We never know where life will take us, do we? It’s part of the unfolding nature of life on earth.



As a youngster, I thought people who were invisible were watching me. I thought I saw Aliens in my bedroom our outside of my home. I would electric shock sensations running through my body whilst I lay in bed as a young girl. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or M.E when I was 16/17, and the symptoms lasted into my early 20s. I overcame this part of my body’s journey on this path.

I trained as a Usui Reiki Practitioner in 2002, a dimensional reiki practitioner is 2002, A Reconnective Healing practitioner in 2007, an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher in 2009. I no longer use any of these energies in my healing practise. I named my method of healing ‘Galactic Heart’ as the energies running through me were from my own lightbody vortex, from a different ray spectrum. I have since removed all reiki symbols from my lightbody, as I realised these were not connecting me to my highest truth, or highest available energy source. Therefore, I do not say that I use ‘reiki’ as a healing modality, as I do not connect to ‘reiki’ and to advise as such, would not be truthful.

Part of my journey was developing my higher sensory perceptions, and realising that others out there don’t have the line of information that is fully truthful. I make it my mission to share as much as I can of my own perceptions and path, as I know this is part of my task here on Earth this time round.

I found my abilities hard to cope with, as I found I was viewing the world from a different perspective, and I would ‘feel’ too much – but it ends up this is exactly what is correct for us to be able to function in our higher sensory perceptions, and dedication to ourselves, and our source really supports us on the path on earth. Breaking away from old teachings, and old intermediaries to the godhead, and connecting directly in – each and every one of us has this opportunity. When we are plugged in, we feel the love force of the universal mother and the layers that we can build in ourselves to break down the ego, material and death energies. We also can see the ‘truth’ that each of us are able to see from our own lenses, in the time that is right for each of us, and not before.

I’ve encountered a fair bit of interference on my path, entity interference, imposter spirits pretending to work for the light and have come through stages of incredible beauty, and pain. This task on the earth plane is not all love and light (from my personal perspective) and many times it’s to experience, and call things out for what they truly are, then we know what we are dealing with. We are Galactic Warriors of Light! Sovereign God Force Beings, who are breaking down the old patterning as we forge our way through every alchemical spin. We are ancestral healers, here to neutralise contracts and genetic code re-calibrating it back to source code. We are returning to earth to retrieve and heal, for the larger mission project.

I am sharing from my own personal perspective as I walk the spiritual path of Ascension Plan B, integrate and build my own energetic architecture, and that of the planet. Acting as an energy hub to hold neutral, and work with planet Earth Guardians (Krystal Star Host, Aurora, Andromeda, Aquaferions, RA families and all guardian families assisting us in sovereign freedom) in Gridwork, and in service to others.

Part of my project here on earth is to assist in humanity’s healing. I have skills in etheric surgery, the ability to see inside the body’s matrices and to rebalance and assist you find a balanced space so that your own body can do the healing.


Take me out of this shell, I can’t breathe for much longer
Take me out of this well, My tears so high I’ve been drowning
If you could see the things I see – You would only get stronger
If you’d believe in how it feels, Use your trust and get on it
Take a look inside yourself, you would see so much more and
You carve the path, the one you chose- just use the tools you were born with
Indigo xxx

I am based in Scotland, but I carry out worldwide session work please see energy sessionenergy session page for details.