Insular Polarities: Neutralise, Energise

The very nature of our existence is defined within thought forms, both personal and collective. Our bodies are the most amazing pieces of God-Tech ever known, yet many without the owners manual veer off course before their souls hook up in alignment and show the way for how it is best embodied. Providing, at least, some comfort through dark terrain and keeping that flame ignited in the heart, the heart that knows: there is so much more, keep on, keep on going.

Searching for answers keeps us on a path, searching or wishing for particular desires to come to reality, or for life to ‘turn out how we want it to’ keeps us subtley and insidiously off-track, and in energy terms, it keeps us locked into artifical constructs of societal ‘desires’ for your best life ever.
What is this? that many search for, yet cannot find? What is this that keeps the average person locked into a reality that is not of their own choosing? Why do some seem to get all the tough lessons, and other’s it’s plain sailing (at least from the outsider looking in)?

I once had a friend say that their ship sailed straight and true, or words to that effect. The meaning behind the words was that the friend had a particular desired outcome, and would do everything to ensure their success in that direction. What the friend hadn’t counted upon, however, was that by being focused on something that the friend had ‘wanted’ (let’s call it EGO wanted it…and I will explain later) which, by all accounts was something external to their-self, meant that the friend forgot the one thing that had to be worked through first of all: the shadow. Also, the opposite is also true: by being focused on something external to ourselves, means we get some lessons – but maybe we still loop around them without neutralising them properly. But, it takes time, and with each little edge or step we can take into the darkness that faces us round every corner, we can do it! Piece by piece by piece, we can neutralise the shadow back into neutral form, and can live a slightly less pained existence.

My use of the word shadow is termed to mean ‘that which is pain’ ‘that which causes us pain etc’ and neutral means to neutralise the pain, seeing it for what is truly is, and not having it send us into a spin.

We’ve all had that sinking feeling, or stab in the guts when someone says or acts in a certain way that we find it feels utterly harsh in our fields, right? You know what it’s like – Where did that come from? Where exactly?

Connie was loving the world and everyone in it! Life couldn’t be more happy. Everything was just wonderful, and she swore that rainbows were emanating from her eyes. This is the life others spoke of. Ahhhh. Divine inspiration indeed. Everything is made of love. As she hugged a few friends, in a display of happiness and appreciation for life itself, she felt happiness as a truth. 
Conrad was not appreciative of Connie’s open armed loving hugs with everyone she encountered, and he was going to made sure she knew of it. “How dare you hug another, when you are with me!” he spat out at her. 
Connie’s solar plexus burning with the metal shadow imbued frequencies that came hurtling towards her through the words and thoughts of Conrad. Oh dear. Not again Connie thought. I really seem to trigger people with my seeing the world as love. WTFF? (Why the freaky face?)  Why the disillusion of reality, she pondered? Why can’t he see what I see? 

So, when you are on the other side of that equation and you are the one acting out (AKA working out how to actually take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and behaviours so that you are not projecting that yucky heavy vile energy onto another human being – NO! No one else can do it for you, you have to do it, and you on) and you are the one hurting and sending out jabs or vibes of sentences because you have felt hurt, betrayed or pained by another who quite clearly doesn’t want to interact with you anymore, what do you do? Do you sink further into your status of helplessness, even though that’s the last place you thought your ship was sailing?

Both sides of the equation can be understood if only we would look further into the parts of ourselves and really look at them properly.

Face up to the contents of your own heart. Not your neighbour’s, not your best friend’s, not that person you think you are in love with again, YOURS.

In the last probably 100 years or so, the templating for sacred union (equality of male and female unions in divine and perfect balance, such as androgynous love from the godhead) foundations was being laid by many lightworkers all over the earth and those outwith the earth fields. In the last approximately 7 years, different frequencies have been anchored here in planet that can allow those with the neutralising vibe, to get on it. Neutralise. You know those dark and light parts of your frequency spectrum, the parts of you that remain hurt, hidden and covered up until your grave?
Nothing can be hidden when you really want to understand yourself, and want to FREE yourself from old behaviour patterning, free yourself from gender roles based upon the societal constructed and conveyed ‘right’ way for a male or female to conduct themselves: particularly when in a certain employment function or when over riding the meaning of what your family once stood for. Nothing can be hidden, and you’d be better off facing that first part up front. Nothing can be hidden. This is the time of ultimate truth: transparency. 

