Holographic Truths: Lightworker Illusion

If you have followed my writings since the start, you will be aware of all of the changes and shifts and observations of which I have passed through, and written about on my website. Some I have kept private, and others I have attempted to kindly convey information in a non-fearful way. The truth is, however, that sometimes the truth is seen in different levels and stages, and sometimes our truth resonates so deeply in a place in our own bodies, but it does not resonate as truth with our peers. We must find our own truths, and if we dedicate to that path, then all will become clear and known to us.

We won’t find it by soley playing minecraft creator mode though, we must lift our heads from that energy field and focus on the one that matters most. Our own. You own your own energy, but, you won’t if you don’t dedicate yourself to KNOWING it, taking care of it and being thankful for it. You are the most amazing piece of god technology ever. Period.

But I’m not lost, am I? 

Being lost is a matter of perception. Perception changes when we change. How we change is up to mostly, our behaviour and the way we pattern our reactions. Basically, if we hold a loving heart in all situations as best we can, if we DESIRE to know our own truth, then it comes to us. Remembering, that many of us have been on planet earth countless times before and are slowly awakening from the amnesiac barriers which are placed upon us when we enter back into the human body. It pains my heart to think of and witness the sheer gobsmacking amount of deceptions which are put in place on earth. It’s not just deceptions that are put in place, but beings who believe they lead the way back to one source god source, and that many of us follow those beings…leaders in human form, ascended masters in etheric form, et beings who trick us into thinking that ‘they’ are the light, and we must follow them in order to reach the godhead. Some of us have to experience this in this current lifetime, in order to truly know. Some of us have contracts to hold and work through, therefore: there is no judgement here. None.

One thing that’s true is that some of us know of god, and we feel godsource. Another thing that is true is that so many of us don’t, and we are lead down paths of trickery and illusion, of which we so easily follow and believe, since – we have nothing else to compare it to. If one dares to put up one’s hand in order to share a different perspective, one is put down, cast out and made fun of. Don’t go against the norm! It’s a trick. Stay safe in the numbers. Life here on planet earth is so devastating to many, that it’s no wonder that people cannot feel god. Where the freak is god when you need him?

At this time the grids of planet earth are not running the full light code connection to the god source, and we have (if you are reading this, then that potentially means you) come back in order to rebuild and regain access to the stargate systems and the portals, and the recovery of consciousness units of which have been embedded within the earth plane for millions of years. Yet, lightworkers the planet wide are wakening into sunshine and roses existence and feeling the glow of ‘astral’ bliss, and feeling like they are enlightened. The astral plane would be synonymous with our heart chakra, it’s not an enlightened plane at all. It’s the place where beings hang out and project images of themselves as jesus, so that when you meditate and see ‘jesus’ you think you are connecting with the man who was born on earth called jesus, as the bible would say. Those who are born on earth are not able to FEEL the godsource because the frequencies of god have not existed here so much in the last million years or so. They are here on planet earth now, and they can be felt from the depth of space, through the andromedan galaxy…if we desire to connect. If it feels right that we connect.

In the astral planes (and in higher dimensions of existence too) there are beings who feed from our light source, and when we make agreements to do certain energy work, or we connect and channel with guides or whatever, there is a potential siphoning agreement being set up between you. You, however, cannot see this or know it’s happening, and you feel instead: connected with the bliss of god or some other group consciousness that is using you to front their team because you haven’t built your energy bodies strongly enough this lifetime yet.  How are you to know though? It’s quite the learning curve down here on the earth plane. The being, however, wants to eat your light because it cannot be self-sustained in its own god connection, because it has none. It must feed in order to remain in existence. It’s as simple as that. It’s not personal, daaaarling, but I ammmm so very, very enchantedly hungry. 

You didn’t consent to that did you, Sookie?

No, I didn’t think so, but Vampire Bill sure thought it was all consented upon. Fairy tastes soo good. Almost like an uncontrollable addiction.

Listen up, all is not lost.

Lightworkers the world over are connecting with any amount of the not-ascended masters, wide array of guides, etheric beings who come and say they can hold space for a cosmic alignment or come from planet D or are violet flame holders or whatever, starting to wish they could channel, or hanging about with archangels at the whistlestop cafe.

Dual internal guidance

If you’ve got this far, you might identify with a phenomenon of receiving dual guidance. It might be that you are constantly connecting with beings outwith yourself because you have been taught that those beings…guides, angels, ascended masters, archangels….are much, much…Did I say MUCH? more powerful than you are. Can I just say that there is no way that that is the truth, and it’s part of the well laid out trickery plan. Yo! Come to earth, it’s a hologram, but you can’t see it….Hahhaaaa haaa evil cackling laughter echoes on in your head. 

