Starseed Indigo Support

I identify with the Starseed Indigo Crystal (Krystal) Christ (Kryst) consciousness and I have memories and direct experiences in consciousness that allow me to KNOW this as my reality. Therefore, I offer my services to support others who also FEEL like this is their path on earth at this time.

Energy Healing – Starseed Indigo & ES Members 

I work in service to you directly with your energy field via an energy session work to assist and support you, to remove inorganic structures from your lightbody via etheric surgery, to remove spirit attachments & evict or transit from your multi-dimensional energy fields, and to retrieve your consciousness memories and soul fragments from this lifetime and your multi-dimensional anatomy; to return you back to a more alignment for your own path on this ascension and embodiment process (please see HERE for more details).

Starseed Indigo Hypnotherapy 

I also offer hypnotherapy sessions which are designed entirely to support you on your path in order to support your energy, to combine techniques of energy work and hypnotherapy to support you in consciousness retrieval this lifetime.

I am a representative of guardian consciousness who are supporting earth management at this point in the time cycle, and I am working in service to support others who are on this path, at this time. There’s no mistake if you believe you are here for a larger purpose.