Whilst delving around in the contents of our hearts it is often best to apply forgiveness to ourselves for any and all of our past behaviours (you have to look at what you did, said, and how you behaved in an open manner). This allows us to play out the memories in our minds in a witnessing view, without apportioning blame. Sometimes, it can be helpful to imagine that you are ‘above’ the scenario and looking down on it. The issue is, that we each ‘want’ something, and when our perceived ‘want’s are not being met in the way we ‘want’ then that’s where the shadow gets created as bigger, and bigger and bigger. Every thought you have contains an energy frequency and the emotion behind it becomes a created form. When I work in people’s energy fields, the shadow thoughts can be seen: sometimes as shadowy wisps, sometimes as black goo/dead energy, sometimes metal shards and sometimes as actual bodies. This is just the way it is. It also helps to describe why some people become consumed by the shadow, and it drags their vibration downnnnn. Down into dense places of existence. Down into a level where the shadow forms are in control of the human person.

Imagine you are standing at the edge of a jungle. As you step inwards through the jungle you are presented with beautiful vastness of green lush wonder. You can see a swamp with it’s muddy muddiness, and you can see the beautiful butterflies darting above all of it. When you start blaming others for your own sense of pain, lashing out and making jabs in your words to the person who you see as ‘hurting’ you (How dare they??!) then that’s you placed a foot in the swamp. It impedes your ability to move gracefully through the jungle space. How deep you go, is up to you. Continuing on, as you step through the swamp with one foot, and through the lush beauty with the other foot, you can come out through the swamp as you merge the shadow using the beauty side. The issue comes when you continually think thoughts that keep you in the swamp. The more you become in the swamp, the more you might like it. You might even resonate with this place of dark muddiness, and it becomes a part of you. You like it, it feels familiar. You decide to stay there. You can’t recall how to get out of the swamp, and why would you? Your whole body begins to become consumed by the deep dark muddy shadowy place of comfort. You become consumed, and the beauty you once saw in the lush green jungle becomes something of an effort to even think about why that was once so beautiful. The answer is sometimes hard in coming through. You’ve become more disconnected with that part of yourself that has the answer. That part of yourself that can feel. You gave it up to become bound by the mud. You gave it up and you didn’t even realise you had it. Some may say you consented to give up that part of yourself without even knowing you consented to anything. The part of you with the answer. The neutralising force within. (Not your neighbour’s, not your best friend’s, not that person you think you are in love with again, YOURS.) The mud is mostly your home now, as you continue to path yourself through the fields of energy that your existence in time and space inhabits.

Would you have ever known that you can walk through all of the swamps you want, and come out the other side, and see everything much more clearly? Would you have known that you are capable of binding yourself into shadow you create, and then as it becomes ‘larger’ it connects in with the shadow forms of energy fields of the planet and beyond? You can review the contents of your heart and get into every nook and cranny and every shelf and treasure chest, and let yourself really, and I mean really be fearless and look. You must access the forgiveness vibe in yourself, to just look and identify patterns of behaviour and understand why. What can you learn from looking so deeply? If you cannot access the forgiveness vibe easily in yourself, recall a memory of a time when someone extended forgiveness to you, without judgement. Recall the moment you were truly grateful for something and expand that feeling in your energy field. Right, you’re set: 

1. Drop your judgements, about yourself and others

2. Love yourself, deeply. 

3. It might seem crazy, but you can do this.

4. I wonder how amazing it will be when you realise that the sword in the stone is yours, you can retrieve it, swamps, beauty and all!

5. Go easy on yourself. You have life, you have responsibilities; what if uncovering the contents of your heart allowed you the key to eternal wisdom and understanding, and a way out of this harsh reality?

