Hypnotherapy & Regression

Regression Therapy can support you in healing deep wounds or relationship issues, patterns of behaviour or relationship issues. Addictions, Weight or Body issues, things that irritate you and you don’t know why. My regression services and my energy healing sessions will suport all and any issue you have in your life, thoughts, emotions, awareness, physical or non-physical.
Hypnotherapy Sessions take place one to one in person, week days in East Kilbride.

Evenings available on a limited basis, there may be a longer waiting time for an evening appointment. Concessionary rates are available. Please enquire upon booking.

One Session of highly transformative Regression Therapy ………Coming Soon
Timeline Collapse & Spiritual Body Part Retrieval, Starseeds Indigo Crystal Support including energywork (around 2 hours) £105
One session positive vibes Past Life Journey (around 2.5 hours) £105
One session Spirit Guide/Loved one connection or Life Purpose Higher Self Connection including energy work (around 2 hours) £105
Spirit attachment release & behavioural issues support £105

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