one taught in religion. This is where we find ourselves sustained in our own light essence. It’s available to each of us if we choose it, and dedicate ourselves to continually sustaining our own light, held in the source light.

You are a master builder. You are doing a great job.

Mhairi MacLachlan

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