Home Cleansing

Our houses, homes (business, office, place of work) can sometimes become filled with stuck energies or the energy of souls who cannot pass on. If we have had violence, trauma in our lives or just arguments or periods of stress that we have had to deal with, sometimes this can become stuck and embedded in the home too.
If you are trying to sell your house to let you move on to a new place, and cannot sell your home – stuck energies may be present and holding things in a status quo. Or maybe your home just doesn’t feel ‘right’ any more.

Or, perhaps you have moved to a new home but things don’t feel right. I can support you in cleansing the home and all energies in order for you to build your own home energy space, ahhhh…there’s no place like home.

There’s no place like home
Sometimes our homes are on earth energy lines, or tributaries of grids. If you realise that your home has been built on land that is far older than you are now, then you come to realise the amount of energies that still may be lingering in your home energy field.
I can assist you in removing stuck energies from your home, to clear unwanted energies and thoughtforms, to provide a protective bubble around YOUR space, and to move on any spirits/entities/dark energies who have become stuck, or unwanted energy visitors who will not leave your home. Objects, furniture, instruments, jewellery, crystals, items, toys, electronics and the house structure itself can hold onto energies that may not be supportive of your own highest good and progression through life.
In order for me to remotely cleanse your home, I ask that you provide me with the following information:
1. Occupants in your home currently
2. Room listing
3. Location of your home (town is adequate)
4. If you have noticed any strange happenings, or if occupants have recently become ill or having depressive thoughtforms – sometimes children pick up on this first and express different emotions or tantrums or just start to behave differently
5. I require your express permission and consent to access your home energy field
Please note this is a remote service, anywhere in the world. Generally one session of cleansing can support you to feel better, or support you to move on from your home if you are trying to sell and move to a new location.