Holographic Truths: Releasing Archetypes

I’ve just named this post titled Releasing Archetypes. However in today’s age, it might have been better to name it Archetypes Integration. When we integrate something, we can neutralise it back to source. This is definitely a freeing ability indeed. There are many Archetypes playing out in the fields, though, so we might be quite busy.

There are so many expressions of consciousness, and so many different labels that we can attribute to our phases and transitions. In any given moment we may have identified with a particular teaching, or a particular ‘label’, and even in the most granular description or depiction of label, some of that content of description doesn’t depict just how many overlays, overtones and underneath all of our harmonics – the base structure that holds us together. Words somehow, even though the context in which we can mould and bend them, still don’t fuse together the depth of who we are. Really.

In certain functions, and times and spaces, we are allowed to glimpse into what makes us even more than we can see, taste, touch, imagine or feel.

For many years and on this healing path of mine, and mine alone, I understood on many levels that I was here for a bigger purpose. It wasn’t to be famous, it wasn’t to be ‘known’ it wasn’t for any of those things. Yet something drove me deeper to share parts of myself that just needed to be shared. With others who may have required someone else to reference, since they also may have thought they were losing their minds. And in doing so, were met with a clarity of which is beyond thought, beyond description and innately organic above all.

In transitioning phases it’s easy to become identified with a structure that feels familiar, or a label that we call ourselves just so that we fit into something identifiable. Even just so we ‘belong’ to a group of individuals walking up a similar mountain. So that others know ‘what’ and ‘who’ we are, if we want to be found. If we want to help others and make it known so. Sometimes we also lose sight of the undercover stance we may sometimes take, and at other times we put up an armour so as to retain our agreements on a man made level.

I *must* be called a lightworker or the dudes won’t have a clue what I’m all about. 

I’ve encountered those who could not accept the vastness or ‘grand’ness of their soul purpose, perhaps due to conditioning that kept the person in their box, so to speak. I myself have also struggled along at times knowing that it’s not everyone’s path…this one, and knowing that it doesn’t actually matter anyway. We all hold equal value as pieces of the creator, as divine consciousness wearing heavy spacesuit bodies this time around. So we get stuck, and we can’t see ourselves since we were cut off round about a million years ago or whenever it was.

There was a time prior to me deciding on what an earth to call myself in the public domain, that I wondered just who exactly or what exactly I would describe myself as. Would I call myself a psychic medium, or perhaps a healer? Would I say I could see grids in the body and sometimes even cells and their functions. Would I label myself as x-ray eyes girl, or just someone who hid behind the skills that were emerging, because sometimes it easier and safer (and also a mental body binding on the ego) to not tell anyone, and just stay at home talking to passed on loved ones and those beings that called theirselves ascended masters. Sometimes it bothered me, sometimes I thought about it too much and sometimes it didn’t matter. It’s an interesting game, that’s for sure. It’s so interesting because many parts of this are based in ego mental body rigid perceptions. Or a need to have it all in a certain way, without flexibility. Whatever I call myself, it’s only a name anyway. There’s always more energetic reality and depth to it than that. But where I would always wish to point out to you, my readers: I don’t know any better than you. It’s just my path in life, that is all. Just my perspective. No better, no value difference to yours. It’s just my path, just as you have yours. I look forward to my interactions with each person I encounter, because everyone can give me a chance to reflect upon myself, my behaviour, my feelings, my observations and how much I can grow myself and take responsibility for it all. That’s it. Really. Then at one point it becomes even less important than ever.

Once upon a time there was a story about a woman who had embodied the divine feminine, and she apparently liked to have her feet kissed during sessions where she sat with others. An attendee to a group of this woman wasn’t too keen in kissing the feet of this woman, as she felt she shouldn’t have to bend to anyone, and then must have had it explained to her, that perhaps it was her own ego thinking that the woman’s ego wished her to worship her. Somehow, this made it OK for the woman to accept that it was her own heart’s fault for making her feel like she didn’t want to kiss this woman’s feet so…..she should actually kiss the other woman’s feet. Hearing this, I felt like the woman should have the choice if she wants to offer HER grace to the woman by kissing her feet. A mutual exchange, if you will, and not one that is expected or ridiculed if one doesn’t follow suit. Is it a mark of respect? Is it a gratefulness that another being has become god-realised? Is being grateful for another’s embodiment of their god-source, keeping you from embodying your own? Afterall, No one else can ‘give’ it to you. No one else can enlighten you. Only you can. 

Now, if you had embodied the divine feminine, would you ask to be worshipped? Maybe you just liked the feeling of people kiss your feet, because no one would kiss your feet before you realised you were God again, and this gave you the perfect opportunity to have this experience? You’re still in a human body, right? You still have needs to be met and you understand it all now, right? You would have surely at that point transcended your mental body’s ego harness and know that man made worship is just that. Man made. Perhaps not divine at all in nature. Or perhaps that part of the creator liked to feel the sensation and it’s perfectly OK to experience if that is one’s wish? Who knows, who am I to say. Who is anyone to judge? Not I. 

