Holographic Truths: Spiritual Ego Traps, Glamour Style

Something that many spiritual path seekers go ‘through’ is a stage of empowerment or attempts at garnering an understanding of what their ‘role’ is, or what their mission is, and sometimes its easy to become fogged up like a foggy lense that cannot be cleared, and then you can’t clear what you cannot truly see. In certain collective energy fields there are ego traps, tricks of the tricksters and overall not very nice energetic debris that does, and will clog up the parts of the lightbody that keep us locked in a spiritual ego trap.

Come on now, there is no such thing as an ego trap!

Oh yes, there is.

There are false belief systems running within collective energy fields, and since we are taught certain practises, that seem more ‘glamourous’ than before (I will list a few below), we are kept in states of consciousness that appear better, but are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to keep your field locked down in the goo. Except, you won’t see or feel that, because you will have been tricked by the glamour. It’s easily done, but it can be undone – once you know what this might look like.

It’s important that you know, that this sharing is not to divide or determine a value difference between anyone’s path, only that if you feel that when you read this information it gives you a clue about your own path – take to yourself to feel into what that might mean for you. Each of us has come in with different agreements, experiences and consciousness aspects to rehabilitate into organic form – and sometimes, that means WALKING IN THE GOO to get to the GOO to get the what the GOO is, and to then alchemically alter your own field as you get your own clearing done. It also means that we cannot apply ANY JUDGEMENT to anyone else who is walking their own path. This is also a trap.

Potential EGO trap, scenario 1.
Nothing is bad, everything is good: all is love and light – mores the pity if you cannot see that, my child.

A common pitfall of consciousness trapping is the trap where everything is love and light. All is well here, peoples. Nothing is bad, there is no darkness and if I don’t believe in the darkness, then it cannot exist. In my world.

This is a trap all of it’s own special building. When people awaken into their spiritual gifts, historically we are taught that this is the LIGHT. But, what we also contain on many levels is DARK. IF we cannot face up to that DARK within ourselves, then potentially we can’t identify it outwith ourselves. Look around the world, rainbowbright – you see just light playing out in the people? NO. I didn’t think so. When you take accountability to see not only the darkness in yourself and all around you, you will be helping to remove that from the collective energy fields that we live in on earth. It is what it is. You have a choice.

Great that you choose to live in the light, but you also exist in the dark, so meditate on that one and remember: if you cannot see the dark, then you are being tricked by it. A bit like “the finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist” If he did exist, he wouldn’t be able to trick you, because you would see his existence. If he was a he.

Also, the new age purports the following no-so-subtle-subtext ‘light has won! there is no going back now.’ This makes for a false sense of ‘we don’t have to do anything but sit back and heal each other, because it’s all just fine now. Really? Is it fine? Why are lightworkers dedicating their lives to a cause when it’s all just fine? and love and light? Please discern this for yourself. If we live in a world of collective consciousness where everything was ‘fine’ since light has won, why is their still killing, thieving and EXTREME sexual distortions being played out across the land?

Potential EGO trap, scenario 2.
I am already enlightened, therefore I have no more self healing work to do. I am God.

This is more common than we think. You get to a spiritual teacher and they just ooze of some kindof superiority that you wouldn’t understand, because you are not enlightened like they are. This is a false contruct, a false light field if you will. It has to be broken through and it must be with your own heart, and in dedication to the purification of seeking your ultimate truth. If you walk around thinking there is no more work to do, since it’s all just lollipops and roses in your enlightened reality, I beg of you: Get over yourself.

Potential EGO trap, scenario 3.
I am THE official channeler of xyz material, it is copyrighted to me, afterall, I am THE channel of the light.