6. Your ‘wants’ may change. Be prepared to let this all go.

7. Any issues you have had will come to the surface in a gentle manner to let your understandings gently merge with your feelings

8. As you get more accomplished with this, you can view situations and memories in your life with less emotional pain; this can sometimes assist you in merging your experiences into neutral context

9. Neutralising is something many have come here to do. In our duality polarity existence we have been cut off from our individual life force energy fields that reside in other dimensions or some call source, creator, god force. The trinity wave contains the neutral spark, that allows knowledge to be uncovered in each of us when our soul/monad/avatars say it’s the divine right time for us to understand.

10. Life changes perspective, into a more mature and nourishing space

11. Your friends might not ‘get’ this, but that’s OK, you are looking at your own being, your own heart and adjusting your thoughts actions and behaviours according to your own inner self. It’s all good. It’s a work in progress.

12. Shadows cannot remain hidden when you shine your light on them. They come up in your life sometimes in your face like another person, or an organisation, or pattern: so you can specifically work on that part of yourself. You can’t change others, but you can seek to know thyself better – you can do this. Don’t be scared.

13. If you are male in this lifetime, and you have issues with your ‘Mother’ you must look to understand what that issue is. Without casting judgement on anyone. You must also look to see why you treat women in the way that you do. If you cannot face this: it’s going to be harder for you to embody your soul more fully, you can do this: you can do this, you can do this. You can forgive yourself when you fully uncover what this is for you. This in turn heals your heart, and allows you to bring you own male essence into truthful balance.

14. If you are a female in this lifetime, the same above applies to you. Your Mother probably had her own ‘stuff’ going on, and you have to look at this, and your relationship to your Mother and all other females. Go into your heart, you can do this. Mother holds the key. Earth Mother, Cosmic Mother. Mother on all levels. Mother is creation, Mother is the key. Also known as the Aqua Ray sourcing from the 13th dimension. If this is in your resonance, connect in your intention to Mother from there.

15. The swamp was a representation of energy fields, and is something we are all attached to. It’s up to us if we wish to interact at that level. It’s a choice, heart based, heart based, what would love do? You know the answer, and it doesn’t start with ‘if I just do this, then he will be sneakily manipulated into fulfilling my every desire…Ha ha evil cackle of laughter’ No friends. This isn’t acceptable on any level. Let alone the karmic consequences you are gonna have to wade through and untangle yourself from when you realise as you do unto others.

16. Do something creative, such as art, music, something that’s not an academically challenging pursuit. The arts and creative spaces are the key to accessing the Mother frequencies from the godhead, and this is where many are kept out of accessing their true wisdom of the soul. So – if you want to do ballet, do ballet. If you want to sing, sing. Let go of previous beliefs about certain male/female roles and let your heart be the leader. Always.

17. This list is getting longer, but there’s much to be said: Be consistent in your dedication to know the contents of your own heart. When you meet another being who has done this in varying degrees the energies are palpable. It will often be that when you know the contents of your own heart it shifts your vibration in such a way that you start to notice you irritate people a great deal. Grow a thick skin. You’ve filled yourself with neutral energies, and you are bringing balance back to yourself and others and the collective fields and forcing others to grow. This hasn’t been on earth for a while. This is inevitable, you are following your heart and you are so awesome.

18. It takes guts to look into the dark spaces and the wonderful spaces of our inner worlds. Maybe you also have to break down some of that heart armour you’ve been building all these years out of the hurt and in an attempt to protect yourself. Dump it, you won’t need it where you are going. The open heart gang are on their way, and they can’t feel you if you’re hiding under metal shaped masking creations that you made when you didn’t even realise that’s what you were creating. Oh actually, they can feel you: it’s you who can’t feel them.

19. Eventually, you see the shadow as what it is: shadow with neutral association. You become aware of those thoughts you were having and those choices you have made, and you are aware. You can observe. When you come to this place, be aware that not everyone will have this view. It’s personal to you. You have to check in with yourself and continually refine and remodel your view in alignment with your heart-radar. You are aware of yourself, your behaviour and you control your own thoughts.

