Energy Appointments

Energy Healing Sessions

The ‘healing’ term is used to give understanding of what you can achieve for yourself. I want you to know that your energy is YOURS. We are not taught that, but it is true. I work with the body and the subtle energies that are non-visible to the human eye. Different energies have affects on our minds, thoughts, feelings, and physical bodies and spiritual bodies and can manifest as diseases and imbalances. Working with the blueprint of the body, the multi-dimensional layers of the aura/lightbody to clear implants, dead energies, miasma and emotions can assist us in feeling much better and this in turn can help create energetic balance in your own body that will allow healing to take place. Clearing energetic attachments,  releasing spirit attachments, emotions and claiming back soul fragments from multiple timelines can be very supportive in our life journey in the many avenues we take.
I work with my direct knowing when reading/working in your multidimensional energy fields, and physical body. Session intention is set in direct alignment with what is purposed to support you at that moment, in the alignment with your own soul, monad and avatar and source connection. Energies I use are trinity wave energies from outwith our galaxy, and based within the Unity Consciousness Tri-Wave of Christ Consciousness. This has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with pure essence life force.
I welcome all clients at my discretion for energy session work with me.
For those who identify with the spiritual ascension path on earth, perhaps identify as starseed, indigo, crystal or otherwise I am purposed to assist you specifically with your ascending human body. I can assist in the understanding of human body shifts with planetary energies and support you in connecting more deeply with your own inner spirit and energetic male/female balance. Support includes but not limited to: psychic attack, dark force attacks, perception shifts, embodiment process of multi-dimensional aspects, organic intuition vs inorganic intuition, imposter spirit guides, extra terrestrial interference, ancestral clearing and healing, cellular imprints healing, implants and frequency fences, gridwork, etheric surgery, higher sensory perception acceptance and emotional support in uncovering your own truth on this path. How to sustain your own energies with direct connection (no intermediaries such as guides, human gurus, angels etc) to your inner heart god-source connection.

Energy Sessions take place one to one in person, or via skype.

Global Skype sessions include a pre-session chat, then I do the work offline and send you a recording via mp3. There is no difference between remote skype work and in person.

Evenings available on a limited basis, there may be a longer waiting time for an evening appointment. Concessionary rates are available. Please enquire upon booking.

To book please contact me via text/phone on 07805596331, or contact me via email Mhairi at for payment details and schedule availability. 

Please include your timezone to allow a mutual skype call time.

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Initial Consultation & Energy Session up to 2 Hours (payable at time of booking) £105

I understand that cancellations sometimes do happen – as in life unexpected circumstances pop up. I ask that you give me as much notice as you are able for a cancellation. Cancellations less than 24 hours before our booked session time will receive a 50% refund of appointment fee. If less than 24 hours notice cannot be given, no refund will be given.

What to expect:
  • A consultation chat about your life/health, physical mental and emotional outlook, any issues you are concerned about. I will obtain your permission to work within your energy field.
  • You will remain fully clothed and on a therapy bed for in person sessions
  • Energy work is very ‘real’ and clients can have deep rooted thoughts, emotions, cellular memories or physical symptoms removed (re-harmonised or transmuted) from their bodies during the session. Sometimes this can trigger an emotional release and what is commonly known as a ‘healing crisis’. If I feel this might be the case, I advise to rest well and drink lots of water. Energies which are released or received are always in accordance with your soul in this lifetime, and always for your highest potential. Some clients have deep rooted energetic patterns which have manifest in another multi-dimensional level, or from this lifetime the release from this type of energy is very often a huge sigh of relief. 
  • Each energy session is a unique experience, sometimes changes have to be absorbed and processed before you decide to come back for another session. This may (or may not be) experienced when addressing long term health issues, but in all cases, energy work can assist and support your recovery back to full and complete balance. 
  • I cannot guarantee on a particular outcome, but I will, at all times, use my abilities and intuition to assist you as far as our highest soul aspects allow. 
  • My energy work sessions are not a replacement for consulting with a GP/medical practitioner, and I do advise my clients to seek medical advice alongside any such energy treatments
  • As an energy practitioner, I am supporting YOU in YOUR own journey. Even if you don’t think so, you are always responsible for healing yourself. This is because you own your own energy. It’s yours. If no one ever told you this, I am telling you now. You are RESPONSIBLE for your own energy, it is yours