Insular Polarities: Polarity Integration

At this time on earth, it’s a pivotal time for those of us who are here, supporting earth and humanity into healing the planetary soul, and the inner soul of each of us. We are born into a planet whose energy systems have been heavily embedded with codes that run in order to keep us locked into a reality where things seem extremely grim (in some ways) and in other ways, there are opportunities that present themselves where the real beauty of life can be found. The grid system of planet earth has been fractured and altered a very long time ago, and many of us familiar with the path of working in a mission for earth understand only too well, how awful this truly feels. We recall times where it wasn’t always like this here. It breaks our hearts to come back, but this time we come back with the shared mission strand from all of those other times: to heal the planet, and the grids, and this is done through the internal healing we feel deep inside ourselves as pain, trauma and wounding.907004_10200953086890268_1333246707_o

It seems interesting, that so many who are coming into a spiritual awakening cycle will be kept spinning in their minds, whilst attempting to make sense of why things are changing in their perception. In many cases it feels like a thin line between spiritual awakening and insanity labelling. Many starseeds and indigo family races will be in situations where there are extremes of both sides of a spectrum. For example, it might be that you find yourself in situations where extreme levels of dense trauma are what seems to be the make up of your lifestream. What you might not understand is that your lightbody contains the codes of which to over ride this harshness, and in doing so, you end up integrating the polarity of the situation. You can only do this whilst in a body, on the face of earth. This is why our abilities in being here are so very powerful. Everything would keep you thinking otherwise, though. It’s up to you to break out of your doubt and fear programming so that you can direct your consciousness in such a way that every action you take is in alignment with your truthful heart path. The one that leads you from the inside.

What is a polarity Integration? 

On planet earth, the divine mother and divine father frequencies which make up part of the trinity of the godhead have been used in reversal on the earth. We can see this in active use across planet when we witness harm, killing, desecration of the divine and natural energies. This plays out in day to day occurrences such as witnessing someone control another person (reversal father/ reversal divine masculine principle) or when someone vampirically steals another person’s lifeforce energy (reversal mother or reversal divine feminine principle). These energy frequencies of the divine father and mother have been used in reversal to turn humanity against itself. Any time we see another person act out in violence, manipulation or lies, including lies of omission (it’s ok, we don’t *have* to mention the thing we don’t want them to know…) there is a potential that the person is acting in alignment with these reversal energies. We are born into them, therefore, to a certain extent they become our playing field – when we can see them for what they truly are: we have a choice. Use those energies, or use the real organic truthful mother and father energies which we also have access to. Real truthful mother and father energies can be connected with, and will support us on our paths here on earth. WHEN we know what it going on here. Enough of the illusions already! real truthful mother and father energies, love each other, treat each other with kindness and never try to pretend they are something that they are not.

A polarity integration mission, is one where a starseed or indigo has chosen to break down (and love back into wholeness, thus integrating the polarities) the energies of the false or reversal energy patterns that are embedded within the earth plane. This involves *being* in situations, or being faced with situations which mean that the choices are changed, through the starseed interaction with them. Or, that the poles of opposing forces on the spectrum (false mother to organic mother, like two ends of a very long spectrum of frequency) can be healed back into wholeness through the starseed indigo body. There are variations of these soul agreements, but I give this as a general information overview.

Have you faced challenging issues in life? 

Many starseeds are polarity integrators by nature of their being here on earth. Imagine a situation where you are placed directly to see how people decide to rule by control. You see that this situation doesn’t feel right, yet, you realise that this is something you have been put here in order to observe. The more you observe you come to understand that it might be that you have to heal these energetic patterns using your own life as an example. You might come to understand that the energies behind the control are, in actual fact, the people who are choosing to be in consent with running the false father energies….in order to control and gain power over other humans. You can then use this to see, perhaps, where you have chosen to try to control another person, or that they have tried to control you. Then you have the part of you that seeks never to control and only to love. Using your observation skills and your desire to *heal this pattern from running inside your own lifestream (by choosing to heal yourself and thus change your behavioural patterns) you are, integrating the polarities, and thus, changing the energies that are being available to be used by humans on earth. This is a real thing. You become a neutraliser for extremes of energetic polarities, and you start to harmonise. First the micro of your own life, and then the macro of the planet’s life.

If you have ever almost been pushed over the edge on certain situations and feel there is a complete injustice occurring here on the planet, then you are not alone. In many cases, there’s a potential that you are integrating polarities in order to bring them back into a state of wholeness. Imagine being born onto a planet where killing wasn’t an actual thing that happened? I know.

The way that the polarity integrator can assist themselves is to truly understand their own pain body (2nd dimensional sacral chakra) and learn to remove ego traps from their own awareness. The ego is the first 3 levels of our chakra system, and contains lifetimes of content to be released from. The best way to dismantle yourself from being held in ego traps and painful cycles of pain, is to truly get to the root and depth of your own patterns. Look fearlessly at what the content of your own thoughts, heart and mind truly contain and do not be fearful of what you find there. If you have come to earth to integrate these energies, then you must fearless get into your heart and mind and soul and get the work done. No one else can do it for you. Look at your own behaviour first, and then alter it accordingly. Which way takes you closer to love? What would love do? and take it from there. Love is a complete vibrational wholeness of which we all seek to be in receipt of – yet, behaviours can underline the imposter of this. Allow yourself to remember truly what LOVE is, and work it from there. You can do this. Your desire to connect with, and embody the spirits of the truthful organic mother and truthful organic father energies can support your with your mission. All you have to do is intend to connect with those energies. They do not appear as ‘guides’ or forms, they are cosmic rays which we have to build our bodies in order to connect with them again.