Insular Polarities: Be your own guru, expand learning with your heart

We think we don’t have the answers, but we do. It’s the heart, it’s the heart, it’s the heart.
Even the teachings we have read, listened to, the attunements we have received, the information we have been dispensed – has something behind it. An energetic agenda. WE believe in what WE are taught, because WE believe we need some other GURU to teach us, like the GURU is awesome and should be worshipped…..Yes, OK – perhaps we just treat all levels of knowledge at arms length until that unresolved questioning sparks an awareness within each of us, at the moment that it sparks – pay attention, for that my friends is an inner truth particle being ignited back to organic truth and wisdom, something you will need to learn to gain for yourself on this path on earth at this time.
Ascended Masters, All beings, whom I am able to love with all of my heart, are the same. They have been able to share knowledge from their own vantage point, based upon their own ego filters and belief systems, based upon their experience of earth when they were alive. However, we hold steadfast to one doctrine or teaching and we believe it to the death! When really – it’s much more fun and enriching to believe that YOU have the answers, it’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle to build your memories and consciousness back to wholesome accessibility and you can do it, when you dedicate yourself to knowing truthfully – your purpose on earth this time around.
In my short video below I discuss why we should not limit ourselves to listening to one stream of knowledge. We are tricked into believing that spirit-side beings have a higher level of knowledge or viewpoint than we do. It’s not true. You are just as powerful, if not moreso than any ascended master because if you are working this path now on earth, we have access to different frequencies of energy and we can BUILD our lightbody and our HEARTS to rebuild, regain and relearn WHY we came here this time round. Please enjoy the video. Be the will to do good, in all situations, your heart will expand and take over. How exciting can that be then?


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