Insular Polarities: From Lunar to Solar

The light that images-250comes into our solar system is affected by different objects, stellar alignments and ray structures. The light that comes down into our universe, our galaxy and our solar system comes via energetic light sound waves more commonly referred to in the lightworker community as rays, and transmitted via the sun. SOL. Each ray is an intelligent source of consciousness energy, which comes from the all that is – the godsource. Yet, to receive the godsource we must build our intent dedicated to do so. When can do this with complete authority – for ALL aspects of our lives, we will rebuild our spiritual bodies to have those connections.

Lightworkers for the Christ (Krystic Consciousness) families, have the task of creating and holding and rebuilding the architecture that supports the god source frequencies on the face of planet earth and beyond. Ray structures and ray flow down into our solar system has been altering in such a way that when we build ourselves with intent, and consenting to only GOD as our authority we rebuild the spiritual links necessary to receive spectrum frequencies outwith this time matrix and beyond, into the god head. Within the organic ray frequencies which emit from the godhead, there is no such quality as aggression, violence or anti-life actions. It just doesn’t exist. Ray structures and collective energy fields have been usurped by opposing christ forces for their own benefit, and it has served to create fields of misery upon the earth, which can then be a quality of energetic access point for our lightbodies to receive.

When we think of the red ray, more commonly found in depictions of the root chakra – it’s within this part of our lightbody that the red ray is received. Within that red ray frequency is contained what we might associate with negative and positive traits. Some of the negative traits would be disrespect for others and life. A violent outlook. This happens when we really look at what programs run through our minds, and I teach this in my clearing ego ascension classes, how to support our consciousness expansion through healing of the lower energy centres and structures. This also happens as a gradual process when we dedicate ourselves to only being within true cosmic sovereign god-force law, and not by being tricked by imposter spirits or anti-life force beings, who only wish to serve themselves.

When we start to connect in more with our hearts, (can happen much more easily when we face up to and heal whatever is keeping us in dark depression or illness or states of emotional imbalance) and to understand who we really are, our lightbodies start to activate and respond to receiving different ray frequencies, the red ray which can be received in the root chakra can then start to receive shades of blue, green and violet colours. This is why it is so important not to assign a belief or meaning to particular colours when we see them. There is much distortion around colour teachings on earth. It is much better to feel into colours each time you perceive them to understand what is being conveyed, personally, to you by your own consciousness when you interface with anything. This is the way in which your intuition is built to greater individual strength, and to release reliance of receiving guidance or intuition from another person – which could be called as a type of spiritual co-dependency.

For a few years on earth, since the purer ray forms have been able to be received; the chakra system has been changing in lightworkers who have been in the process of removing themselves entirely from the lunar forces. For those who have not fully awakened into their conscious living awareness of their contracts or agreements on earth, sometimes when awakening comes it means that the lightbody structures, and the chakras can be cleared out of multi-dimensional density slightly more quickly now due to the planetary ability of frequency vibrational access from organic god head energies. This has been happening to individuals on an individual basis, as their own lightbody process and rebuilding of spiritual links happens very much on a spiral staircase cyclical process. There isn’t always a linear 1, 2, 3, 4, lightbody activation, sometimes we go around that cycle and we keep on going.

For any lightworker who is feeling ‘enlightened’ and in love, light and bliss, there is also a false ascension matrix (white light…unless it is white light from above the 12th dimension in which you have to BUILD THAT CONNECTION for yourself) which many become caught up in. There are states of bliss along the path, but this planet isn’t in a state of bliss – therefore…we have personal and planetary and beyond, work to do.

It is the act of receiving the rays into the physical biology and lightbody that allows the die off and burn off of the lunar ray distortions that have been placed upon us. It frees us from certain levels of being in a prison. When we absorb the rays of the sun into our bodies, we awaken further parts of the Christ body, and we are able to connect in with off planet Christ forces and unity consciousness, which is cosmic sovereign law and freedom for all beings.

“But, my teacher said my crown chakra was opened, therefore I must now be fully awake.”

There are so many levels of awareness on planet earth that we must respect our own individual awarenesses, and also that of others. When we reach crown chakra awareness, this is just the start of the ascension processes that we can achieve at this time. Many become in a wheel spinning state of not being able to go further up in the vertical channel, and many become caught up in ‘following’ a particular teaching, which can sometimes, be limiting/lesson filled to our consciousness expressions here on earth.

When the crown is opening, there are other parts of the lightbody that will be receiving light and consciousness. The chakras are the interpretation of what the lightbody receives in some respects. They show which fields of energy density we are able to access. When the crown is receiving it would most likely be receiving the violet ray of 7th dimension, which is also the magnetosphere of planet brain. Many lightworkers have been working to organically recode this dimension, since this ray has also been distorted on earth. It is important to only connect with truthful, godsource, organic rays, and in doing so all you have to do is command that it is so. Another technique is to ask for universal harmonics to come into your lightbody, and bringing them in from the universal level (rather than the planetary level) means that your lightbody starts to activate and build into those purer frequencies.

If the crown is opened, it gives the potential for us to leave planetary fields, however, this is not the end stage of ascension/enlightenment by any means. It is just a part of the process. Many ascended masters reached crown chakra awakenings, but on earth now, at this time, we have further access out than the planetary fields. This can only be achieved by the individual dedication to the kindness, and loving expression in every action that you do or express through your physical body. There is no other way. Even if you are loving 49% of the time, there is still room for up to 100% and beyond. There are no half measures this lifetime, if this is your path then dedicate your all to keeping everything heart based and non-judging and this will support your build your lightbody and consciousness expansion. By the way, this doesn’t mean you are a pushover! or a doormat. It means you retain energetic boundaries but still have love for all things.

These shifts and changes are part of the solar path. The act of embodying the solar christ into human form (which in my awareness is the organic consciousness of the christ body in action) sometimes it takes lifetimes of lifetimes in order to achieve this embodiment into a physical human form. However, we keep on keeping on every time we come back in our mission to support the Christ. When we are on the solar path, it is the lunar force ray distortions that we are removing from their influence on our lightbodies and physical existence this lifetime round. The body of the Christ is a consciousness field of pure god force light force and is transmitted to us through solar plasma waves headed to earth. Upon entry to planet earth, we receive the imprints that the planet holds in her physical fields (pain, trauma, distorted information, controller issues), and we must become aware of our part in repairing those issues, through our individual agreements when we arrive, personally and collectively. This is known as part of the service to others Christ path.

Lunar forces have assisted in keeping us in sexual pain, distortions around knowing what is the right thing for us to do, keeping us in mind spinning loops of emotional backlash and trauma, and unable to see a way out. The way out, is towards the solar path. The solar soul. Receiving the rays from the natural lightforce of our solar system, and not through a reflected light source. Sure, the moon is beautiful in the night sky, but it doesn’t contain its own light to shine. Crystals are plasma light in physical form and need the light to grow (consciousness) crystals are nourished and cleansed via this organic light source. We, are crystal beings with divine crystalline templates of the base 12 math diamond sun, also require the solar energies to grow our consciousness expansion. Eradicate controlling forces, evict dark force siphons and to bring unity as a reality into the 3d earth expression.

Beloved presence of god, I ask to know the truth of all that I am, all that you are and to show me the way to connect with you and remove all inorganic connections that stop from from feeling you as the truest love source.

If it is in my alignment this lifetime, please show me what may assist me in connecting my higher spiritual links and knowledge of my truthful existence on earth at this time.

I am willing to heal all of my pain and trauma so that I may embody more of my own organic consciousness.


With much Love,