Full Circle, Site Re-direct

To everyone who has read my words, and joined in on the ascension journey as we walk and awaken together, I give you my thanks for being here in order to raise into higher awarenesses of truth, and source based connections without any other intermediary to god.

Back when I created this site, it was a project to manifest from the etheric to physical portions of overriding false feminine and masculine energies which we have all been subjected to. We can see these false energies play out in our lives, and the world stage as we see the divisions between feminine and masculine and the associated separation, power struggles and differentiation between humans. The indigointuitive project was to help to bring back to the planet the override to the false 11:11 masculine spin codes and provide a corrected 11:11 as a long term planetary emancipation grid work project.  Rebraiding Father Principle frequency sets, and trinity waves into the planet crystal heart core, and the grid systems here in local scotland. Like many lightworkers who are acupuncture points on the planet at this time, this was part of my ongoing contribution for building architecture. Essentially, this was a rebuilding and connection of diamond pillar organic ley line and vertical architecture through aurora, to build diamond heart networks into the main perfected diamond heart system outwith this galaxy. These networks flow the organic trinity wave god head frequencies into the planet.  In my awareness, the planet had not been in receipt of these mother, father, child energies for several periods of time, and in 2009 the Holy Mother Arc Aquamarine Blue Ray was anchored back into the planet by teams of Christ Consciousness gridworkers. As many lightworkers and gridworkers come to know – the grids here have been infiltrated and used to perpetuate cycles of pain and suffering in the planetary body, and in the human experience here, many consciousness aspects have been stuck in earths grids and require to be transited out or returned to us, this project supported with that larger planetary project. There are multiple teams of guardian hosts working in varied different projects through out the planetary systems, I am not alone, and neither are you.

My aim was to provide starseeds and lightworkers an alternative truth around what it means to be on a spiritual ascension path, my directive and heart based sharing were to support awakening phases by providing a morphogenetic field of christ instruction set through the work of Galactic Heart Healing. This field is and was providing a step down field and direct connection into unified trinity wave of the godhead, which each person has the choice to connect into this lifetime. Using tools such as the 12D shield, to support those who knew the frequency as Christ (and not the new age teachings of white light, or jesus, or ascended masters, angels etc) awaken each individual into the direct knowing of god source and the life changing alterations that connection truly provides each of us with. Be your own guru! Come to know that you cannot rely on anything outside of yourself for that connection.

Through my own path, I observed that at certain stages of integration of my own higher frequency sets – my lightbody would change and there were planetary frequency fences which kept pushing me back, or down, and I could not gain access to my own personal higher self. There were also forces of negativity whom would attempt to stop me from accessing the truth. These came as demons and entities and also as et beings who would drop in to give me a piece of ‘highly sought after spiritual knowledge’ in an attempt to glamour me into remaining stagnant. In between attempts to siphon my life force energy in the night. Through direct experience and understanding that the planet had been installed with these false ascension nets, in the astral planes (white light) I was able to work with my inner guidance (not external guides) and break through the fences of frequency in order to understand more of my purpose here on earth. I was in contact with cosmic forces from outwith this universe, star families, who reminded me what the plan was for me this lifetime. These forces are guardian teams from unity consciousness, also known as the christ or krystal star collective race lines. These beings do not reside within this time matrix, they are not the ascended masters, and they are not angels, they do not provide channelled information. They are the Christ forces who retain the spiritual truths of what has happened to humanity and the way out of the matrix of lies, pain and suffering. They are ancient builders and architects of creation.

My intention was to support people understand the difference between connecting to guides, ascended masters, other spiritual teachers – and to know your own self as the DIRECT connection to heart and god in your own body. But I do not expect anyone to believe me, only feel what is true for you. Many teachings have been distorted on earth, yet many of us have to walk through them in order to come to our own truth this lifetime. Our consciousness is on an evolutionary journey that many of us do not realise is eternal. By sharing my own personal ascension experiences I aimed to provide a real life truthful account of what it means to be on an ascending timeline at this point in our human evolution.  This includes the truth around soul mates, ascension partners, alchemical union, spiritual marriage and the glamour of new age teachings in Metatronic reversal –  false light architecture. When you understand that you can break free of limiting negative patterns and physical/emotional pain in order to experience a better life, you start to take responsibility for your life and how precious it truly is, to come to know what the god source actually is, and the way in which you can shift your vibration into embodying higher stations of yourself in order to expand consciousness through masculine and feminine inner personal spiritual marriage, or the path of integration to restore unity and balance in the heart mind spirit and body, through intention to know love more.

In the coming weeks I will place a re-direct on this website, (this site will be decommissioned) to point into my new website platform – from where all spiritual work, sharings and healing/ global starseed energy session work/support is provisioned. My site is omnilov3.com and welcomes all spiritual truth seekers who resonate to join in our membership in meditative healing spaces to support each individual in their self-empowerment journey, in this life and through multi-dimensional aspects of self, bringing as much into unity on the progressive journey in christ embodiment. To understand what it is to be on an ascending path, and what the plan actually is. We are not ascending to a 5d timeline, we are not ascending after death anymore – we are ascending whilst in human form and we are aiming to integrate our consciousness through all 12 dimensions into this physical body, as much as we are each able to this lifetime. In alignment with our personal ascension relationship with source, learning lessons along the way. Learning to love and get back into our hearts and minds in harmony.

Thank you for your support, essence, presence and determination to know what our source connection is, source is HERE now, and we can choose to connect and hold the potential for all to experience the loving knowing arms of creator source. This is the way in which humans will remember their origin, and learn to live together in harmony.

Source is here Now realize this truth and you will be liberated sovereign and full of omnilove. May you be blessed in all ways, and come to know your heart based resonance as the only compass in life, healing the heart to feel more love than you ever imagined possible.