“I want to thank you for our remote global session this morning. You are a true intuitive and light-worker. I am amazed at how much of your energy work was in line with my energy and my life. I felt your work in my body in a powerful way. I am left feeling free and flowing and lifted and light. I look forward to the unfolding of our healing session.” 

“When we worked together themes of abandonment came up and I can see now just how this has been affecting me my whole life, thank you for the support you were able to offer in clearing a lot of these past galactic histories from my multi-dimensional energy field”

“In Galactic Heart group I have been able to feel the most amazing energies in my body. Thank you for advising around the GodSource connections this lifetime, it all makes perfect sense now.”

“I have carried deep unknown emotional pain with me for several years and I have not been able to clear it. I think I received it when I visited a standing stone circle, as I felt something happen to me at that time. You have just been able to release me from that pain. Thank you so much. I have carried this for over 20 years in this body.”

“Excellent session!”

“I was not sure to expect, and to be honest there were some home truths of what you could sense in my energy field, but you were correct. The changes you were able to facilitate for me allowed to me to feel a complete sense of peace that lasted for several weeks afterwards.”

“Wow. I cannot believe how much you were able to tell me in my one to one session with you. You were so right, and I have been told these things before. My Dad coming into the space was a wonderful surprise”

“working with you has allowed me to come to terms and gain a greater understanding about the isolation and pain I have felt in my body since I was a young person. I am overwhelmed at the healing work you were able to do with me, and it has allowed me to feel freer, to get to the bottom of my programming, in order to break it down.”

“Everything you described about my life, experiences and current issues I completely resonated with.”

“I have never felt peace like it.”

“I knew I had all the blackness in my field, I could see it. You removed that and advised me what the source of it was and how to manage my energies better”

“I was due to go for a scan to find out what was happening inside my body. You saw that my womb had prolapsed and that it was pulling down on my insides and scans confirmed this after I saw you. My friend reminded me that I had felt very positive after I saw you for a mini-session, so I have come back to see if you can support me find peace in my body, and you did.”

“It’s like going to a spiritual A&E, you helped me to protect myself from energetic attacks. I had thought grounding was enough, but it turns out, it wasn’t for me”

“I had this fuzzy feeling in my ears and knew there was something going on. After my session with you I felt much better, there was no longer this fuzzy feeling I had been having for months.”

“Thank you for your support on earth and I appreciate your service work very much.”

“I have listened to the mp3 session and I keep picking up more information since that first session. Thank you for the way you convey the information in a perfect way for me to understand. A work of art in itself.”

“Thank you for the beautiful clarity of listening to me. There were so many amazing connections with what you picked up on. “

“I had been experiencing astral sexual intrusions in dreamtime, and it made me feel groggy and tired, my aura was weak. After our session together I have not been bothered at night just as much as before. This is something! I feel so much better.”

“Since our session together I have had many days without anxiety, and I can honestly say I have not felt this amount of peace in my body before.”

“The tinnitus and burst ear drum I had suffered with for over one year have been healed in one session with you. I am speechless! Highly recommended.”

“OMG the session you did for me was awesome and totally resonated with me. I want to say thank you so much for all of the information, it was so perfect.”

“I wanted to let you know about the vast improvement with my son’s sensitivity and reactions. He is so much more relaxed and comfortable again. Thank you so much!”

“I have just finished listening to the extraordinary remote session you did for me, and amazed at how beautifully confirmations came through in the space for me. I have found a true sense of peace in my body which I cannot express”

“The numbness and pain I have had in my arm have been 80% diminished, I am so grateful for us to be able to work together.”

“Phenomenal! Thank you for providing your services, I greatly appreciate your down to earth manner”