The 12D shield

The following technique, is particularly supportive in finding out how to support yourself energetically, and how to begin to work with your own spiritual body, take responsibility for YOUR OWN ENERGY, as humans we are not given the handbook of how to understand or manage our own lightbodies and physical bodies. It also supports you in the BUILDING OF YOUR OWN AURIC LAYERS, something which many are not taught is a requirement in order to start to embody your soul, monad and avatar fields of energy.

You are house building!

All information below is cited directly from Lisa Renee,

AM/PM practice the 12D Shield to Learn how to Command Personal Space
You are connecting with YOUR OWN 12th Dimensional energy

  • The 12th Dimensional Shield is to protect your body to receive an increasing flow of higher frequencies.
  • The First stage in working with the 12 D shield is to achieve the following PERSONAL results:
  • To fortify and strengthen our Aura and Energy Field by reconnecting to the Over-soul Matrix and the 12 D Blueprint
  • To learn energetic boundaries of our Aura and to be able to boundary test discordant energies that are uninvited
  • To re-imprint the body to physical sustainability and health (achieved by energetic balance)
  • To allow communication links to be restored with Spiritual Forces and Star Families
  • To begin a process of reawakening dormant energy receivers and/or repairing damaged genetic imprints
  • To empower our cells to reawaken to our True Origin, including decoding light language and the hidden history of the human race.