Holographic Truths: Christ Consciousness embodiment I

Tree of Life, Diamond Sun Template, 12 Strand DNA template, 12 Spheres

One of the prime directives this lifetime is to recover, reclaim and find spiritual body parts which have been stuck, trapped, held, in the earth planes and beyond. We are multi-dimensional beings, who have a vast and wide energy field, yet, we cannot know this as a reality until we start to heal our hearts from the pains of this life, and beyond.

For those on the path of spiritual truthseeking this lifetime, the lightbody as it builds in organic godsource consciousness will automatically start to recover spiritual body parts, dna codes, sequences and consciousness units from past, present and future timelines.  My energy healing sessions aim to support you to understand this concept in greater detail. The Christ body, the Christ lightbody (diamond sun body) is designed to act like a homeing pigeon that will call its parts back through all of time and space, to unite, in unity consciousness, or zero point field. As starseeds or indigos, our genetic codes allow us to come into greater phases and expansion of spiritual awakening so that we may start to collect our parts back from these different timelines, on earth, and beyond in the stellar bodies constellations, planetary bodies and through the different dimensions of our time matrix. The issue with this is that many are being kept in false teachings of ascension and are not understanding the true purpose of the human body with Christ spirit embodiment this lifetime.

We have been memory wiped as we come onto earth so that we do not know who we truly are, or why we are truly here: but, we feel it. It can feel sad, it can feel lonely and often there is a deep pain in our hearts that we are unable to quantify based upon our experiences.

Truth Seeking supports higher levels of embodiment and awakening

There have been so many imposters of god force that we have been led to believe are the true god on earth. In religious teachings there is always a seed of truth, but it seems covered in ‘obedience’ teachings, in order to impose controlling mechanisms against the people of earth. When we truly want to know, live and understand the truth this lifetime, we must be brave and ask of our own heart and spirit to show us the way to truth. There are energy blocks which refract the true godsource from reaching our lightbodies; and that is why many cannot actually feel the eternal loving vibration of god within their human bodies this lifetime.

Within new age communities, energetic principles, worship of entities/gods/beings/deities/other human guru/how to manifest your twin flame/the violet ray teachings/ascended masters/healing method etc, any spiritual teaching that does not support your own knowledge to DIRECTLY build your own connection with THE one Unity Consciousness of GodSource, means that there is a potential for you to become dependant on another being for your connection. This cannot happen this lifetime. You must know in your heart that you have a one connection and a direct connection with the GodSource, and it is your divine right to know this and experience it this lifetime.

From my direct experience, you will not feel godsource through an angel, guide or ascended master or other ‘guru’. You might have a feeling of godforce and attribute it to the connection you have with a guide, or angel or guru – but it isn’t coming from them.

You may also feel a reciprocation of godsource through another human person who has built their own godsource connection, yet, you must also know: they cannot build it for you; it has to come from your own dedication and intention to do so, for yourself.

You must, and I repeat, must, build this connection yourself. The reason is that you have a lightbody template, you have a diamond sun template which builds the connection for you. You have a soul that resides within the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions of our time and space matrix. You also have a monad which resides on the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions of our time and space matrix. You also have an avatar which resides within the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensional harmonics of our time and space matrix. God source can be felt at different frequency vibrations through each of these dimensions, and assists you in building an eternal feedback loop through your body of the unity field consciousness. This has to build within your human body in stages, and in order to embody your christ consciousness parts through all of those dimensions, you must clear out lower frequency vibrations, energy patterns, desires and controlling manipulative tendencies from your EGO layers, the personality matrix of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions in your body. This is similar to saying, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras in your energy system.

Facing up to hurts and traumas can transmute them from your lightbody/energy field, freeing you into ego dismantling and allowing you to feel more GODsource

As a spiritual truthseeker this lifetime with the genetic code that will allow you to break down these patterns of energy that you have been born into, or are being placed into in order for you to hold a space of witnessing, and thus, dismantling. One of the prime functions this lifetime is to step up and heal yourself first. When you KNOW that there is something that feels hurtful to you, or you have been living in a lifetime of pain and sorrow, when you can face up to this; it allows you to actual change the energetic form of this pattern (frequency) from your lightbody/energy system and changes your life, thus, healing.

Energy does not die, but it can be altered and changed. Many patterns on planet earth at this time which are anti-lifeforce (killing, war, parasitism, consumerism, lust, greed, siphoning, stealing, splitting, division, control, manipulation, lies, sexual distortions, quick hit gratification, addictions, force trauma) have been held in place by collective consciousness and altering of the planetary auric fields and layers. This means these patterns of energy are what we are essentially born into on earth.  This means that these energies are available to us just like software. Therefore, just like software being loaded into memory – when we understand that we have control over that memory, we can unhook these patterns of software from running in our bodies. We can do this now.

We must identify these energies in ourselves so that we literally can remove them from having an effect in our energy fields this lifetime. It is when we FEARLESSLY identify these patterns in ourselves (look at your own thoughts, behaviour and desires) we can actually remove them from this current station of self, and our multi-dimensional other stations of self or timelines through past, present and future time. We must try not to become personally identified by any of these anti-life programs, as quite literally they have kept us from knowing our true selves. When we reach a level of lightbody activation and spiritual embodiment generally in the monadic levels, these programs and the emotions that would accompany them become easier to remove. If you are embodying the monad, you will find that your emotions no longer control your lightbody or human body. You can still FEEL emotions, but you are not DRIVEN by them.

