Holographic Truths: Lightworker Illusion

If you have followed my writings since the start, you will be aware of all of the changes and shifts and observations of which I have passed through, and written about on my website. Some I have kept private, and others I have attempted to kindly convey information in a non-fearful way. The truth is, … Continue reading Holographic Truths: Lightworker Illusion


Insular Polarities: Darkness is disconnection from source

Being heart-centred, really means LOOKING into your own heart to the darkest part of yourself, being fearless to uncover hidden truths, not being scared to look at what it is, in order to remove yourself from the hard hurting painfulness that you carry and in which you live and witness. To do this you should … Continue reading Insular Polarities: Darkness is disconnection from source

Holographic Truths: Lightbody Building

As an individual person, perhaps on the spiritual path or the ascension path, or knowing your starseed roots; reclaiming your energy and building your spiritual house back to a balanced state is part of the plan. It takes real dedication to your own source power to assist you in building that spiritual house back to … Continue reading Holographic Truths: Lightbody Building