Galactic Heart Healing

  • My phase of providing Galactic Heart Group in person will no longer be on a monthly basis in the East Kilbride area –  and I will instead be doing multiple monthly group meditations for members of the (galactic heart group) service. 
  • You can purchase a downloadable meditation mp3 which contains the full spectrum frequency set that is anchored in Galactic Heart Group Spaces, this meditation will support you in your own connection into group unity or zero point space – the same way that attending an in person class would do. Via the OMNILOV3.COM website. 


  • Gentle quiet own personal space for energy relaxation bathing and meditation, where ever your own self healing journey takes you into your soul….or somewhere else…..all are welcome. This is suitable for all, I don’t talk so much, so you can get real peace and quiet into your own energy system. By attending you learn how to connect with your soul and directly into the GODHEAD as you connect with your soul levels on multiple dimensions using a vertical (staff) building energy technique called the 12th Dimensional Shield building technique. This in turn strengthens the aura, and with dedication assists building the staff vertical connection in your own spiritual bodies, aiming for integration on the level that’s right for you.

  • Bring your comfort clothes, pillows and blankets, and your water (mats are available in the studio). I know that if you are guided to this energy, then it’s for you.
  • What is it? It is space and quiet time for you to dedicate and connect to your soul, monad and avatar. I open a vortex from trinity wave field; zero point/Christ (Krystal) Consciousness and anchor that energy in the room. From there cosmic rays, liquid plasma can come through to you at an individual level, as your soul/god force life force energy would have it be. You are learning to connect back to your OWN CONNECTION TO THIS ENERGY FIELD. I OFFER THIS AS A stepped down frequency of which others can re-unite through their own vertical connection building and dedication to source connection in your CURRENT BODY!
  • Each person has their own unique experience. This work is purposed to support you in earth ascension and human body ascension. Some people report to feeling aspects of themselves heal, issues or thoughts heal and they feel ‘better’.
  • Worried about being in a group? Don’t. This night is just a space for everyone to be in their own ‘bubble’ and experience what ever is there for you personally. I don’t do group ‘sharings’ unless anyone specifically wishes to share in front of the group. I know that in times of deep healings or releasings in my own experience: the last thing I want to do is attempt to vocalise in front of a group what I might still be processing, emotionally and physically. We keep the sharings for other times (the Ascension Classes).
  • I must highlight, that I am NOT healing anyone, because you are in charge of your own energy: at all times! Only you can heal you! I am holding a balanced energy space that can assist you in your own healing path, in divine right order for you. Perhaps Galactic Heart might assist you on that part of your path? I offer this energy field to support you on your own journey.
  • I can’t tell you how important that it is for you to take command of your OWN energy and lightbody. It’s yours. Forever.
  • So, I look forward to seeing you, if you feel vibed!

Please check the dates and various venues as listed above