People who are triggered into emotional states which run their lives, this person is potentially either being held in this emotional state or program which will not allow them to move past this and FEEL the godsource. Emotions are like frequencies of energy, sometimes we become addicted to the feeling of them, sometimes we are feeling them as they run in our personality matrix of the 1D, 2D and 3D ego lightbody layers. When we are able to discern ‘Oh, I am having this emotion…’ but that it doesn’t necessarily rule your actions (key point here, will expand on it further down) it means that we can be more balanced as individuals and in some cases it means we don’t have the sporadic primal reactions we once had. It means we can hold more christ spirit in our bodies, and build this back to the unity one field.

Emotions are energy patterns, without assigning a positive or negative attribute

Through dedication to the truthseeking path, and in higher levels of soul harmonics, into the monad embodiment; we can develop observer consciousness. What this means is that when the male and female levels of our lightbody from 6D masculine to 7D feminine, as these currents begin to awaken and merge in the spiritual system, our ability to hold a merged neutral space becomes more apparent. From a neutral perspective, all emotions are energy patterns. Some are denser than others. When we are able to say, ‘hey, I believe that is jealousy that I am running in my body: I want to remove it from its effect on me’ we can work to find out how best to heal that in our own heart centres, and from the personality matrix.

It must be understood that each of us have come here into a human form, that will allow us to experience some of the harder to live with energy patterns, but that the request to heal that from the body, the life, actually supports the transmutation of that actual energy from the earth body. This means, that in the years to come, the earth planes and auric layers of the planet will not contain so much of those dense anti-lifeforce energies, and that the levels of pain some of us have undergone will have meant we were able to do something that we came here to do: raise the vibration of the planet, and our human forms to contain higher frequencies of eternally perpetuated source, christ god source.

Connect to Mother

Cosmic Mother, GodForce, 13th Ray of Aquamarine, Holy Mother

With the patriarchal slant on our societies, with the male domination of world values and the inequality that has actually affect BOTH genders on earth, is it any wonder that most of us cannot feel our true Cosmic Mom?

We have been told certain falsities on how to connect with god. That we must ‘worship’ god, or ‘god is watching you’ ‘if you do not do what god tells you (how?) then you will go to the bad fire’ and all sorts of other controlling methods of keeping us feeling like we are just not good enough or never will be, since we must repent our sins and worship….something.

I am here to tell you that from my experience; many teachings have been distorted. Some deliberately and some inadvertently, but that there is nothing to fear about any of this process. In fact, once you feel into that theory, let me show you how. Imagine the truth was hidden in plain sight, or that we were told that this truth was the wrong one? Can you see how humans on earth have been divided through their belief systems (again, programs that run in the planet and people feed into keeping them alive by their actions and thoughts and behaviours…inadvertantly).

You have the right to know the truth, if this truth resonates with you this lifetime. You have a cosmic Mother, and she waits for you to call on her, so that you may recover your spiritual body parts that let you RUN HER CODE.

The first emanation of the godsource into our time matrix comes through the 13th dimension, which we can build access to with repeated intention. If you are connecting to anything else, then this is not Mother in her truest form. 

It is this connection to Mother (Aquamarine Blue Ray) which will support you on your lifetime mission this time. She will heal your heart, mind and body and allow you to embody and integrate aspects of your energy in all spaces and places. She activates and supports your diamond sun template to build into the christ embodiment and higher vibrational frequencies.

The Mother Arc, Aqua Ray energy was ignited in Earth’s core and allowed access to our Ascension Host in Andromeda, the Andromeda Galaxy is our direct path to Mother Arc, and if so guided to build your vertical connection through the Andromedan Galaxy to connect with the MOTHER. Holy Mother. All you have to do is intend to build your connection, go inside yourself, in your heart and ask yourself to show you the way. The codes are inside you.

Spiritual Crisis in connection with God

Due to the amount of distortions, we have been acclimatised to living on a planet where the true Mother frequency was not prevalant. It also means that many people when they do actually come into contact with the 13th ray of mother frequency that it can cause panic or fear. This is indicative of healing which has still to take place. Often this can make humans feel out of control, emotionally overwhelmed or resistant to the frequencies of the true mother. On planet earth, the true mother frequencies have been used as reversal, and we have become accustomed to that: until we awaken to understand, all is not as it seems on earth, and when we lovingly open up our intention to heal our hearts, Mother will support our progressive re-coding back to feeling her as the true mother on earth. Also, many humans have had relationship issues with their Mother figures on earth. Many starseeds have come to override and repair MOTHER issues on earth. If you have had this experience personally then it is likely that you may resonate with the override mission of healing the schisms we have experienced in the relationship with our Mother- since this is the actual micro to the larger planetary Macro – Mother hasn’t been connect back on earth for such a very very long time. She is connected now, into earth’s crystalline core, and is accessible through intended connection, and patience.

Dropping pre-conceived Ideas

At this time on earth there are beings who resided in alternative dimensions that believed they were providing humans of earth truthful teachings. As we compassionately witness their paths back to God, we ask levels of forgiveness and compassion to all beings in their divine right to connect with their creator essence.

This may mean that you are being led to give up teachings that you held steadfastly to. This may mean you start to fall away from group spaces or teachings about angels, ascended masters or otherwise. This may mean you realise that manifesting a whole bunch of money to be super rich and expecting that to fill your heart is really like playing into the material realms and will, stunt your spiritual growth on some level until you are able to trust and feel into the godsource.

You must follow your own heart vibration this lifetime, as it has the most direct spiritual compass to the home fields that there ever was. If you can fearlessly address all that seems to be ‘coming up’ for your awareness, without self-judgement, you can transmute energy patterns from your lightbody that will allow you to further embody the harmonics of your SOUL, MONAD and in later stages your AVATAR essences in the harmonics through the dimensions, and this will allow you to FEEL more support on earth and to do your work in complete service to others without distraction.

Keep on loving, keep on building, you are the cosmic christ in manifest energetic reality, here and now. More on current Ascension support for ascending human protoforms at http://www.omnilov3.com