One thing you might feel is cheated. Disbelief. Wonder. What the hell have I got myself into this time? All I wanted to do was to be able to speak to dead people. WTF! (Why the face!) All you wanted to do was read some tarot cards and then a f*eaking guide walked into your home and you had to re-evaluate your life. Again. They were so kind, so loving and sent you a lovely warm vibrational vibration – it must be love! *This* must be my guide for life, whom I will listen to all that they have to say for my entire life, and I will follow them. For that guide, has taken the time to show up to me! To me…tiny little me! Oh my god! This is what everyone was talking about in that meditation class. Guides. Are. Real. Oh my god! I am so spiritual now. Can my guide tell me if I should marry Bill? Can my guide tell me my future! Shriekkkkkkk! 

Part of you, feels like you don’t really need the guide anymore. Part of you starts to feel like what if you are letting your spiritual family down. How dare you question the authority of your guide/angel! Don’t they all work for god, for god’s sake!?

If you resonate with this. Ask your guides to stand back from you. Any guide worth their weight in gold will oblige. How do you know who or what your guide is? Do you know who your guide serves? The issue is, you probably wouldn’t even question it, because mainstream spiritual teaching tells us that everything like that comes from god, and has our best interests at heart. It didn’t say that wolves come in sheeps clothing, did it? Or…did it? More on guides later. In fact, this is a key topic in my ascension classes, if you feel interested. How not to get tricked by beings that you don’t even know exist.

Any guide who is here to work with you will absolutely treat you as an equal and will work in co-creation with you. Any guide who is working for godforce will not try to: 

  1. get into your aura to channel through you
  2. siphon your energy
  3. sexually interfere with you during dreamstate
  4. tell you what you should or should not be doing
  5. treat you like a slave
  6. tell you that you are the only person that just achieved the anchoring the silver white flame (enter anything  new agey here) dispensation on the planet because you are the true embodiment of that egyptian king or the atlantian priesthood blah blah blah
  7. attempt to covet your freewill choices
  8. bargain with you for holding space for groups of humans
  9. flatter your very impressionable ego
  10. make you feel like a spiritual ‘leader’

Follow that ascended master! Quick!

I am not giving the ascended masters a hard time. What I do want to point out to you is that ascended masters are not ‘ascended’ out of this time matrix, or the planetary body. We currently exist within a fallen (aka cut off from full flowing force of organic god source currents from the god head) time matrix. I am sorry about that. If it were any other way, you wouldn’t have to work yourself to the bone whilst watching the evening news about who killed who again, and who decided to keep their wealth and let more than half the planet’s human needs go unmet. Yes, it’s that simple. If this planet, this time matrix had pure organic flow of god source energies flowing, you wouldn’t even have to ‘buy’ anything. You would FEEL god. You would KNOW god, heck, you would know you ARE god. It’s that simple. I kid you not.

Once upon a time the ascended masters came here on a mission. Mission ‘let’s connect earth back to the godsource..’ however, some of those masters achieved a planetary ascension – meaning that they could leave planet earth also known as having their 7 chakras open and also some other lightbody architecture switched on and running hotcode. Some of them achieved higher levels of that, meaning that they could go and live on a higher dimensional realm where bodies don’t look like our bodies. Some of them got stuck in earth’s atmospheres, and some of them became fallen consciousnesses trapped in the false ascension matrix. Some of them truly were and in some capacity try to assist humans, but they know that many humans on earth have access to higher dimensions and spaces that they can access in their heavenly bodies. The ascended masters we can connect with here, and some of which I have also had conversations with over the years: have not ascended up far enough out of our fallen matrix system. Which means. Yes, you guessed it: they are still within the realms of the fallen matrix, and thus, are not ascended out of it: where we all want to try and get to: out of here! I wonder when all those stargates will be functioning in alignment like we made them? 

So, I am being flippant. I am being tongue in cheek, I am attempting to convey important spiritual information to you in a loving way. There is nothing to be scared of here. It’s why we came. We came to shake this earth field up. We came to love the earth whilst in human bodies. We came to repair the grids, grab our mates and help humanity find a higher timeline in which to choose. It has been a mission that has been going on for time immemorial, and it is still going on. As a side line to this text, I would like to add that the mission to 5D is not what I am familiar with for an ascension plan on earth at this time. Sure, planet earth is heading into her own soul matrix as we assist her in building her spiritual bodies in order to hold herself into her own soul embodiment. However, lightworkers who are calling bliss in the 5d, it’s not that we are moving into the 5th dimension as lightworkers. We are attempting to go all the way out, and the ONLY way to do that while we are here (yes, I know, rinse and repeat) is to connect ourselves back with the godhead from our current physical bodies. You know there are distortions to this, there are different configurations to this, there are obstacles and embodiment processes to this, but one thing I am wholly certain of: there is no way you can connect to godsource through another being, another entity or an angel or guide, or ascended master. If you think this is what’s happening for you, and that you feel like you are on an ascension path to rescue planet earth; I’m sorry I do not resonate with that. Any person who you are following teachings of: if they do not teach you how to connect to eternal life force with your own body, then it’s likely they are not working for the godsource, even if they think that they are. 

