Insular Polarities: Darkness is disconnection from source

Being heart-centred, really means LOOKING into your own heart to the darkest part of yourself, being fearless to uncover hidden truths, not being scared to look at what it is, in order to remove yourself from the hard hurting painfulness that you carry and in which you live and witness. To do this you should also address your belief systems, what triggers you, what makes you angry or spiteful in your responses or treatments with others?

This is what will get you to meet your maker and feel the limitless support this lifetime while actually in your body; pretending to yourself that you really ARE dealing with stuff, won’t cut it.

If we pretend to do the work, but we aren’t really DOING it, then it leaves us in a spin and travelling through false timelines or false situations (that we can create, and which can be created for us to trick and trap us in merrygoround situations that we think are making us happy) and it also means we can be easily tricked and manipulated by imposter spirits, aka dark forces, and we don’t even know they exist.

One way which this might manifest is just when you start connecting to likeminded people – you start hearing things in your mind to keep you away from each other. You start having dreams or thoughts about that person in order that you change your judgement of that person. This is actually dark force trickery and is EXTREMELY subtle and present with people on the spiritual path this time around. However, it is fairly undetectable until you have reached a level of self awareness (your reactions, the energy you choose to express through your physical body, the thoughts you have in your mind, day and in sleep time). Working to become more heart centred, working on your own inner triggers/demons, working to uncover ALL that has been hidden is the key to seeing the actual truth. The truth isn’t always that pretty. To heal something we first have to see exactly what it is. Why it has been hidden under layers of misaligned energies.

It’s OK thinking that you are doing the best you are doing, but if you are being manipulated by forces behind the scenes, then literally you are being thwarted without even realising it. Focusing on being loving, not a doormat, but loving in every moment; holding your shit together even when under immense pressure or pain, is holding your vibration steady. The more work you do, the more steady you become. The more you support humans and the planet get through this next phase. It’s why you came here.

This phase is deeply hard, despite all of those who feel the ‘light’ transmissions there is so much pressure from all angles which would serve to take you out of your heart centre. Only you can hold your heart centre, and only you know how to embody into it. Only you can remember to treat people with the kindness you would like to also receive from each person: despite what illusions would have you feel towards another in order to divide yourself from them. We are all brothers and sisters. Light integrates, darkness divides. Darkness is a part of this reality and when we can face up to our own, we get to change the fields of the reality we live within. Darkness doesn’t go away, but it becomes something we can identify and choose not to embody into our own physical bodies.



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