Ascension Class

All Ascension Class related material is being hosted and led from You can read articles, consciousness code artwork and listen to meditations of self empowerment that will support you on your ascension path. Further subscriber content for participation in upcoming group field spaces to support the lightbody, spiritual awareness and removing negative patterning from the energy system. The Krystal Star Guardian Host are a group of collective Cosmic Christ/Krystal Consciousness and are supporting planetary and human ascension currently. The website holds content of the informations and embodiments to support all spiritual path seekers becoming awake, aware and into more balance as you discover your life purpose on earth through the heart space. 


Ascension Class – Spiritual Ascension on Earth Now – Krystal Star Guardian Host, Christ Consciousness Unity Zero Point
Current humans who are awakening into their spiritual gifts and knowledge without truthful support and are often kept off track by new age teachings and general ascended masters informations which are not the most up to date teachings of energies on earth. If you feel drawn to this class, I will provide an overview of galactic history, our time matrix and how this affects us as lightworkers, planetary leyline gridworkers, healers, indigo/crystal/starseeds and our actual purpose on earth. As humans embodying and re-animating the original 12 strand DNA awakening sequences, this can be hard on the physical body senses and mental body awarenesses. We are rebuilding our connections back to the original divine light fibre network of living light frequency code, through our ascending human bodies to the one-source-light force of the Christ Consciousness energies: Cosmic Christ forces of which we are a part. Not religious and nothing to do with any form of religious teaching>Christ Forces represent life force on earth. As a representative of the Christ unity group guardian teachings, I offer information to those who are interested in finding out more about their own purpose on earth.
£35, bookable only via my website. Over 18 years old only.
Talk and chat, techniques to support you that you can use to your own self empowerment, and understanding.

What IS Christ/Krystal Consciousness, Krystal Star?

What does it have to do with lightworkers on earth?
How can you find out and understand what shifts have been happening to you personally, and why, and what is happening with planetary energies as a result?
NOTHING to do with religion, or religious beliefs. Polarity Neutral.

Talk and chat, and cake and tea/coffee refreshments, techniques to support you that you can use to your own self empowerment, and understanding.

Ascension Class: Advanced Energetic Defence I – Date TBA Refreshments provided

Image of Ascension Class: Advanced Energetic Defence I

Advanced Energetic Defence Part I, for therapists, planetary leyline gridworkers, lightworkers and spiritual path seekers, psychic mediums who feel drained after or during readings, healers, reiki healers etc

Please note there is a Galactic Heart the same morning at the studio 11.45-1300hrs £10 drop in (can be booked ahead or DROP IN)

***we will discuss the nature of energetic interplay in the world of forces we each interact within and the imposter nature of energies that we interact with***

***this class is not for the faint of heart, but is for those who are seeking TRUTH about energies***
***we will look at how to identify imposter spirits (spirits of the light who masquerade themselves as working for the light)***
***setting our field space each time spiritual work is intended…including healing spaces***
***Please ask in your heart if this class is right for you to attend***

Spiritual maturity in understanding this matter is requested, and we will look to command our energetic space entirely, through tools we can use as support. This is a long topic, but I will share the highlights in order to support you come to an understanding for your own path.

Booking to this event must be done through personal contact via email at event fee is per person – no payable weblink for this class, please email me directly with your intention to attend.

Ascension Class: Spiritual Ascension on Earth. 

• Spiritual Ascension on Earth Now…What is happening? (to us? to earth?) Do you feel different? Overview of where we are at, what we are doing and WHY.


Humanity is changing. Many of us are feeling the changes and feeling more sensitive, caught up into the painful dramas that are our lives are showing us. Why? Why do we feel so much, or so little? Do we feel disconnected? How to get more ‘connected’?

Where we will take a look at the changes on earth, as a planet, and the human body. Theme for this class is ‘clearing fears and negative ego’ and why facing into our fears and mind scripts that run through our minds is the way to achieving clarity, balance and more heart centred living.Can you imagine not having those constant inner thoughts that seem to pop in to thwart your self esteem every time you go to make a change in your life?Every time you get ill and your mind tells you it’s fatal?Or, you just cannot see your way out of whatever you are in the middle of?This class is exploring more deeply what it means to live as energy beings in a physical body here on earth. To connect more deeply through your own heart space into your own source, through no intermediary: self sovereignty.All are welcome, content is provided as fluid in the moment but may contain aspects of energetic self-defence, dealing with difficult life situations, tired-all-the-time, unable to cope with life? depressed, grief stricken and head is in a total spin? Time doesn’t feel the same anymore? Crazy things are happening, and weird phenomena? Past life, future life soul recognition, energetic slime from others that make you feel like crap, Dream time spooks or lovelies? Real life energy attacks, pyschic self defence, ET Beings, starseeds or others? The bliss, the ultimate bliss and the bliss you didn’t know you could access here without drugs?In this space we will speak around concepts and understandings of ‘ascension’ and what this means….how this affects us? What is it? What your energy is, does, energetic awareness. Soul embodiment, connections and meeting our ascension guides….and…..much more!I can’t tell you how important that it is for you to take command of your OWN energy and lightbody. It’s yours. Forever.