In fact, I know, that those methods of connections will keep you in a consciousness trap or spin, in thinking that you have made the choice to do the lightworker work, but you wouldn’t be sovereign in your connection with god. Just sayin. 

No one can ‘activate’ your DNA for you, or attune you closer to god. People can work in their best abilities to support you in your own process of that. I assist my own clients with that. But, YOU and only YOU have to make the choice this lifetime, ascending outwards into astral bliss where games of power are played and tricked and life force light is fed to beings who eat it and then trick you into thinking you are receiving a blessing from god (or whatever, whomever) OR, you can dedicate yourself to the giant trinity fields in the deepest of deepest deep space, and you can ask: What is my mission purpose this lifetime? Who can help me find the truth I seek? I dedicate my purpose to the purposes of the godforce, and only that which is in alignment with the godsource. And, the biggest part of all: What am I experiencing in this life that I need to look at, change and focus on how I can heal my heart? < That’s an important one!

If you want to connect to source, god force (and none of the religious overlays apply here, as god is not religious neither was the being of Jesus, religion is falsely taught historical made up stuff in order to keep consciousness locked into the earth grids) then you must dedicate yourself to making the connection this lifetime. God isn’t going to pop down and sweep a hand and scoop you up, nor does god just sit back and let the world fall to pieces (even when it appears so). God, allows itself to become embodied in a human form and the human form who connects back with its source point, become the action task force team for change. These are the Kryst Christ families of consciousness. The architectural connections to meet this, are made through your energy bodies, your template and you auric layers. Clearing your chakras everyday might not get you there. I will pop the best tool I know of, in the end notes.

Huge mission!

So, this is a vast topic, and if I haven’t upset you enough already I hope that you might consider my words carefully and then take to your own heart space to see what truly resonates with you. I cannot sugar coat what I have experienced whilst being here. There are layers of awareness that we have to work through in order to activate and feel and know the truth in our bodies. The issue we have is that we are conscious memory wiped when we come back again on the mission return, and we have to come through biological maturity in order to build our spiritual bodies, and it takes time. We are holographically tricked via inserts of light fragmentation that mean we cannot access our higher spiritual bodies and knowledge, so we have come back to retrieve that in this lifetime round. We are multi-dimensional but many of us cannot feel that truth, we are held with in frequencies that do not allow us to come and know it as truth. Some of us are here with contracts to heal what we are being born into, clearing ancestral damage and miasms forever through time and space, and we can do it. It takes a dedication to the spiritual path. If there were ground clean up crew, then that’s us.

All is not lost! How to do it, For real life

The 12D shield, linked here is the tool which will help you work with your own energy. This will help you to build an inner connection and cultivate inner discernment. THIS IS VITAL. Note, you are not connecting with a guide, an angel, an unknown face in the ethers that makes your heart tingle: you are connecting with your own ray frequencies of the 12th dimension, which please note are high frequency plasma energies and are not in the astral planes of earth (the 4d astral bliss hazy sleepy drunken peach fuzzy woozy-buzzy meditation space).

Continued dedicated use of this technique brings parts of your template and lightbody on line, and supports you to feel that which is rightfully yours, your birthright: your own energy. No one can trick you once you groove into this one! You cannot be tricked so easily by those tricky beings. Since you are only relying upon yourself, and your own energy, you will KNOW what’s going on around you and you will only CONSENT to working with beings in alignment with the GODSOURCE. The connection via the andromedan galaxy to the god source, is what will assist you in the self-sustaining connection to the god source. When we have been able to build that connection in this lifetime to god source, everything changes. Everything feels much much much more supported, even though we have some heavy task work that we are here to get on with. To hold the god source in your physical body this lifetime, is like building a house: you are building your spiritual house:

I use this technique in my group work, and always when working with clients, and group spaces. The lightbody architecture builds into different configurations and purposes this lifetime round. This, if it feels resonant to you, can support you this lifetime.

The 12th Dimensional Shield Building Technique

This is the path to self sustained life force flow, and alters your perceptions, your intuition and your inner knowing for your life path. This is the path to self – sovereignty.

Keep on keeping on, into your heart, that’s where it’s at.



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