20. Your ego will try to tell you something is a)urgent b)wrong c)you need to buy things to make you happy, d)you are inferior to other people, or e)superior to other people. We know that none of those options is real. Be aware of this trickster and you can overcome the large parts of the neutral field navigations that would rather keep you tethered into the personal and collective swamp. You can break free from this, but you have to know what to do (all of those steps above and some listed below) and you can then just look at the swamp without it having a major impact on your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

21. Follow the heart, not the head. The ego linked into the head makes us feel like we have to follow certain teachings, when the heart beats on in the background transmitting the frequency through the swamps and into the inner part of your internal wisdom.

22. When you work through all of the shadow elements and understand YOURself more deeply, others are less likely to be able to control you. Period. You control yourself and this is how it should be. You are less likely to be pulled out of balance by someone who is having a vacation from taking responsibility for their own actions again, and decides to spew all over your space with their inner temper mini-drama. Imagine how freeing that would be? Yes. You can do this. There’s no need to judge anyone else by their behaviour, they don’t always have context to understand or know that if they have one foot in the swamp, and it gets to waist height – that they are slightly stuck of their own non-consent, because no one explained to them its so easy to get caught in that muddy mud mud. Just by you being of example might be enough for them to have their interest sparked, or the vibration coming from you might be enough of a lifeline back into the jungle beauty path of neutralising balance with no fear.

23. You have more energy. Yes. This is a thing. If your mind and heart are holding onto unchecked areas and your mind has thoughts of judging others, worrying, egotistical judgements of being better or worse than anyone else, making up stories of ‘stuff’ in your head: ie, ‘Oh she won’t have time to see me today..she is always busy..’ when you don’t actually know the truth of that, it’s just something your ego shadow thoughts were telling you – you’re energy is separated and is not integrated in your field. Imagine the wonder of having more energy available for your own use? Yes. Check your own thoughts and bring them into balance. Accept only thoughts that natural and organically created/received by your mind.

So, as we see, if our ship is on a desired path, it can sometimes lead us in the opposite direction from our heart-radar was trying to tell us. How can you break yourself free from repeated patterns if you keep going back into the same thoughtforms that create shadows, that get bigger and connect into larger planetary shadows in the grids? I think you know the answer, and it’s not going to be found anywhere else but inside your own heart. Sure, someone can come along and tell you they can ‘activate’ or empower you into this – but, do you think it is that easy? The answer is: it’s not.

You have to do it for yourself, no one else can ‘activate’ or ’empower’ it all away for you. Usually to heal something (neutralise?) we have to ‘feel’ it, and that is how we can identify what it is. We feel. It happens in layers, in happens in cycles. It happens when we dedicate to ourselves. We change ourselves, we change the collective planetary fields. The swamp becomes slightly less muddy.

As Connie was celebrating the fact that she was alive, she threw her arms around her buddies freely, allowing the sense of love to flow through herself and in keeping with her own truthful divine connection with every living thing. Life was so, soo unbelievably good. Connie wished all people could see and feel what she saw and felt. Love is a frequency and it feels so good. A whole new world. 
Conrad thought that mountains were only moved in the movies, and couldn’t quite believe the amount of loving support that was in his life the day that Connie showed up and threw her arms around each person she encountered. He had dedicated himself back to wholeness via looking into his own behaviour. Almost like an old black and white movie, that had been remastered and recalibrated in colour. He couldn’t quite believe just how amazing this whole new world truly was. Wow. Like nothing he’d ever witnessed before.

Set your intention to dedicate your awake time, and your sleep time to understanding and uncovering all those parts in yourself, your heart (mind, body and soul/spirit) that you can integrate into your awareness for your own wisdom and comfort levels to increase. You only need speak to yourself, and intend. If you meditate, make it an intention of your meditation space, and sit with yourself to see what comes up. Trust. Intention is behind everything, therefore choose your intention to further yourself into neutral, which, is very freeing to the human body mind and spirit. This is a huge topic of which I have decided to write just one facet of perspective. Only take on board what ever resonates with your heart.

I wish you well. May all beings know deeply their own inner radar of heart, back to the neutral tri-wave in complete fearlessness, trust and wonder.


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