What many humans don’t see, is the hidden entities running part of the show. Yet, some people are actually contracted to be a channel of teachings this lifetime round. And, others are not. If you are one of the channellers who are not, then listen up. You will gain much more knowledge when you dedicate yourself to your own heart seeking path. Then you can get to embodying more of your own soul essence and wisdom, which entities can not provide you with. Channeling means essetially letting another being live in our aura – and this time round, that’s not for everyone. Some of us, have used the term ‘channel’ when it didn’t mean letting a being speak through you. If you want to stay on the path this time round, it might be that it’s not your deal to let another being use you. Individual choice. This time around, it has been my guidance not to do this. Despite when new agers believe that this is a high level task or act of humanitarian information learning.

Potential EGO trap, scenario 4.
Those angelic beings are helping humanity, through me:  they told me to just open up my aura and let them in. The voices in my head, I listen to and completely trust.

Same as scenario 3. If you want to build your own lightbody and aura, then it’s best to keep your doors closed, for your own personal use. Keeps that life force in. Your life force, so you can exclusively use it for what it was made for.

Potential EGO trap, scenario 5.
These people must follow me, I have, afterall become enlightened after server guru master xyz, these people really don’t have a clue who I am.

Check in with yourself: Who is your authority? Are you in alignment with the forces of truth, goodness and love, or are you a bit in the middle still working out how to create chaos or find ‘followers’ on the internet because you are the only person who can be trusted to speak the great work of the hidden sacred texts of the apocolypse and the real meaning behind the bible? Don’t you realise that there is so much that has been distorted through the destruction and whispers of time? If you believe that you are here for people to follow you because you contain the great teaching, then you are being fooled, and you are also fooling those who hang off your spiritual coat tail.

But I have brought through this great healing system, and it’s much better than anything else that has ever been here on earth, I am the great reincarnation of xyz master!

Ok then. Just as long as it’s not another being entering your energy field to secretly siphon off your sexual life force energies, and then pass it to other beings for food. Leaving your followers in a space cadet form of ultimate bliss, but never really feeling their connection to their own source. There are no intermediaries on the path of feeling our connection back to our own source. We cannot feel it through another person, we can only FEEL it in ourselves.

So, you can see how much the global landscape plays out interesting pursuits to keep us out of our own minds, bodies and keeps us into artificial intelligence thrust upon us as the new norm.

Be your own Guru.

Yes, that’s it. Take as much learning on board as you can, but please do yourself one favour. Only go with what you truly resonate with, and know that this can shift as you move through life.

Also, place no judgement on your fellow peers, place no judgement on anyone. Some lightworkers have come to over ride the teachings of the ego trap scenarios I placed above. Therefore, we each must only do what is in truthful alignment with ourselves, this time round.

Drop the rigid thoughts.

When we believe certain beliefs to the point of rigidity, it stops us from feeling the oneness of the god source. Many teachings, and I mean MANY teachings, have people follow the teaching to the letter until their death, and they still haven’t even felt the true love of their creator. If this feels right for you, then be open to exploring other things. Else, why ‘serve’ another teaching, which could have potentially be written by someone who didn’t even know what it meant?

Earth’s energy fields are changing.

When some books were written, they contained knowledge that people believed. People followed these teachings and books, only to serve their whole lives believing that they were serving the book teachings. But, for what? What if you are truly here to have fun, but you got stuck in a rut because you thought this is what life is about? Look around you! look at the way the water runs through the river, uncontrolled. and free. Look at the way the clouds move in the wind, as partners on the great elemental shimmy. Earth’s energy fields are changing, and you are here at a pivotal time on earth.

Therefore, go within your own heart in meditation and ask to be reconnected to the creator force of which you are created from. See where you end up today. How exciting.
The ego requests that we follow suit, that we keep ourselves locked into a particular pain game of self-destruction and lower density experiences, it serves to keep us from the truth of what we are. The way out of the ego, is to free your mind, to free yourself from belief patterns which are really collective consciousness fields of energy that we can choose to interact with, or not. When you choose something different, something different happens to you. Don’t let your own ego keep you in glamourised falsity. We’ve had enough of that here. Take a look around you.

You are made of love, and if you cannot feel that, then break your way out of that trap!


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