Is it a mark of respect to follow certain courtesies? Is it a mark of disrespect if we cannot overcome our own thoughts and egos, just to follow suit as others do? Do we dare to stand up and say ‘You don’t have to follow another person, but it’s OK to follow your own self-sovereign path?’ as you recall from simultaneous lifetimes, that guru model is slipping away from our fields in this timeline. 
When we relinquish our ego, cast ourselves free to the wind; do we worship anyone? Embodied or not? So perhaps we choose not to follow a ‘guru’, because although others can teach us what they know, we have to have the direct experience for ourselves before we can integrate it. Did you follow a guru for 25 years only to find that you spent more time thinking about how great they were, and not understanding that you too, are equally as great? I wouldn’t be annoyed if you did. It’s just that it’s time now on earth (in my humble opinion) that we all know and fully understand we are equal, underneath all the experiences whatever they may be. 
Then there was the story about the woman who had to be addressed in a certain way, as a mark of respect. And due to such life long agreements or man made contract in this lifetime, felt that the title due to the training and lifelong commitment was very much required. Much like (I can only imagine) a Doctor might require to be addressed as such.

So, I ask: does the stepping through each archetypal layered phase require us to retain the division between us? In order to retain the hierarchical division that is so blatantly obvious within our society? Our global society? Or humanity?? Would it be so bad just to address someone by their first name, regardless of whatever man made teachings and structure they had decided to sign their life up to this time around? Is there an arrogance in us, that makes us believe and hold onto those beliefs in a steadfast identity requirement, Or is it ignorant of us to believe such a thing is an illusion? Perhaps providing deep lessons each time we go around.

If we hold onto a specific identity, does this limit our experience on earth? 

Look, I already told you, I prefer to be addressed as super-psychic-phoenixbatgirl because that’s actually what I am. OK? Let’s get this straight. Lightworker is soo yesterday. 

Can you see where I am going with this one? I am known for my facetious sense of humour. Or maybe I just told myself that one day because it sounded cool. I may never know. 

Think of the people who call themselves certain labels, in alignment with their ‘role’ on earth. Or the societies that keep people in a hierarchy based upon their family’s ability to make and retain financial wealth. Or those societies that divide people by their skills, and if you are born into a certain skill, then you remain that for the rest of your life. Did anyone see the movie, Divergent?

The labels and Archetypal values we work through, when we all came to earth without those limitations, so why would we want to play them out when we get here? Is it to gain experience in every part of experience that we could, so that by directly being labelled, sectioned and split we truly know just how alike and similar we all are? That there is no value difference in any human life? How else could we understand it fully?  Do we keep ourselves entrenched in the illusion of roles so that we may free ourselves and our consciousness back to the state of perfection through our alchemical containers?

There will always be those who believe that they are more powerful than we are. Also, the opposite is true. It depends on what we have encountered in our lives. Some believe that it’s proper to have respect for others by using certain labels. Is respect only shown via the customs and labels that we provide? Isn’t the greatest aspect of respect to show respect to all, regardless of who they are, or what they have experienced? Surely, it’s all only different to our own individual experiences? Don’t we fall in love with another person because of who they are, and what they have ‘experienced’ or do we fall in love with the essence of their true selves that they have so diligently built in this lifetime, known or unknown? The vibrational signature which is discernible regardless of name, label, age or lifetime or upbringing or teaching or belief. Isn’t the life force energy of truth, love and sovereignty in the face of life, much much more important that the mental prisons we build for ourselves when we divide, instead of commune? Humans, are humans. We are humans whilst we are here.

Did I ever tell you about the story of the man who addressed me in such a particularly rude manner because he advised me that it was OK for him to speak to me in that rude manner due to his pay grade versus mine. Oh dear. Yes he was paid much higher than I. Doesn’t make him any more knowledgeable or any less. Or I. If there was ever a case of misguidedness, this is only one of them.

We need as many men to embody their divine feminine as we do women. We are all equals. That’s the whole deal. Equal. I can give you guys some tips, and you girls too. Let’s address that in another article. This man, hadn’t been shown that love as an equal in his life, so he projected out his own version of playing an Archetype all over me.

Be a dear and you type up that document for me, quite frankly I am paid far too much to be having anything to do with that lowly work. Surely, at your grade, you should be doing this for me servant girl? 

Oh, yes. It takes all sorts to grapple with and they all serve us as lessons to be wading through. Again. Like a circular cycle. Again.

Then there was the story about the androgynous being who came to earth and treated everyone the same. The being was often told they were just too nice. The being felt so out of place here, felt everyone’s pain and couldn’t believe the way people treated each other, but knew there was work to be done. The being broke through all the teachings and learnings that false beliefs provide and eventually could love everyone, and have complete compassion for everyone. The being didn’t always conform to man made society or beliefs, but that was the whole point of bringing new templates to this planet. The being knew that everyone was in fact the same underneath all the piles of conditioning, and regardless of which path or archetypal memory any other being was working through: it is just the same. Labels, we put on ourselves to cling to an identity that is actually a false-based-worth system as a construct in the hologram. The thing is though, we can’t all see that reality. It’s a freeing reality when we embody it completely and totally, and know that whatever game we are playing here, it’s all just a facade of sorts anyway. A means to achieve the goals we set out to achieve. To set us on the path of breaking it all down again, this lifetime around. Then, meeting others on the same path at the same level, and all holding each others hands while we do so. No competition. No requirement for that, no judgement and leaving the ego shell out of the mix. Are you that being?

Can you just add in ‘I AM Guru’ to my name on my website, it totally rhymes, and I AM a guru. That’s why I came to earth again. Re-embodiment of the archetype of the great wood carrier of Tibet, I lived on a mountain last time though. No Androids in sight. We didn’t need them.

There are so many programs running in the energetic cables of earth, and many of us have to and still are playing through the roles, the programs and release ourselves from them. No judgement, just an observation. From the individual level of consciousness, then perhaps we move into group and collective levels of consciousness. When we are hooking in to that level we have the ability to clear these programs from ourselves, and as we do so it’s a little like when Neo is unplugged from his cosmic chakra point behind the head, and he is no longer in the Matrix. We clear the program chip that we held in the cables, and we clear ourselves. Oh, then we can ‘see’ more. Also, we are clearing the collective consciousness. If enough of us can do that, we move earth into embodying her own consciousness a little more. Just as we are collecting our fragments individually and collectively, we can assist each other and the planet at the same time. How cool is that then? Yeh, I know. This god-technology is often misunderstood, but you have to try it out. Get into the goodness of your heart, and try to stay there in that mode every day, one of the first points is remembering that it doesn’t matter what anyone projects outwards as their sense of self, or the archetype that is overlaying their reality at the moment: we humans have goodness at the core, if we choose to work with it.

Once upon a time there was a woman who shone so quietly from her heartspace, who told no one of the work she was doing in this world, and as she walked on the earth, she was unsure of what her identity was at this time. She wondered and pondered to herself, what she ‘was’ now. What was she? Who was she? What could she call herself now? She had named herself in a certain role, and had assisted countless people both living and passed over. There were times when she felt sure of her identity and then other times when she felt like it was floating in space, like her consciousness had been traversing fields of real incoherence, where the foundations of her energy had been broken down whilst being built back into the transfiguration of what she was blossoming into in the triad of harmonic convergence within. She knew, anyway. She knew.

The thing is though, not knowing what to call yourself is an actual gem in itself.  It’s the not knowing, and it’s the finding out that it doesn’t really matter in the grander picture overall. Not knowing is one of the greatest gifts we can allow ourselves to understand that this is just perfect, and even more perfect when we admit we don’t know. Then we can always be in the space of learning, in awe, and receiving just what is right at each moment.

In those spaces, we begin to let the mental side of our requirement to be sure, to know and be defined fall away. Deeper and deeper as we place our knowing into the divine archetype. There are no religious teachings at that level. There is only love. There are no divisions at that level, there is only perfect balance in divine trinity.

I know who I am. I see you too. 

Through every phase of identification with who and what we think we are, we get to see the facets of our energy in greater detail. We are allowed to see the beauty and perfection of every aspect of creation from the godhead, right down to the most minute photon or cell, or particle inside the body. The smallest unit of consciousness to the largest structure in the universe. We get to gain glimpses and we get to be us. Our personality begins to see the bigger picture, and we let go of all of the Archetypes of identity that we think we are. We just BE. We just ARE. We just exist in our vibration and we perpetuate and update in the eternal now point as we flow through the many simultaneous existences that we are currently having. We can experience several dimensions at the same time, and this becomes the norm. It’s actually quite the most amazing journey when you think of it. In fact, even better when you can just feel it, in every moment. Everything that you do.

The memories we can uncover, the levels of energetic support we now have access to on earth and beyond into the cosmic parts and the other layers, the feelings we remember in our bodies, and the vulnerability that many of us feel is real, and it’s for a reason. Surmounting this can free us to the levels of feeling the support that is here for us. We are here to support each other. Not divide and keep apart. To work together. In the physical realms, and in the higher dimensions where many know what we do, but yet cannot describe it, and sometimes reaching out is a big enough vulnerability again. So we retreat back into our spaces until the coast is clearer. As we work together in those higher dimensions to build and release and build and release and build, stronger, foundations of ourselves, and of each other, it’s what we came for. As we work through and integrate and release the Archetypes of what we have come to clear, release and integrate. We shift and flow, we float and we grow, and we are here again! Together! How cool is that? Gathering pearls and exchanging when required.

Regardless of what you call yourself, what you prefer to be addressed as, who are you? Who is your authority? Are you the will to do good and embody your life force on greater, deeper levels. Are you feeling superior or inferior to others, or are you in complete balance, alchemically, physically and emotionally? Or attempting effortless maintenance of this?

Or, will you be passing through yet another seemingly endless layer of what has to be transitioned into a different space?

It’s some ride!


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